Outdoor Wall Lighting Ideas

When it comes to lighting, the home is an area of concern. It’s a challenge for designers and homeowners alike because there are so many factors that need to be considered when designing an outdoor wall light. These include aesthetics (which type of light bulb), cost, color temperature, and more.

Unique outdoor wall lighting is a great way to add some curb appeal and light up your home. There are many options for this type of lighting, from solar powered to LED. Read more in detail here: unique outdoor wall lighting.

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Outdoor wall lights enhance the appearance of your home’s outside while also complementing the architecture. 

Any home’s outside attractiveness and feeling of character may be improved with outdoor wall lighting. Adding enchantment to any house or structure by mixing various wall lights depending on a certain culture or theme.


Outdoor wall lighting does more than simply decorate a house; it demonstrates your style and imagination. This post will discuss several exterior wall lighting and backyard techniques for improving your home’s appeal. 






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  • Outdoor Wall Lighting at its Finest
  • Outdoors, How to Use Lighting in a certain area
  • Outdoor Lanterns: How to Use Them
  • Outdoor Lighting on a string: How to Use It
  • Final Thoughts


Outdoor Wall Lighting at its Finest


The kind and color of wall lights you choose are a question of personal taste. Some outdoor wall lighting options, on the other hand, are suitable for most houses. They serve to enhance the look of your home’s exterior while also drawing attention to it. 

The three most common forms of wall lighting, along with their Descriptions:

Types of Wall Lighting Description
Lighting in a certain area These lights may be placed on the ground or installed on the walls. The ones that can be mounted are frequently placed between two windows or on the frame of a door. 
Lanterns These are the most basic wall lights, and they’ve been around for ages. They are now available in a variety of gorgeous glass patterns to suit the occasion.
Lighting on a string In many houses, these are the most prevalent outside lights. They’re mainly found in people’s backyards. It’s customary to hang them throughout the Christmas season. 

Outdoors, How to Use Lighting in a certain area


Spot lights may be installed on walls or placed on the ground, making them very adaptable. This makes them excellent for use in the backyard, particularly if there is a garden. Although the LED lights are not the brightest, they provide a relaxing impact on the environment. 


To brighten your surrounds, use spot lights between your windows, around your doors, or on your patio. These lights complement brilliantly painted walls since the paint reflects light and makes them look brighter. These lights are simple to install since they usually arrive pre-assembled with everything you need. 

You may place your spot lights in one of the following ways to add life to your backyard:

  • Uplighting: When ground lights are put to illuminate plants and other things from the ground up, this is known as uplighting. This form of lighting is ideal for a tiny backyard garden since it enhances visibility at night. 
  • Downlighting: In downlighting, the lights are set with their faces down, illuminating everything underneath them. They look nicer on trees because they give out the illusion of natural light. 

Lighting in a certain area Recommendation


The King SHA LED Spot Light may be fixed on a wall, positioned on a level ceiling, or placed on a flat floor surface. It has an on/off toggle switch as well as a plug-in switch and is mostly used as an uplight. 

A 5 watt MR16 GU10 warm white 3000k LED bulb and a CR182, which is the equivalent of a 50W halogen light, are used in the uplight. 

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Features of the product:

  • It’s simple to hang on the wall or place on the ground.
  • Can endure any kind of weather
  • Effective in terms of energy use 
  • It comes in a variety of forms and hues.

Outdoor Lanterns: How to Use Them


Lanterns may be old, but they have never been out of style. They’re ideal for setting the mood in your garden for a dinner party or beverages with friends. Outdoor lanterns are becoming more popular because to their inventive and distinctive designs. 

The following are some of the many lanterns that are available:

Lantern Types Description
Lanterns fueled by the sun These are solar-powered and environmentally friendly. They use less energy and are less expensive to maintain.
Lanterns that run on batteries The lights on these are powered by batteries. When the charge on the batteries runs out, they may be changed. 
Lanterns that run on oil For almost a century, oil lamps have been used. They are simple to care for and have an antique appearance. 
Lanterns lighted with candles Candles have a calming effect, so they’re ideal for an outdoor dinner party in your lawn.

Recommendation for Lanterns

These Solar Lights Hanging Outdoors are ideal for landscape illumination. They’re made of glass and feature a basic yet attractive design. They’re brighter and provide a warmer light, giving you a more vintage feel. 

These lanterns include light sensors that allow them to turn on automatically when it gets dark and turn off to recharge throughout the day. Due to the ABS plastic that provides extra protection, they can survive adverse weather. 

Features of the product:

  • It’s possible to install it on a pole or on the wall.
  • Longer-lasting solar-powered batteries built-in
  • It comes in a variety of shapes and colors to brighten up your backyard.
  • Can endure any kind of weather

Outdoor Lighting on a string: How to Use It


String lights are ideal for both winter and summer outdoor décor. They may be used to decorate for a specific event, like as Christmas. Even if you don’t have trees, you can permanently place string lights in your backyard.

The cable’s length allows it to span a greater distance, making it ideal for lighting your patio or deck. 

The brilliant lights provide a relaxing atmosphere, while the quantity of lamps makes your outside seem to be lit by natural light. 

String lights may also be tailored to meet any design scheme. You may write a particular message or create a creative design to complement the event, such as proposing to someone, using these lights. 

They’re also ideal for lining up around the exterior of your property to brighten up any space.

You must do the following before deciding which string lights to place in your backyard:

  • Measure your backyard – Knowing the precise dimensions of your backyard will assist you in selecting the appropriate string light length. It will also make determining the amount of bulbs required much simpler.
  • Choose between plastic and glass for your string lights’ bulbs. While plastic outlasts glass in terms of durability, it lacks the clarity of glass in terms of light quality. 
  • Choose the colors you want – You may experiment with various colors to make things more interesting. String lights that are brightly lighted are ideal for both aesthetic appeal and illumination in your garden. 

Recommendation for String Lights

Brightown Outdoor String Lights come with 25 glass bulbs and a replacement bulb, which should enough for your outdoor lighting needs. The 5W bulbs are energy-efficient, which means they will save you money. 

Due to the waterproof technology, the lights can survive rain, moist conditions, high temperatures, and strong wind for increased safety. Because they’re simple to install, if one goes out, it doesn’t effect the others. 

Features of the product:

  • An extra-long power cable to accommodate a large backyard
  • A spare bulb in case one is broken.
  • None of the bulbs are impacted by the failure of the others since they are independent.
  • Bulbs and power cable that are resistant to the elements

Final Thoughts

Outdoor wall lights are a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your property. They may also be utilized to liven up outdoor gatherings like dinners and drinks with friends. The year, personal tastes, culture, or significant milestones such as an engagement or an anniversary might all influence the designs. Check out another of our posts where we discuss how to mount lights without using nails.

The kind of light utilized and the style to adopt are influenced by the architectural design of your garden. Each outdoor light has a unique function, but they are all stunning! 


The “best outdoor wall lights 2021” are a great way to add light outside. There are many different types of these lamps, and they can be used in many different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you light an outside wall?

A: To light up an outside wall, you would need to use a ladder. It is important that the lighting be placed as high on the wall as possible so it can cover all of your space. If you are trying to light up a large area with only one bulb, make sure that theres enough room for 2-3 bulbs between each fixture and then place them at least 10 feet apart from each other in order not to blow out any bulbs by overloading their power supply.

What type of lighting is best for outdoors?

A: Generally speaking, LED lighting is the best option when choosing outdoor lights. It provides a wide range of wavelengths that are safe for the eyes while still providing energy efficiency and durability.

Where should outdoor wall lights be placed?

A: Some people might want to place their outdoor wall lights on the exterior of a building or in an area that is inaccessible by children, while others may choose to put them inside an interior. The type and placement of your lighting fixtures should be determined by how much light you need for your space.

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