Jonsered CS2245

Jonsered is the Swedish brand that invaded North America with its incredible chainsaws. They have occupied an important place in the northern markets and have remained there. However, now that the Huqsvarna brand has bought the Jonsered,many of its models are very similar.Jonseredit still has the merit of having produced the first portable chainsaw, and now they have plenty of experience manufacturing them.

This brand has many loyal users for the simple reason that it has never let them down. Reading what your buyers think is wanting to buy one of the Jonseredbikes.

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The capable air filter removes all impurities that can damage your engine, and the cleaning system removes more than 3 percent before it reaches the filter. Your engine will not suffer any damage and will remain clean.

As a good European brand, Jonsered is very concerned about safety, so you have an inertia brake that prevents the damage of the kickbacks with an automatic brake system. In short, avoid losing control of the chainsaw and hurting yourself or others.

These chainsaws are particularly popular in the north for their handles with heating system, which is very useful and comfortable to work in the cold climate.

You can control the speed of the chain with the cool Peaksystem,to increase the speed according to the cut you want to make.

Starting the Jonsered chainsaw will be almost instantaneous and effortless thanks to a turn start that reduces rope resistance. In less than 4 pulls you will have your chainsaw on.

Chainsaws use particularly polluting engines, however, Jonsered has created one capable of significantly reducing emissions by 75 percent, while fuel consumption is surprisingly reduced. This is very good for your pocket.

Instead of using tools to adjust the chain tension, the Jonsered uses knobs, which make this work even easier and faster. Cut again.

Jonsered 38cc 2-Cycle Gas 14 in. Chainsaw, CS2238

The Jonsered is amid-rangemtosaw,which although it does not have the most powerful features, can solve your cutting needs.Its power comes from a 45 CC enginethat uses gas as fuel.It has a bar16 inches, not very impressive, but it is certainly enough for most jobs.However,you can replace it with an 18-inch bar if you need to.This chainsaw, although not very incredible at first glance, surprises you with the amount of professional features it brings. For example, it has a system that reduces vibrations so you can cut for hours without rest, without fatigue. To see how much fuel you have left, you just have to see through the tank window, it looks very easily.

With the Jonsered 38cc 2-Cycle Gas 14 in. Chainsaw, CS2238does not need tools to adjust the tightener. You can adjust the chain tension manually without having to waste time looking for a screwdriver.Theexcellenthow it’s designed allows you to changespark plugs and air filter. In addition, as it is gas, it produces almost no polluting emissions.


45CC power engine

16-inch bar

Weight 13.25 pounds

2-year warranty

The engine of the Jonsered 38cc 2-Cycle Gas 14 in. Chainsaw, CS2238 works with gas and oil well that somehow, there will always be emissions. But Jonsered has incorporated in this product a special exhaust pipe that reduces emissions by up to 75%.

Many complaints from users of the Jonsered 38cc 2-Cycle Gas 14 in. Chainsaw, CS2238 come from the choke resulting difficult to adjust and this is very annoying. Another common complaint is about the size of the bar, which is very small, and that replacing it with an 18-inch one you would only get an extra couple of inches.

Very positive things about this chain saw: the chain tensioner is very easy to adjust, includes fuel meter, effortless start, Snap-Lock protector, has a very effective vibration reduction system, and an inertia-activated chain brake.

The Jonsered 38cc 2-Cycle Gas 14 in. Chainsaw, CS2238 is the chainsaw that provides the ideal features for those whothey want to keephisyard or gardenproperly,which is much bigger than usual.

How incredibly light the Jonsered 38cc 2-Cycle Gas 14 in. Chainsaw, CS2238 provides you with great ease to mobilize and execute cuts in the most suitable positions, to achieve the effect you want.

The Jonsered is perhaps the most experienced brand in the world of chainsaw manufacturing, which is why they have earned enormous respect from competitors and will always be present in the markets. It is to be hoped that this well-known brand will continue to launch astonishing quality products. The Jonsered 38cc 2-Cycle Gas 14 in. Chainsaw is one of them.

The Jonsered makes maintenance easy with a quick release cylinder. This will make it easier to change the spark plug and air filter without tools.

Another wonderful feature of this chainsaw is its weight, which is about 13 pounds. The lighter the chainsaw is the easier to handle when it’s being cut, and you get more uniform and direct cuts. Heavier chainsaws make this a difficult job. Its vibration damping system allows you to cut for hours without fatigue. The tank has a window that allows you to see how much fuel you have left. These are all the features of a modern saw, offered by a brand of great renown.It comes with a 16-inch bar, which is large enough for most medium-sized jobs, and can carry up to an 18-inch bar. If you need a chainsaw that can keep up with you in your larger-than-average yard, this could be the chainsaw for you.

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