The Best Pipe For Wind Chimes

If you’re considering purchasing new wind chimes, here are a few things to consider.
First of all, if you have an outdoor space that needs some sprucing up with greenery and flowers while providing shade from the hot sun, then this is perfect for your home or office. It’s also easy to maintain so it won’t take away too much of your time.

The “wind chime pipe length chart” is a list of the lengths that different pipes can be used for. It also includes a picture of each pipe so you can see what it looks like.

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If you want to improve the beauty of your yard or house, wind pipes are a simple project to take on. Depending on your needs, you may pick from a wide range of materials. But which pipes are the ideal for your do-it-yourself project?

There are a variety of materials to choose from, but stainless steel is the most popular. While this may be the greatest, it is also one of the most costly, so it may not be the ideal option for you. 

If you’re seeking for more affordable solutions, don’t worry; there are so many to pick from that you can become overwhelmed. You’ll see that stainless steel isn’t the only metal pipe capable of providing the same level of resilience and lifespan.



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  • Why Do Stainless Steel Pipes Work So Well?
  • What Other Metal Pipes Are Available?
  • What Are Some Other Metal Alternatives?
  • Conclusion

Why Do Stainless Steel Pipes Work So Well?

One of the greatest materials for making your wind chime is stainless steel pipes. They are long-lasting and durable. They also provide a lovely sound that enhances the appearance of your house.

The luster you get from polishing stainless steel will stay for a long time. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like; that gleam will endure longer than other metals. 

It will be simpler to make a wind chime out of stainless steel since it is more sturdy and lighter. These pipes are usually often longer and have a larger diameter to reach lower octaves that other metals may be unable to reach due to their weight and bulk.

One disadvantage of employing this metal is that it is relatively costly when compared to other metals. If you choose this way, you may expect to pay a significant amount of money. Some may argue that the toughness and lifespan make it worthwhile, but this is also one of the reasons why so many people avoid stainless steel.


What Other Metal Pipes Are Available?

A wind chime may be made out of a number of materials, and the beautiful thing about metal is that there are so many options. If you don’t have the money but still want a long-lasting wind chime, you don’t have to go with the most costly alternative, such as stainless steel.

If stainless steel is out of your price range or you don’t think it’s suited for you, here are some alternatives:

  • Pipes made of aluminum
  • Pipes made of copper
  • Steel pipes that have been galvanized
  • Pipes made of brass
  • Pipes made of cast iron

Pipes made of aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most preferred steel substitutes, owing to its reduced cost. You shouldn’t expect to spend a lot of money for them. It’s also one of the most widely accessible items.

They sound great and are less heavy than stainless steel pipes. They also don’t corrode as quickly as other metals and endure for a long time. They’re also more popular since they’re thinner and produce such a clear sound.

Aluminum is used in a lot of metal goods that require metal pipes. This is most likely the substance you will discover if you attempt to recycle pieces around your home. It’s simple to use, and you can help preserve the environment by turning rubbish into something beautiful.

Pipes made of copper

Pipes made of copper can be quite expensive but not as much as stainless steel. It has a great sound, especially for deep-tone wind chimes or very large wind chimes. You will find yourself falling asleep to its melodies and that deep tone that resonates in your chest.

If you are looking for a more rustic look, then these are the pipes for you. Pipes made of copper will not rust like other metals but will turn green from oxidation. Many people who use Pipes made of copper like them for this change of color. It will turn into a piece of art as well as provide a deep melody.

It’s a tough pipe that will endure a long time. It’s not going to rust. It has a higher weight than the other metals. This implies that wind chimes manufactured of this material will perform better in high-wind areas.

Steel pipes that have been galvanized

Steel pipes that have been galvanized are one of the better choices for larger wind chimes. They are one of the heavier metals because of their thickness, but they still are durable. They are also thicker and heavier than aluminum.

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It is not as resistant to weather and the environment as other metals. Even if it doesn’t rust right away, it will ultimately rust. Because rust often occurs inside, you may not notice it until it is too late. As a result, it is less expensive than other metals. 

If you want to make them more appealing to the eye, you can paint them. Additional corrosion and weathering protection may be provided by painting the galvanized steel. The disadvantage is that the paint will peel and flake off over time, necessitating reapplication.

Pipes made of brass

Pipes made of brass have been used for centuries compared to Pipes made of copper. They are thicker and sturdier. If you are looking for something a little more decorative and fancier, brass would be the way to go. With their golden brown color, you can add a little elegance to your yard with these pipes.

This metal has been utilized in plumbing because of its resistance to water and acids, making it very durable. It has the potential to endure a long time. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s a fantastic décor option.

Pipes made of cast iron

Even when compared to other metal pipes, one of the heaviest metals is rather robust. Iron pipes have been used for ages, although they are not as long-lasting as steel pipes. Rust is a major element in the deterioration of iron pipes.

Although the sound isn’t as resonant as the other metals, it may nevertheless contribute to the attractiveness of your yard. Although it is not as popular as a windchime, you may still use it if you want something a bit less expensive.

What Are Some Other Metal Alternatives?

You may construct wind chimes out of anything, but if you want a simple DIY project, you can utilize alternative pipes. Many items around the home may be used as part of the wind chime. Here are a few of those items:

  • Bamboo
  • Pipes made of PVC
  • Poles and frames made of metal

Any of these might be used as a wind chime pipe. You may use treated dried bamboo for this project. They provide a lovely hollow, wooden sound that contributes to the peaceful mood. When attempting to create a more tropical atmosphere, many individuals like to use this sort of material.

Pipes made of PVC can be as colorful and unique as you want. You can paint it all in different colors and patterns to make it your own.  It is available around the house, especially when you are doing some housework. 

A wind chime may be made out of a variety of household items. This product is created with metal and transformed into wind chimes if you have an old broom that you aren’t using anymore. You may also utilize an old bicycle frame. There are several solutions available to you.


You may pick and customize your yard according to your own preferences thanks to the range of metals available. Each one has its own sound and color to let you express yourself. All you have to do now is find out what works best for you and your house.


The “making wind chimes from conduit” is a great project to do with kids. It’s easy, inexpensive and fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pipe do you use for wind chimes?

A: I use copper pipe for my wind chimes.

What material is best for wind chimes?

A: The best material for wind chimes is metal, mainly copper because it will not rust.

What are wind chime pipes made of?

A: Wind chime pipes are made from copper, zinc and tin. They can also be found in brass or bronze as these metals have a higher melting point than copper.

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