How To Move A Hot Tub (Step by Step)

If you’re planning on moving your hot tub, there are a few things to consider before getting started. Here is the step-by step process for taking this task on yourself and doing it correctly with ease.

Moving a hot tub can be difficult, but if you follow these steps carefully, it should go smoothly.

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Although moving a hot tub seems to be a difficult undertaking, it is not impossible. It may need some additional tools or equipment, but you can accomplish it. It is essential that you do it carefully in order to avoid injuring yourself or the hot tub.  

How do you transport a hot tub on your own? 

  1. Turn off the water and gas supply pipes, as well as the tub’s electrical. 
  2. Disconnect and wrap all of the cables. 
  3. Before tying the tub with tow straps and drying it out, empty it and seal the drain lid. 
  4. Lift the hot tub’s corners onto wooden planks one at a time until all four sides are raised. 
  5. Place it on a dolly and transport it to a moving vehicle or another area. 
  6. Reassemble the tub in the opposite sequence. 

During the relocation procedure, safety is paramount. Take your time and do not speed through any of the steps. While moving the hot tub on your own is doable, it is recommended that you employ a few individuals to assist you. Not just to protect the hot tub from harm, but also to save you from hurting yourself. Continue reading to discover more about the technicalities of relocating a hot tub on your own. 


Contents Table of Contents

  • Transferring A Hot Tub To A New Location
  • #1. You Can Move Your Hot Tub On Your Own
  • How to Move a Hot Tub on Your Own
  • #2. Obtain the services of hot tub movers.
  • What Else Should You Think About When Moving a Hot Tub?
  • Turning a Hot Tub On Its Side is a difficult task.
  • Is It Simple To Transport A Hot Tub?
  • Is Moving A Hot Tub Difficult?
  • Construct Your Own Hot Tub 
  • To sum it up 


Transferring A Hot Tub To A New Location

When it comes to transferring a hot tub from one home to another, you basically have two options:

#1. You Can Move Your Hot Tub On Your Own

This is the riskiest of the solutions available, yet it may work for you. Especially if you’ve moved hot tubs on your own before and have all the necessary tools.

If you have an inflatable hot tub, you can simply empty it into your pool or into the ground and move it about.

This option may be too complex for you if you are a beginner hot tub mover. You may be able to do it on your own if you bring a few strong pals around to assist you. 


To relocate a hot tub by yourself, you’ll need the following items:

Proper gear is required. To transport the hot tub to a truck, you’ll need moving equipment. You will still need more assistance, no matter how powerful you and your pals are. To keep the tub stationary, stock up on dollies, 4 × 4 wooden planks, and movable straps. 

There are enough people. To transfer the hot tub effectively, at least four persons will be required. Two really powerful persons may be able to complete the maneuver by themselves. If you don’t have any relatives or friends nearby or ready to assist you, hire a moving firm before attempting to move the hot tub on your own.  

Experience and knowledge. Before moving your hot tub, make sure you’ve prepared and planned ahead of time. It helps if you’ve done it previously since you’ll be prepared for the amount of effort required to move the tub. You’re better off hiring assistance if you’ve never done it before and the instructions and YouTube “how-to” videos are too confusing. 

How to Move a Hot Tub on Your Own

When transporting anything like a hot tub without expert assistance, safety is paramount. It’s both weighty and delicate, a dangerous combination that may lead to tragedy if you’re not cautious. You may read on to find out what more you’ll need to do when relocating your hot tub if you still believe you can manage it or don’t have much of a choice. 

Measurements are the first step. Measure the area where the hot tub is now and where you want it to go. This will guarantee that your hot tub will fit into your new home. After a long and hard relocation, the last thing you need is to discover that your hot tub will not fit or look well in your new home. It may take a little longer, but it will save you a lot of grief if you discover it doesn’t fit after transferring it. 

Step two is to hire a moving truck. Before you transfer your hot tub, check sure it will fit in the car you’ll be driving to your new house. To fit it inside, you may have to be creative and have it stand vertically or diagonally. However, it is preferable to do so before renting a vehicle that is too tiny. 

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Step 3: Make sure the way is clear. Make sure you have a clear way to transport the hot tub to your moving vehicle. When attempting to carry a hefty hot tub, you don’t want to trip over anything. You also don’t want the dolly to become trapped on any ropes or trees and obstruct your progress. 

Power is the fourth step. When you’re relocating your hot tub, be sure it’s not linked to any electrical sources. It’s not only dangerous for you, but it might also cause harm to the hot tub or the wires. When you bring the hot tub to your new house, this might prohibit it from operating.

Water is the fifth step. When you move your hot tub, there should be no water in it. It’s not only more weight to carry, but it also has the potential to get exposed electrical components wet or damaged. Before you attempt it, make sure you read the instructions on how to empty the hot tub correctly. If you have it within your house, you may drain it outdoors or with a hose. 

Step 6: Allow to dry. Before trying to relocate the hot tub, you should shut the drain and dry any leftover water. This will prevent the hot tub from being harmed by the extra water or other items in the area during the transport. 

Step 7: Cover the hot tub. Before trying to move the hot tub itself, remove the cover. If it has a lot of little pieces, such as screws, make sure you save them so you can reassemble it after you’ve moved in. 

Step 8: Move the tub around. This is the most difficult stage since you’re dealing with the tub’s weight. Make sure your pals are close by and ready to assist you. Also, don’t try to lift it by yourself. The wood pieces will be used in this step. 

Step 9: Cut the wood into pieces. After you and your buddies raise each corner of the hot tub to slip a piece below, you’ll place the wooden pieces underneath. This will raise the tub off the ground and spread the weight equally over the wooden pieces. 

Step 10: Move the furniture with the help of two dollies. You won’t have to flip the hot tub on its side if you use these gadgets. The dolly can easily slide beneath the front and rear of the hot tub since the wooden components distribute the weight. Do you recall the moving straps I described earlier? Before you can start moving the tub, you’ll need to secure it using straps. 

Step 11: Get a dolly for your appliances. Even with the dollies, moving a heavy hot tub may be quite risky. If your route to your truck is not flat or extremely broad, the procedure above may not work. If this is the case, you may want to try a different approach.  

To transfer the hot tub effectively, you may need to turn it on its side. Lift the hot tub on one of its sides and slip the appliance dolly underneath it with the help of your pals. Use the moveable straps to secure it to the dolly, and you’re ready to go. As you move the tub, make sure you and your companions hang on to it. 

Step 12: Ensure your safety. Always keep in mind that you are moving and pushing a very hefty object. Take your time, and make sure that everyone is safe while you move it. This is not a race, and it should not be handled as such. You and your hot tub aren’t going anywhere in that vehicle!

Loading is the thirteenth step. Before you begin loading the hot tub, make sure the loading ramp is ready. Rather than manually moving the hot tub off the dollies, this will make your travel much simpler. Secure the hot tub after you’ve climbed the ramp, being care to leave the wooden bits and dollies beneath. Those will come in handy when it comes time to unload it. 

Visit the Moving Tips website for a list of these processes as well as information on applications that may help you stay organized and estimate moving expenses.

#2. Obtain the services of hot tub movers.

If you can’t bear to leave with your hot tub but don’t want to put yourself in risk, hiring pros may be an alternative. They are skilled and experienced in transporting hot tubs of various sizes and manufacturers, and your hot tub will most likely remain intact during the relocation. 

When it comes to transporting your hot tub, hiring pros who know what they’re doing is by far the best choice. Not only will you safeguard your back and knees from injury, but your hot tub will also be protected throughout the transport. Professionals will also have all of the necessary tools, equipment, and people to relocate your hot tub fast and safely. 

The cost of employing specialists to your financial account is the next item to discuss. You may not have budgeted for the relocation of your hot tub, and the initial quotation you get may astound you. The easiest way to locate the best rate is to phone a few hot tub relocation companies and obtain comparing quotations. It will also assist you in determining whether or not you can afford to relocate your hot tub. 

What Else Should You Think About When Moving a Hot Tub?

Leaving your hot tub at home is the most practical alternative. It will be difficult to say goodbye to your hot tub, particularly if you have used it often. If you don’t use your hot tub very frequently, it won’t be much of a loss, other from the money you spent to have it put. 

The cost of transporting it. You may be able to stomach the expense of hauling your hot tub if you can’t handle the notion of parting with it. It will cost you both financially and physically to relocate it, particularly if you opt to do it yourself. 

How much will it cost to relocate it? If you’re doing it yourself, you won’t know how much it will cost until you move it. You can receive an estimate from a hot tub moving business, but the price will vary based on the size and construction of your hot tub. 

Timeline. It will take a long time to relocate your hot tub. Before you can physically move the hot tub, you must first clean it and prepare it for transportation. 

Dangers. Hot tubs are bulky, weighing up to 800 pounds! It would be ideal if the hot tub could be packed and transported swiftly to your new residence. Because this is not the case, you risk injuring your back or pulling a muscle by attempting to move it on your own.  

You may be better off selling your hot tub with your property and purchasing a new one at your new location since the personal and financial expenses exceed the benefits of transporting it. You may sell it for the same price as your property to maximize the amount of money you obtain from prospective purchasers. Alternatively, you might sell your hot tub separately and let the buyer deal with removing it from your property. 

Turning a Hot Tub On Its Side is a difficult task.

So, we’ve gone over how to transfer a hot tub, but what about moving it on its side? Is it safe for both you and the hot tub to do so? When trying to turn your hot tub on its side, follow these procedures. 

Making Preparations

First and foremost, the wiring underneath the hot tub must be secured. Those cables are what keep the hot tub running smoothly. It would be a big nuisance to relocate such a large item just to have it not operate in your new house due to wiring problems. It’s also not inexpensive to have the wires mended, so it’s better if you touch them with caution. 

You can keep them safe in a variety of ways. Depending on which cable goes where in the hot tub, you may tie them all together or split them into bins. You might also use colorful tape or labels to identify each wire so you remember what it does. 


Because we’ve previously mentioned how hefty a hot tub is, it’s critical that you and your pals move it to the side with caution. When moving the hot tub, you should all be vigilant and aware of where you and your body parts are. Nobody wants their fingers or toes stubbed or their bones fractured if a hot tub falls on them. 

Make sure you examine your hot tub before laying it on its side to ensure you don’t place it on a weak side by mistake. The hot tub might be damaged or even broken if it is placed on the weak side. It will also assist if you and your friends lift from all four corners instead of just two. This will help to evenly distribute the weight and make lifting simpler. 


When transporting a hot tub to a new location, lifting it is just half the struggle. While it is on its side, the next step is to move it. You’ll slip the wooden pieces beneath it to raise it off the ground, just as you would if you were moving it regularly. After that, you’ll place dollies under the tub and secure it with movable straps. 

If you need to squeeze your hot tub through a tiny opening, such as a fence or sidewalk to get to the moving truck or van, this approach works nicely. The straps will secure the hot tub throughout the travel, both to and from the truck and the drive to your new house. To ensure that the hot tub will fit, measure your pathways to and from the car. 


Before trying to raise the hot tub, study the proper lifting techniques for your knees and back. If you damage yourself or someone else by mistake, you won’t be much assistance. If you’re distracted, you’re more likely to fall or slide, so make sure everyone is paying attention and not looking at their phones when moving the hot tub.  

In addition, the hot tub should be entirely dry. It might easily slide out of your hands if any portion of it is wet. Either the hot tub or your foot will be harmed. Make sure that all plugs and cords are secured or hidden so that no one stumbles over them. That would be one hazardous game of dominos in which you would not want to be a participant, believe me. 

Check out Home Guide’s associated articles for more information on these and other hot tub-related topics. 

Is It Simple To Transport A Hot Tub?

It isn’t a “simple” process by any stretch of the imagination, but it may be if you hire experienced movers. All of the hard work has been done for them, and all you have to do now is make sure the backdoor is open. If you insist on transferring it yourself, follow the procedures above in reverse order to guarantee it is transferred and set up correctly. 


Is Moving A Hot Tub Difficult?

It’s more accurate to state that moving a hot tub is difficult rather than simple. It is not, however, impossible. We’ve discussed how you and a few pals might do this work without the assistance of a professional. You’d also be able to boast about it to all your skilled buddies. 

When transferring the hot tub, make sure to examine all of the warnings and hazards. This will guarantee that your transfer goes smoothly. You can wind up paying the price if you overlook anything or omit a few steps. Both metaphorically and physically. 

Take a look at this video of David Gould moving his hot tub on his own. You may compare it to the first video to show how much more difficult it is to do it alone. 


Construct Your Own Hot Tub 

It could be quicker to build your own hot tub than to transport your old, hefty one. You can construct one that is light and portable once you’ve used it. The one you constructed may then be moved to a new home or a new place within or outside your current one. 

Building cedar hot tubs is a terrific method to make a hot tub that is both lightweight and sturdy, as well as attractive.

The first step is to start with the basics.

Make sure you choose a level area of ground with a solid foundation for your hot tub. After that, cut the cedar wood to the length and width you choose for your hot tub. The right size hot tub will be determined by how large you want it to be and how much room you have available. Measuring is crucial, just as it is when relocating an old hot tub. 

Step 2: Personalize

This step is critical since you’ll be drilling holes for the water, jets, and skimmer. You should also make sure that the water drains properly. This will determine how high or low the jets come into the tub, which you may adjust to your liking. This is a useful feature since it allows you to tailor your hot tub to your preferences. 

The next step is to install the chine joists.

The Chine joists serve as the backbone of your hot tub. It will anchor the hot tub to the cement underneath and keep it in place. To keep your tub from being blown over or toppled over, you place both tiny and larger Chine joists around it. 

Suction Fittings (Step 4)

The suction fittings act as drain covers, keeping water in your tub when you want it and releasing it when you don’t. They should all be at the bottom of the tub, otherwise they will be ineffective in draining all of the water. You should take correct dimensions for them so that they fit tightly into the tub’s openings; otherwise, you’ll have leakage that might cause harm. 

Step 5: Have Some Fun!

In this stage, put the final touches on the project. You hammer all of the tub bands into place to ensure that the hot tub maintains its desired form and is firmly fastened to the tub. To prevent water from leaking out or escaping from the tub while you soak, add a waterproof sealant in between the bands. 

Allow at least 24 hours for the sealant to cure before adding water or messing with the hot tub in any way. After it has dried, you may begin constructing the bench that will be used inside. To fit snugly within the tub, form the bench into a ring somewhat smaller than the hot tub. Make sure you don’t block any of the holes you drilled while installing the bench. 

After that, you set up all of the gear. You’ll be connecting the pipes and water pumps to the hot tub at this point. Assemble the pipe to the suction fittings and use sealant to make it waterproof. This will protect the electrical equipment under the tub from leaks and water damage. 

The fun part begins now, with the installation of the water accessories. Based on the force and speed of the water jets, you may choose which ones you desire. You may also get creative with the kind of water heater you choose and the timing settings for your hot tub. This may be determined by your budget as well as your knowledge on how to construct a hot tub. 

Check out the website by Do It Yourself here, which lists these steps as well as all the items you will need to Construct Your Own Hot Tub! 

To sum it up 

When it comes to transporting your hot tub, there are several variables to consider. It doesn’t matter whether you’re transferring the tub to a different house or a different portion of your own house. Moving is a time-consuming and stressful task, particularly if you are doing it alone. 

We spoke about how to transfer your hot tub and how to build a new one. Making a new hot tub not only eliminates the need to relocate the old one, but it may also make future moves much simpler. It’s also a lot safer than messing around with power, gas, or water lines. 

Not only is it dangerous to meddle with those lines while you’re alone, but you might also permanently damage your hot tub. Then you’d have to pay for a new one and have it installed, which would be more expensive than hiring a professional moving team. 

Remember these tips the next time you wish to transfer your hot tub! It will contribute to your safety and the safety of your hot tub.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to move a hot tub?

A: The best way to move a hot tub is to use a crane and lift it up onto the bed of your truck.

How do you move a hot tub by yourself?

A: I would recommend trying to find a professional.

How hard is it to move a hot tub?

A: It would most likely be difficult to move a hot tub, as it is heavy and will not fit through the door of your house.

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