Nail Gun Rental: How Much Does it Cost?

Have you ever needed a nail gun but didn’t have one? It is possible to rent one, and there are many different rates depending on which place offers the best deal. How much does it cost typically at companies like Home Depot or Lowe’s? What can renters expect when they go searching for the perfect price point and location?

The “nail gun rental near me” is a tool that allows people to rent nail guns. The cost of renting these tools varies depending on where you are located and the length of time you need them for.

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So, you’ve got a large project ahead of you that involves a lot of nailing, and just looking at that old rusted framing hammer hurts your shoulder. This is quite reasonable, and that is precisely why the nail gun was created.

On average, you’ll spend 20-25 percent of the nail gun’s whole retail price every day of rental. To put it another way, if you hire a $200 finish nailer from a shop, most rental services will charge you $40/$50 per day for a rental, which is 20-25 percent of the overall cost.


A nail gun, sometimes known as a nailer, is an automated device that fires a nail into wood using air pressure from a compressor. There are also gas-powered and magnetic guns available for hire, but if you need a gun for a project, the air compressor kind is the most frequent.


Renting a nail gun is a sensible decision whether you’re doing a do-it-yourself project with a deck or shed, erecting a fence, or anything else that takes a lot of nails.

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  • Types of Nail Guns on the Market
  • Calculating the Rental Cost of a Nail Gun
  • What to Consider When Renting a Nail Gun
  • Why Rent Rather Than Buy?


Types of Nail Guns on the Market

You may not know this, but there are quite a few Types of Nail Guns on the Market for you to rent. So to make things simpler for you, we’re going to go over the five most popular sorts of nail guns, and the tasks that they are best for.

1: Nailer for framing

1647340073_905_Nail-Gun-Rental-How-Much-Does-it-CostA construction worker uses an air nail gun to secure lumber.

These are the heavy-duty nailers you see on home improvement programs and in the hands of contractors all around the country. They drive bigger nails into wood and drive them in deep, making them perfect for framing houses and other projects.

You can use a frame nailer to do things like:


  • Decks
  • Framing for houses, sheds, and other structures
  • Additions to rooms and dwellings
  • Sheathing made of wood (T1-11 siding, etc)
  • Fences
  • Structures with wood siding

2: Nailer for Floors


Hardwood floors and other types of flooring are often tongue-and-groove and fit together, but they must still be fastened down. If you’re laying a floor, these smaller, angled nailers are great. Smaller nails or cleats are fired at a correct angle by this nail gun, ensuring accurate nailing through the boards.

A flooring nailer is used for a variety of flooring kinds, including hardwood, but it may also be used for installations under the floor, such as sophisticated padding.

Roofing Nailer No. 3


Roofing nailers are roughly the same size as framing nailers, despite the fact that the nails you’ll be shooting through shingles through tar paper and into the wood are considerably shorter than framing nails. This is due to two factors. To begin, the nail requires a significant amount of force to drive it through three different materials (shingles, tar and wood). Second, these nail guns store a large number of nails, allowing you to complete a roofing project quickly and without having to worry about reloading. Fencing planks may also be installed using a roofing nailer. It’s ideal for renting to build a new fence since the nails are shorter and the coil carries a lot more nails than a framing or finish nailer.

This is the nail gun type that gives you the most flexibility, with spring-loaded alternatives, pneumatic options that utilize an air compressor, and solenoid drivers that employ electromagnetic polarization.

4: Nailer Finish


The finish nailer, which rounds off the list, is one of the most popular. This nailer comes in helpful for installing baseboard, window trim, chair rail, or any other sort of molding. It fires very small, thin nails that do not cause any damage to the wood. As the name implies, they’re fantastic for ornamental finishes.

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This nail gun may be used for anything that needs little nails, such as crown molding, baseboards, and even picture framing.

Calculating the Rental Cost of a Nail Gun

So, let’s look at how much it will cost you to hire a nail gun. Keep in mind that the cost of a nail gun may vary depending on the kind of gun you desire. The prices vary depending on whether you choose one of the four items on our list or something else like a professional-grade stapler or a brad or pin nailer.

On average, you’ll spend 20-25 percent of the nail gun’s whole retail price every day of rental. To put it another way, if you hire a $200 finish nailer from a shop, most rental services will charge you $40/$50 per day for a rental, which is 20-25 percent of the overall cost.

Of course, if you just need the nailer for a few hours or a half-day, you should be able to purchase it for half the price.

Of course, this is a considerably greater proportion than something like a car hire. However, keep in mind that rental businesses must still earn a profit. They would be out of business if they simply charged you $5 or less. Keep in mind, however, that prices vary depending on the retailer. Because you have access to the internet and a phone, you can shop around for the best bargain. Rental businesses fight for your business, so you’ll be able to get a good rate.

These days, renting is very straightforward. The majority of rental establishments will not take cash, or if they do, the rental will still need a kind of credit. This is to safeguard the store in the event that the nail gun is damaged.

Let’s be honest: the professionals who know the most about these tools are likely to already possess a nail gun. Because most people who rent nail guns don’t have much experience with them, the company requires insurance.

However, you won’t be paying much more than 20% for the rental in total. The higher the retail price of the nail gun, the more you’ll have to spend to rent it.

What to Consider When Renting a Nail Gun

When hiring a nail gun, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Most stores don’t exactly have a plethora of alternatives from which to pick. This means you’re mostly at the mercy of the store’s selection of guns and brands. So make sure you can obtain the gun you desire by looking around first.
  • Before renting the gun, make sure everything is in order. Make sure you have all of the things you’ll need and that your workspace is ready to go. The nail gun should be the final item you purchase before beginning the project. You want to be able to finish it fast so that you don’t rack up a large cost.
  • Consider your accessories and inquire ahead of time. It’s possible that you’ll need a compressor, which would be a separate rental. You may need a unique sort of nail clip for the gun, and the business may only have one regular clip available. So keep in mind what else you could need in addition to the nailer.
  • Do you know how to put it to use? The rental business isn’t there to teach you how to use the pistol correctly. So, before you consider renting a nail gun, be sure you understand how to operate one. Streaming training videos are a terrific method to learn how to use the gun for the first time.

Why Rent Rather Than Buy?

Finally, before you walk out to a rental business to pick out a wonderful nail gun, consider the following reasons why renting a nail gun is preferable to purchasing one.

  1. Non-Contractor: You won’t need a permanent nail gun unless you’re a contractor. If you’re only constructing a small deck, shed, or other one-time project, you’ll save a lot of money and a lot of room since you won’t have to store the item.
  2. When you hire a nail gun, you don’t have to worry about upkeep and maintenance. That is what the shop is doing. So all you have to do now is utilize it, make sure it’s in fine working condition, then return it. You won’t have to worry about maintaining the compressor running smoothly or repairing any clogs.
  3. There’s no figurative fire lit under you to get you going if you have a nail gun sitting around the home. When hiring a gun by the day, on the other hand, you’ll want to get the task done as swiftly as possible. This will make your spouse and family extremely pleased since you will no longer have timber and other things laying about in the way.

Nail guns aren’t the only equipment you can hire; make sure to read about how to rent a wood splitter in our post!


The “menards nail gun rental” is a tool that can be rented from your local hardware store. The cost will vary depending on the size of the nail gun and how long you want to rent it for.

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