Is There an App for Landscape Design?

Landscape design is challenging, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a professional designer in order to create your own garden. You just need the right app and some of your imagination. These apps can help with time-saving features or give you insights into what works best for different areas.

The “landscape design app free” is a question that has been asked over and over again. There is not an app for landscape design, but there are apps for gardening, landscaping, and plants.

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Landscaping is difficult, particularly when you want your yard to appear as good as possible. Everything is simpler with an app, so is landscape design any different?

Apps for landscape design are available. Some of them are completely free. However, they all aid in the creation of a lovely environment.

You may need more than simply backyard landscaping ideas at times. It is a priority and something to be proud of to make your house and yard lovely. Continue reading if you’re seeking for amazing applications to help you achieve your goal.



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  • Apps that may assist with landscape design
  • The App iScape is the Best Landscaping App in the App Store.
  • The majority of Outside of the House app reviews are positive.
  • App for Editor of Landscape Design
  • The Outdoor Garden Version of 3D Home Design
  • Users do not recommend the Home Landscape Design Experts App.
  • Is It Necessary to Use Landscaping Apps?
  • Conclusion


Apps that may assist with landscape design

One of the most important aims for a homeowner is to have a beautiful yard. However, deciding where to begin is difficult. It’s much more difficult to decide what to place where since you don’t know how they’ll appear until they’re finished. Using a landscaping app might be the finest option. We’ve identified a few applications that might assist you in achieving the finest outcomes.

  Price Rating
App iScape Downloading is completely free. 4.6
Outside of the House $2.99 3.6
Editor of Landscape Design $2.99 3.4
3D Home Design $0.99 4.1
Home Landscape Design Experts Downloading is completely free. 2.0

Although some of these applications are not highly rated, they are all helpful. It is important to test out the applications in order to determine which one is ideal for you.

The App iScape is the Best Landscaping App in the App Store.

The first is iScape, which is the most popular software for DIY landscape design. The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fox News, and The Washington Post all promote this app. 

Pros Cons
Offers great customer service.This app is perfect for landscape designers who want to show their clients what they envision.iScape is Downloading is completely free.. It provides you with the ability to share your designs with your spouse, clients, etc.Offers a pro subscription for professionals to handle pricing, sharing, calendars, etc.Allows you to cancel your renewal up to 24 hours before your renewal date.  There are several in-app purchases that may be deemed pricey. The free version only enables you to deal with roughly 20 plants. There have been some problems with the upgrades. Only your renewal may be cancelled, not a current subscription.

What Does iScape Pro Do?

iScape pro not only enables you to use it as a professional contractor, but it also helps you to locate professional contractors if you are a customer. A contractor might provide price information and offer client thoughts. 


It lets you add your email as a customer and search for contractors in your area. They can connect you with a contractor that is most suited for your requirements if you tell them about your job.

iScape allows you to share your designs.

You may not only create but also share your creations with the help of the mobile app. When you’re talking about a certain flower or relocating a shrub to a new location, anyone like your spouse, customer, or contractor will be able to see precisely what you’re talking about.

The majority of Outside of the House app reviews are positive.

While there are a few negative reviews for this app, the most of the reviews indicate that it is an excellent app. However, there are a few issues with the software.

Pros Cons
Outside of the House app offers 700 hand-drawn elements.It allows you to organize and layer your designs. You can use this app to create, adjust, and view your lawn before landscaping it.The app can be easily used for large-scale projects.This app is much cheaper than iScape. This software is likewise only accessible on Apple’s iOS platform. The sketching component of the software may be too reliant. It may be less effective for smaller initiatives, even if it can be used for large-scale projects.

Change Your Mindset with the App

Once you take a picture of the space you are working on, you can use the Outside of the House app to expand and design that space. If you choose one thing and it does not work out, you can easily move things around or change what you are using with a simple switch on your screen.

It also helps you to organize and compare your thoughts by layering them on top of each other. This is significant since comparing what looks and feels better is critical to fully appreciating your unique place.

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App for Editor of Landscape Design

This landscape design software has a lot of features. It does not, however, provide a free download.

Pros Cons
For your convenience, you may resize the photographs you snap. Initially, it is less expensive than other landscaping applications. There isn’t a decent user guide included with this program. It offers a small amount of plants to choose from. You must pay in advance for this software, and there is no free trial available.

With this app, you may resize your images.

You can effortlessly resize your photographs using this software. This is significant and handy since you may modify the size of the plants and the lawn decorations you use.

The Outdoor Garden Version of 3D Home Design

This app is not rated as great as the App iScape, but it follows closely behind.

Pros Cons
As a homeowner, reviewers said this app was simple to use. It has over 100 outdoor design options and hundreds of textures. Multilevel garden designs are now possible with the app. The angle icons in this app do not move and cannot be removed. Unfortunately, there is no free trial available for the app.

Create a Multi-Level Garden

You can create tiered gardens using this software. Take a photo of your environment and begin layering the various layers in whatever way you choose. Use this function to move items about until they’re in the proper place.

Users do not recommend the Home Landscape Design Experts App.

Rated a 2.0 on Google Play, Home Landscape Design Experts app is an app that most users suggest not wasting time or money.

Pros Cons
This software will assist you in getting ready to work with a landscape designer. For unskilled homeowners, it is simple to use. This software is fortunately accessible on both Google Play and the App Store. Because it uses GPS, the software depletes your battery life. There is also a limited selection of plants to pick from. If you do not pay to get started, this software will be worthless once you download it. Even after buying, there are constant popups.

This App Will Help You Prepare for Landscaping

Home Landscape Design Experts app helps you prepare for working with a professional. Using this app allows you to get your vision together before meeting with your contractor the first time. 

You may simply show them what you want to accomplish, and they will be able to assist you in changing and designing your yard to suit your demands.

Is It Necessary to Use Landscaping Apps?

Yes, with a single word. Making choices becomes second nature. They also help you visualize things when you’re attempting to design your area.

Apps for landscaping may assist you in creating a setting that is:

  • You and your family will be safe.
  • It’s lovely for you and your visitors to enjoy.
  • A peaceful environment in which you may rest and unwind.

Apps Help You Save Money

While some applications are not free, you will save money in the long term by utilizing them. Rather of purchasing materials and plants before seeing how the completed creation would appear, you may acquire the app, design your landscape, and then purchase everything you need to complete the project. Don’t forget to read our post on how much landscaping in your backyard may cost.

An App Can Help You Save Time

Apps may also be beneficial in terms of saving time. Designing your lawn before planting may seem to be an additional task. When you plan your design using an app, you lessen the chances of making errors and having to start again. Before you begin the job, you may glimpse the completed outcome. 


It’s simple to understand why fantastic applications exist for such a challenging task. Landscaping is never easy, but with the help of a landscaping software, you can make it a lot easier. They may assist you in designing your landscape, changing what you believe isn’t working, and even locating a professional to assist you with your landscaping. 

Some applications are pricier than others, but you get what you pay for in the end. It’s sometimes preferable to spend a little more and obtain a better design software than to settle for the cheapest one. A landscaping software is the way to go if you want your landscape to come to life. If you’re looking for some backyard landscaping inspiration, we have an article that goes through sixteen various ideas that may help you create a lovely backyard landscape.


The “free landscape design online” is a question that has been asked many times before. There is no one app to answer this question, but there are a few websites that can provide the information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free app for landscape design?

A: There are many apps that will allow you to create different types of designs. You can visit the app store and find one that best suits your needs.

Is there an app to help you landscape your yard?

A: There is not yet an app that helps with landscape your yard.

How do I design my own landscaping?

A: You should use a program called Cityscape.

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