Sunbrella vs. Bella

What is the difference between a Sunbrella and a Bella?

The “outdura vs sunbrella” is a debate that has been going on for over 100 years. The debate started in the 1800s when people were debating whether to use Sunbrella or Bella.

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Landscape design is important, but so are hardscapes and outdoor furniture when it comes to creating a stunning outdoor living environment. You can’t have a nice garden if there’s no place to sit and enjoy the sunlight.

Outdoor furniture may be expensive, costing hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars. You want to safeguard your deck or patio décor after investing so much money in it.

One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to cover the furniture with fabric, either by buying cushions and pillows or by creating fabric coverings for each piece that allow you to sit or sleep on the furniture without having to remove the cover. (If you think of a couch cover, you’ll get the concept.) It emphasizes the significance of the cloth used to cover the furniture.


Furniture normally lasts five to nine years, but just 36% of customers expect to keep the same couch for five years, according to a poll done by Furniture/Consumer Today’s Connection on May 16. Around 55% of people believe their couch will endure at least 10 years.

Even for an indoor couch, much alone an outside one, that’s quite an accomplishment. So, should you use Sunbrella or Bella Dura to cover your outdoor furniture?



Sunbrella fabric was produced in 1961 by Glen Raven, which began as an awning fabric company. Its early colors, designs, and patterns were inspired by its awnings. Its team of 30 designers is always working on new colors and designs for this tough fabric that is designed to withstand hard conditions.

This kind of cloth is known as a performance fabric. The Sunbrella Upholstery line has 313 different items, whereas the Fusion collection has 158 different items.

The majority of these transactions go to a furniture or furniture cover company. They may purchase this fabric by the yard or by the roll. Sunbrella also produces customised designs and personalized programming for people.


Marine and shade textiles, as well as fabrics for healthcare and hospitality, are among the company’s performance fabrics. It gives outdoor furniture a canvas effect. Materials are available in the most common design colors from the manufacturer. Every year, it also makes novelty yarns and fabric creations.

This high-performance fabric can endure both intense sunshine and seawater. Each fabric is individually tested for color recipe, fiber composition, UV resistance, and finishing technique by Glen Raven.

Chemical or UV exposure has no effect on the fabric’s strength. Rather of utilizing a spray-on treatment after generating the cloth or a finish to the material, the business engineers the fibers to be damage resistant.

Sunbrella can be cleaned with any common home cleaning agent. Sunbrella white textiles may even be bleached using chlorine bleach. Most spills can be wiped up with soap and water, so you won’t have to do it very frequently.


Bella-Dura upholstery fabric is made by the Wearbest business. Advanced technologies are used to create a unique fabric from its own yarn. This yarn employs silver ion technology to produce a microbial and stain-resistant fabric that not only looks great but also helps you remain healthy.

It complies with both abrasion and exterior material requirements. Its abrasion testing includes a batch that can resist at least 50,000 double rubs. This degree of abrasion resistance qualifies it for commercial usage in high-traffic areas.

Despite being a newer fabric, Bella-Dura has risen in popularity by 40% since its launch, and by 60% in the last year. It created a cloth that can endure direct sunlight.

Its polyolefin is designed to tolerate 1,500 hours of sun exposure without fading or harm to the fabric. The fabric becomes pill-resistant when filament yarns are used.

Bella-Dura is pricier than comparable textiles, but it is very stain resistant. It is a solution dyed polyolefin fiber fabric that is more durable and can be cleaned with bleach.

Designer colors and designs are available from the brand. Decorators enjoy them since they can be used in a variety of house decors.

It also has the market’s first ecologically friendly performance fabric. Its fibers are a by-product of another process that are woven into Bella-Dura after being treated.

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Its manufacturing technique consumes very little water and energy and produces no hazardous industrial waste. It’s also biodegradable. A five-year limited home guarantee and a three-year limited commercial warranty are included with all Bella-Dura products.

The Final Word

The fabric you choose, whether Sunbrella or Bella-Dura, is determined by your requirements. Because of its antimicrobial qualities, Bella-Dura may be more beneficial in a hospital setting.

Both textiles are long-lasting, and both firms test their products to ensure that they can endure sunshine and stains. Sunbrella puts its fabrics through rigorous testing to ensure that they can withstand exposure to saltwater and chemicals. Both textiles may be cleaned with bleach if necessary, however this is uncommon since they both wipe clean.

Sunbrella produces novelty textiles every year, while both companies generate fashion hues and watch décor trends to ensure that producers have what they need. This allows cushion and cloth cover makers to create festive décor for beachside houses for the Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and other such holidays.

People still like decorating for the holidays in these warm weather, seaside locations. Sunbrella’s novelty textiles allow you to dress up your outdoor furniture for special events while still protecting it. These fabrics, as well as this collection, are ideal for weddings.

Each brand’s performance fabric has its unique set of advantages. Covering your outdoor furniture with a durable fabric that can resist UV rays from the sun as well as stains will help safeguard your investment and extend the life of your furniture.

Waterproofing the cloth gives it an even better protective covering because it creates a barrier that stops water from getting into the rattan or wood furniture and rotting it. It also prevents corrosion on metal furniture.

Selecting the appropriate cloth to cover your outdoor furniture might help it endure longer. Whether you choose with Sunbrella or Bella-Dura, you’ll have a long-lasting fabric that will endure the test of time.

Other brands that we compared to Sunbrella, like as Olfefin and Outdura, may be of interest to you. Also, if your outside cushions become wet, make sure to read our post on how to care for them.


textilene vs sunbrella” is a question about which type of fabric to use for outdoor furniture. Sunbrella is a type of fabric that has been used for years. The “Bella” is a newer product, but it has not replaced the Sunbrella yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fabrics are as good as Sunbrella?

A: Sunbrella is a type of fabric thats been around since 1938, and has many variants. It’s still very popular today, but there are other options available if youre looking for something similar or different.

Is Bella fabric durable?

A: The fabric is made of 100% polyester and has a very nice texture. I would not worry about the durability as this type of apparel will last you for years to come.

Is Sunbrella a good brand?

A: Sunbrella is definitely not a good brand. Its made from cheap materials and the colors are often inaccurate, to say nothing of that it doesnt even make sense as a word or name, since sun means light while rebel only refers to people who reject authority.

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