Outdura Vs Sunbrella

Did you know that the average home will have a total of 3,700 square feet by 2020? With all this space comes plenty of room for patio furniture and outdoor decor – but with so many options it can be difficult to decide what type of patio furniture is right for your patio.

Outdura is a type of fabric that is used for outdoor furniture. Sunbrella is another type of outdoor fabric. There are many differences between the two fabrics, such as the weight and how they are made. Read more in detail here: outdura fabric.

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Except for Outdura, there are few companies that can compete with Sunbrella when it comes to outdoor lifestyle and design. For both indoor and outdoor usage, Outdura and Sunbrella feature models and fabrics that are remarkably comparable.

Due to their similarities, choosing between the two might be tough; nevertheless, an in-depth comparison of the two may help you make a better selection. It’s crucial to know what each product is meant for and which one would be the greatest fit for you.

Whether you’re looking to make commercial items or something for your house, you can find up buying fabric from one of these reputable suppliers.  


Your outdoor living area may increase the value of your house and your vacation property. You can quickly transform your backyard or patio area into a paradise by adding personal touches and design features.

If you’re scared the weather may harm your good furniture, it’s a risky notion to set it outside for leisure. You may avoid furniture damage and decay by using materials like Sunbrella or Outdura. With this high-quality material, you can simply develop your own cushion guard designs or engage a professional to do it if you are a designer. 

Marine canopies and other protective cloth items, such as window shade coverings and umbrellas, may be made from Sunbrella and Outdura textiles. There are several applications for these materials.

Outdura or Sunbrella will work better for you depending on how you want to use them and what sort of material you’re looking for.  

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Sunbrella is a brand that specializes in high-performance textiles. These fabrics can be used in a variety of ways and have a wide range of applications. This cloth is long-lasting and comes with a guarantee.

Sunbrella textiles have been known to be utilized as beach umbrellas, canopies, boat canopies, outdoor awning fabric, and inside cushion fabric, among other things.

Sunbrella offers waterproof textiles that help safeguard your outdoor living room furnishings by preventing mold and mildew development. Sunbrella is excellent fabric for outdoor applications. 

Fabrics Types 

Sunbrella has a wide selection of textiles. Sunbrella’s outdoor fabric is of excellent quality and will endure a long time. This fabric may be utilized for a variety of applications and provides complete moisture protection.

Depending on where you live, rain and sun may make an outdoor living space uncomfortable or impossible to use. Sun and rain protection is essential, particularly in locations where precipitation or bright days are regular.  

You deserve to be shielded from the sun’s harmful UV rays. You may also prevent rain from interrupting a nice time outside by covering your outdoor living rooms with Sunbrella cloth. Sunbrella outdoor textiles are water and moisture resistant.

Your cushions won’t get wet and start to develop mold or mildew if you use the cloth as a cushion cover. This will also stop bacteria and other harmful germs from growing.

This fabric may also be used as an awning or umbrella to shield you and your furnishings from the sun and rain in your outdoor living area.  

Outdoor textiles from Sunbrella come with a 5-year guarantee. Sunbrella also has a variety of customisation choices, including solution-acrylic coloured textiles.

These materials resist fading and are simple to clean and wash away. This fabric is known as rain by Sunbrella. It’s designed to be used outside as furniture protection, shade, and other things.  


With minor differences, Outdura textiles are quite comparable to Sunbrella fabrics. Outdura textiles can be used in the same applications as Sunbrella fabrics may be used in. 

Outdura Textiles also has a large selection of fabrics. Solid colors, patterns, and textured cloth are all available. Outdura materials may be utilized both inside and outside. Water and fade resistance are included into the Outdoor textiles.

Outdura’s materials are all solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, which helps them maintain their color over time. Things like sun bleaching will have less of an impact on these materials as a result of this. 

Outdoor living areas benefit from Outdura materials, which may be used to preserve outdoor furniture and cushions.  

Outdura, like Sunbrella, has a 5-year warranty starting from the date of purchase. It’s also quite simple to clean. So you’re probably wondering which is better.  

Outdura Vs Sunbrella 

Solution-dyed acrylic textiles are available from both Outdura and Sunbrella. Only a few companies in the world create acrylic dyed textiles. Both of these businesses get their materials from one or two of the few remaining manufacturers of this sort of cloth.

Sunbrella and Outdura are both top brands in this injury, although Sunbrella seems to have eclipsed Outdura in popularity.

Sunbrella textiles are available in the shop and have previously been utilized in a variety of designs. Many of Outdura’s goods are stored in North Carolina and come in a variety of yardages.  

The quality is practically equal since the real materials originate from the same or a similar source. After obtaining the supplies, each enterprise must complete the cloth by weaving it together.

This is when the distinctions become apparent. The densities of Sunbrella and Outdura are different. Sunbrella’s density has decreased with time.

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Sunbrella’s density seems to have decreased as a result of multiple complaints of the fabric stretching over time, as opposed to Outdura, which provides denser fabric.

Due to the absence of solution-dyed acrylic fabric, the color and fade resistance of each firm’s materials is consistent, since each company sources its supplies from the same suppliers at times.  

However, Sunbrella and Outdura are not created in the same factory. Sunbrella’s goods are remade in the United States and imported from other countries, while Outdura is entirely created in the United States. Outdura materials seem to be less expensive per yard than Sunbrella fabrics.  

Bottom Line  

The goods from Sunbrella and Outdura are unmistakably identical. They all have distinct patterns, but the materials used to create these outdoor textiles are all from the same or comparable sources.

Because there are only two manufacturers of the substance needed to create solution-dyed cloth, each firm relies on one or both of them. As a result, the quality is almost comparable. These businesses are distinguished by their workmanship and affordability. 

There is only one obvious winner when it comes to deciding between Sunbrella and Outdura fabrics. Despite the fact that the competition is fierce.

Because of their quality, pricing, and origin, Outdura textiles are the superior option. Although Sunbrella textiles are more well-known, Outdura is a formidable rival on the rise in the ranks of outdoor living fabric producers. 

So, in the situation of Outdura vs. Sunbrella, Outdura comes out on top.  

We also compare Sunbrella and Perennials fabrics, as well as the cushionguard brand, to help you decide which is ideal for you. You may also be interested in our post on outdoor table tablecloths, which will tie your patio table together.


Outdura fabric by the yard is a type of synthetic fabric that is made from polyester. The fabric is very durable and has an attractive design that can be used in many different ways. Reference: outdura fabric by the yard.

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