How to Remove Fence Post

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The “remove fence post without jack” is a common problem. The solution to the problem is removing the fence post by yourself.

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A fence post may be removed in a variety of ways. Some of the approaches are more difficult than others, but you have choices. It all depends on the materials and equipment you have on hand, as well as how much effort you’re prepared to put into removing the post. 

Continue reading if you’re attempting to remove a fence post. Next, we’ll look at a few different methods for removing that bothersome post from the ground. 

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  • Using a Tractor to Remove a Fence Post
  • Using a Hi-lift Jack to Remove a Fence Post
  • With an ARB/Jack, Farmer’s you can remove a fence post.
  • Without Using Heavy Equipment, How to Remove a Fence Post 
  • Last Thoughts

Using a Tractor to Remove a Fence Post

One of the simplest techniques for removing a fence post is to use a hammer. Naturally, not everyone has a tractor. If you’re one of the fortunate few that owns a tractor, though, this is your best option. Alternatively, if you know someone who owns a tractor, they may be able to come over and do the work for you!


What you’ll require: 

  • Tractor 
  • a durable rope or chain
  1. Tie a thick rope around a fence post and around the loader on the tractor. 
  2. Get into the tractor after it’s hooked to the loader and raise the fence post out of the ground. 
  3. You can potentially use their automobile to raise a fence post out of the ground. You’d attach the rope to the fence and your vehicle’s rear bumper rail. 

Keep in mind that, depending on how old and made the automobile is, pulling out the fence with simply an average car might be dangerous, therefore we don’t advocate using your vehicle to remove fence posts. 

Using a Hi-lift Jack to Remove a Fence Post


A Hi-lift Jack has been used for centuries. It is a tool that is used to hoist objects, as the name suggests. Many individuals who work in gardening, landscaping, farming, or who live in the country say it is one of the most useful tools available. 

What you’ll require: 


  • Hi-lift Jack
  • Chain

Begin digging

It’s a good idea to soak the soil a little bit before you start removing the fence post since it will aid with the first phase, which entails a little digging. 

Around the post, excavate a circle of two to three feet in diameter. The larger the hole, the simpler it will be to remove the fence post. 

Even so, you only need to dig a little deeper than the concrete base to wrap a chain around it.

Using a chain, wrap it around the post.

Wrap the steel chain around the concrete footing around the fence post, then attach it with the slip hook. 

You should now have the grab hook at the end of the chain in your hand. 

If there isn’t a grab hook, you may need to get a longer chain. 

However, before you run out and get a new chain, be sure the one you have is adjustable in size. 

Join the Chain and the Jack.

The tail-end of the chain will then be wrapped around the high-lift jack. 

You’ll want to lock the chain in place by using the grab hook to fasten the chain to itself after winding it around the high-lift jack. 

For your safety, make sure the chain is as tight as possible to the base. When you’re lifting the fence post from the ground, this will keep the jack from sliding forward or falling off. 

Begin removing the fence post from the ground.

The jack will begin to tilt forward toward the post as soon as you begin cranking. This is natural, but you should attempt to keep it to a bare minimum. You may achieve this by keeping the jack in position with one hand while operating the lever with the other.  

You may need to pause and adjust the jack if it begins to lean too far forward. 

The post will ultimately give away with time. Watering the soil and digging deep will make the cranking process run more smoothly. 

With an ARB/Jack, Farmer’s you can remove a fence post.


The farmer’s jack, or jack as it is sometimes called, is quite similar to the high lift jack. The ARB jack, on the other hand, is more costly, safer, and simpler to operate than the others. 

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The high lift jack is more flexible, but it is more difficult to operate. Using a farmer’s jack to remove a fence post is quite similar to using a high lift jack. 

What you’ll require: 

  • Jack from Farmer’s/ARB
  • Chain 
  • a body of water (recommended but not required) 
  • With a shovel (recommended but not required)

Using a chain, wrap the concrete.

It is advised that you loosen the dirt surrounding the fence post by scooping around it or soaking the earth around the concrete before you begin. If you don’t have access to a shovel or water, that’s OK; it’ll simply be more difficult to get out.    

Wrap the chain around the fence post’s base. Hook the chain to itself after wrapping it around the fence post. 

 Connect the Farmer’s Jack to the Chain

Connect the chain to the farm jack after linking it to itself. It’s worth noting that if you don’t have a shackle, you may wrap the chain around the jack’s lifting section. 

Begin removing the post from the ground. 

Place your foot towards the concrete and start turning the farmer’s jack until the fence post comes free. 

Without Using Heavy Equipment, How to Remove a Fence Post 

Removing a fence post does not need the use of heavy machinery. A shovel is often all that is required to remove a fence post. 

Assume there is more earth surrounding the fence post than concrete; if this is the case, the fence post might be removed without much effort. Proceed to the following stage if the fence post is surrounded by concrete. 

What you’ll require: 

  • Hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Sledgehammer
  • Shovel 


Obtain a Shovel 

Start by digging around the fence post with your shovel. You should dig in front, to the sides, and behind the fence post, if feasible. 

Then there’s a sledgehammer. 

You should be able to see the concrete encircling the fence post after you have dug a significant quantity of soil. Next, take a sledgehammer to the concrete around the fence post and begin breaking it apart. 

You may also need the use of a pry bar and a hammer.

The pry bar comes in handy when some concrete refuses to attach to the fence post no matter how hard you bang the sledgehammer. 

Stick the prybar’s tail end into the ground, pick up a hammer, and begin striking the pry bar to break up the area between the concrete and the fence post. 

You may need to alternate between the sledgehammer, pry bar, and hammer, but the fence post should be loose enough to lift out of the ground after some time. 

This approach is by far the most physically and time-intensive of the ones we’ve discussed so far. However, it does the job, and your fence post issues are no longer an issue! 

Last Thoughts

A fence post may be removed in a variety of ways. Some ways may take just a few minutes, while others may take up to an hour. The tools you have on hand make all the difference. Even if you’re short on cash or don’t have a jack, there are always options for getting that bothersome fence post out of the ground. 

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The “remove fence post with jack” is a way to remove a fence post. It involves using a jack and the weight of the car to push the post out of the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove a wooden fence post?

A: Cut it with a saw.

How do you get a post out of the ground?

A: This is a bit difficult. You would need to dig out the foundation of your house and then build on top of it, using concrete or steel beams that are supported by foundations.

How do you remove cemented posts?

A:The only option is to remove the posts that are cemented.

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