How to Stain a Deck with a Roller

There’s a lot of different ways to stain a deck. Roller and spray stains are the most common, but there is also an option for using paint or stain and sealer in one step. These methods come with their own risks that should be considered before deciding which technique will work best
for you.
Discuss: What type of staining roller do you use?

The “best roller for staining deck” is a question that has been asked many times. The best way to stain a deck with a roller is to use the paint in a spray bottle and apply it evenly.

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Do you want to know how to stain your deck the best manner possible? Perhaps with a roller? I recently went through the whole process and will share all of the procedures we did to stain our deck using a roller with you.

I knew I wanted to stain my deck a bright, colorful color once I finished it, but I wasn’t sure how. It took me a year to choose a color and locate a product that would last more than one season.


After doing extensive study on several stains, I settled on Sherwin-Williams’ Superdeck. I went with a solid stain since the protection it provides should last longer than a semi-solid or semi-transparent stain. Because you can’t put a partly solid or semi translucent stain over a solid stain, I knew that once I chose solid stain, I would use it regardless of the hue.


Because I was working with low-cost pressure-treated pine deck planks, I decided a solid stain would look better than a semi-transparent or semi-solid stain. Because of the hue, I went with the solid stain.

I wanted my deck to have a beachy vibe, so I went with SW6772 Cay.

To be honest, the color on the screen doesn’t appear to match the color on our deck, () /.

According to the person at Sherwin Williams, you may choose any hue for their Superdeck solid stain.

The Average Cost of Deck Staining

For do-it-yourselfers, the supplies will cost between $20 and $250, plus the expense of hiring a power washer for the weekend.


Instead of a smaller nap roller, I ordered two gallons and some 12 nap rollers, which should be able to cover any difficult portions of the deck.


The deck had been pressure washed a week before, and you can see how it went. I took care to blow and sweep any debris off the deck, as well as remove any plants and patio furniture that were on it.

A 5 in 1 paint tool with a flat blade on one side and a hook point on the other is the simplest instrument to use to remove trash from between deck boards.


I made sure that there was a 14 gap between the present deck planks after installing many decks, including a grill deck.

If the space is too tiny in humid locations, debris may get lodged and keep the boards moist, causing the decking boards to disintegrate quicker.

I put it into my pan after shaking the can. It looked almost exactly like paint, not stain.

I’m still unsure about the distinction between paint and solid stain. Until I went online and checked it up. Paint contains more pigment than solid stain, while solid stain has less. It also lets more of the wood grain show through.

Furthermore, rather of seeping into the wood, the solid stain forms a film on the surface (similar to paint) The fundamental distinction between solid stain and paint is that solid stain contains less pigment than paint. It’s more like diet paint, I suppose.

I start rolling along the length of the deck boards, not across them, as I do with any paint job. We were planning to make a fantastic film of the whole procedure, but the camera broke down in the midst.

Still, we thought we’d publish it since we put some great music on it.

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It appears simple to go in 44 squares, and it didn’t take long for me to roll out the complete deck.

Because the stain dries rapidly and you want to preserve a wet edge for your roller, it’s much simpler to accomplish this while it’s not too hot. You also don’t want to apply too much pressure to your roller, as this can result in streaks that will need to be rolled out.

I’d roll several deck boards to ensure level covering, then softly roll one more time before going on to the next piece.

I used a broad paint brush the following day to go in between the deck boards where the nap roller couldn’t reach and to cover any knots that required extra coverage.

This took a lot longer, and you spent the whole time on your hands and knees. It wasn’t fun, but it made a significant difference in the appearance of the deck.

We’ve added back some of the furniture and our favorite pellet grill since the camera died on us a week ago. I also cleaned it down since it was pollen season, so it’s a little damp.


My deck color obviously displays every single item of detritus that a standard brown stained deck would not, but I like it.

I’m not sure how it will fare over the following five years, but I want to photograph it every six months to document the changes.


The “stain roller” is a tool that can help you stain your deck with ease. It uses a pressurized, rotating squeegee to spread the paint evenly and quickly.

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