Top 7 Gas Grills For Your Backyard

Gas grills are a great way to add some flair and flavor to your outdoor entertaining. Here’s our list of the top gas grill brands that will make you say, “Wow!”

The “weber grills” is a top 7 gas grill for your backyard. It has been used by many people and has a good reputation. The price of the grill is also affordable.


A grate over a fire is the most basic method of outdoor cooking, and a magnificent gas grill is the polar opposite. It’s the must-have backyard item for any outdoor events, such as birthday parties, Fourth of July festivities, and so on. Because of its flexibility, rapid lighting, and quicker cooked dishes, gas grills are regarded a premium outdoor cooking appliance.

Outdoor cooking is popular among backyard enthusiasts and foodies, which is why gas grills are often regarded essential. Gas grills use gas fuels to provide the heat required for quick, consistent cooking. Liquefied petroleum gases such as propane or butane, as well as natural gas, may be used as gas fuels. 

Gas grills, regardless of the kind of gas used, are a terrific method to cook excellent meals in backyards or camping places. Because they are easy to clean, heat up fast, and are simple to operate, gas grills are more popular than other barbecues. There’s no need to bother about adding charcoal or wood to keep the heat going.


If you want to do some outside cooking, though, you need invest in the greatest gas grill for your needs. Whether you’re buying a tiny gas grill for a small gathering, a portable gas grill for camping, or a large gas grill to feed an army, there’s something for everyone.

This article will showcase some of the top gas grills currently available. We’ll take a look at a variety of grills from reputable manufacturers. These gas grills were reviewed based on their features, specs, pricing, and adaptability. Some were used, and various user evaluations were analyzed.


Weber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill is a Weber gas grill.

The Weber Summit S-670 is a flexible gas grill that runs on natural gas or a 20-pound propane tank and has an LED fuel indicator that shows how much gas is left in the tank. It contains a 624-square-inch main cooking surface that can accommodate up to 24 hamburgers, as well as a 145-square-inch warming rack.

Weber has put a number of features on this grill that make it quite flexible in terms of cooking. A sear station burner, a smoker burner with wood box, a side burner, and a rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner are all included.

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The Weber Summit S-670’s snap jet individual ignition technology lets you to operate each burner separately. This feature makes it simple to utilize the product. It has a cook box that holds the burner tubes, cooking grates, and flavorizer bars, as well as other cooking system components.


The Weber Summit S-670 has two stainless steel work surfaces, six tool hooks, and storage space inside the cabinet. Weber has incorporated two barbecue lights and control knobs that light up with the stroke of a button for night cooking.

Pros Cons
Large kitchen area Heavyweight
Fuel level indicator for simple monitoring There are a lot of bells and whistles, which might be perplexing for first-time customers.
Materials are of the highest quality.  
For exact application, several burners are used.  
It’s simple to use and has a lot of storage options.  



Weber 62006001 Genesis II S-435 4-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Weber Genesis is another another Weber gas barbecue with exceptional features and performance. It comes with four stainless-steel high-performance burners for further versatility and flexibility. It also features one side burner and one sear station burner, which offer ample heat for a variety of culinary tasks.

The Weber Genesis offers a large cooking surface of 844 square inches, as well as a tuck-away warming rack. It may be used with the iGrill 3 temperature monitoring system. The iGrill 3 will help you keep track of your meals from start to finish and will alert you when it reaches the correct temperature.

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This propane barbecue keeps its heat for a long time. Weber Genesis includes strong stainless rod cooking grates with a diameter of 7mm that provide excellent heat retention. It includes a big enclosed storage system that can hold all of the necessary tools. The fuel gauge also makes it simple to keep track of the gasoline level. 

Pros Cons

Heat retention is exceptional.


Sturdy construction of premium quality

For beginner users, the burner control is a little confusing.

A temperature monitoring system is included.

Four high-performance Burners made of stainless steel  
Large kitchen area  



Weber, Orange 51190001 Q1200 Portable Propane Grill

While Weber offers a variety of outdoor grills, the Weber Q1200 is the company’s most portable and affordable model. This device can accommodate up to three persons at a time. It comes fully constructed and ready to use straight out of the box for speedier cooking.

It has an electrical ignition mechanism that is simple to use. With the infinite control burner valve settings, you also have complete control over the heat. It runs on LP canisters that are thrown away.

The cast aluminum construction of this portable gas grill ensures longevity and Heat is distributed evenly.. The cook box’s form also allows for optimal air circulation for even heating. It also has huge side fold-out tables that may be used for prep work while cooking.

Pros Cons
Sturdy and long-lasting construction The LP cylinder is not included.

Proper air circulation ensures that heat is distributed evenly.

Cooking space is limited.
Lightweight and portable  
Relatively Inexpensive  
Easy-to-start electronic ignition  


Char-Broil 463377319 4-Burner Cart Style LP Gas Grill

For individuals that like to have a lot of family BBQs, the Char-Broil Cart Style Grill is another great propane grill alternative. This gas grill type has a distinctive stainless-steel finish for added beauty and durability without the high price tag.

It boasts a dependable electric ignition that rapidly heats up the grill to get those burgers ready for the hungry throng. With the two stainless steel side shelves, you’ll have plenty of prep room. One of the side shelves has a side burner, which may be used to prepare side dishes while grilling.

The 425-square-inch cooking surface of the Char-Broil grill is big enough to cook 20 burgers at once. The main cooking surface is 23 inches broad and 18.5 inches deep, with four high-performance burners. Grates made of porcelain cast iron will endure a long time and are simple to clean.

It also comes with a 150-square-inch swing-away warming rack that may be used as a secondary cooking surface for side or low-temperature meals. The temperature gauge on the lid allows for simple temperature control. 

Pros Cons

Cleaning is simple, and it’s mobile.

It’s a heavyweight.

Temperature gauge on the lid

It’s a bit difficult to utilize.

Stainless steel for long-term use and dependability

Quick start-up and easy ignition  
Heat is distributed evenly.  



Char-Broil Classic 360 Classic 3-Burner LP Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Classic 360 is a smaller version of the four-burner Char-Broil gas grill mentioned above. This is a wonderful grill if you don’t need to serve a large group, have a little outside area, or are on a budget. Despite its modest size, it features a big cooking surface of 360 square inches, which is adequate for 15 burgers.

For further longevity, this cooking area is situated above porcelain-coated grates. For added safety, the Char-Broil Classic 360 comes with a 17-square-inch porcelain-coated swing-away rack. It also comes with metal side shelves for additional storage and prep space. It’s simple to transport the grill to anywhere you want to cook.

With the introduction of a Piezo ignition, the Char-Broil Classic 360 boasts a quick and effortless burner starter. With a simple push-button, the Piezo ignition mechanism is simple to use. While the materials used aren’t as durable as those used on other barbecues, the price range makes it an excellent first grill for homeowners.

Pros Cons

Easy-to-use Piezo ignition system

UnHeat is distributed evenly.

With plenty of cooking area, it’s portable.

materials of a lesser quality

Controls the temperature from high to low.


Burners made of stainless steel





Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill for RV Camping

I’m sure you’ve seen this grill at a campsite if you’ve ever visited an RV campground or a state or national park. It is the definition of portability, with its scissor action fold-up design and wide grilling area. Within its compact dimensions, this grill features an astounding 285 square inches of cooking area.

The Coleman includes three independently regulated burners, allowing you to cook several foods at various temperatures, and the push button ignition allows for speedy start-up. It comes standard with porcelain-coated cast iron grates, but separate griddle and stove grates may be added to make this grill even more useful at a campsite.

The side shelves offer convenient prep storage when cooking and slide under the grill for transferring the unit, resulting in a reduced footprint for storage in an RV. While being kept horizontally or vertically, the locking lid keeps everything together so there are no messes.

Pros Cons

On the lid is a built-in thermometer.


Foldable design for portability


Cooking grates that can be swapped out


Start with a push of a button


3 burners, each with its own control.  



Blackstone 28-inch Outdoor Griddle Station with Flat Top Propane Gas Grill

In recent years, flat-topped griddles for outdoor cooking have grown in popularity. They stand out from other grills since they can cook little food items that won’t fall through the grates. If you don’t want your kitchen to become too hot in the summer, cook everything on this Blackstone grill outdoors.

The Blackstone gas grill is a professional-grade barbecue designed for use in the backyard. It includes a massive 470 square inch flat top griddle with four independently controlled stainless steel H burners. The different burners provide you the option of feeding a big gathering or simply your family.

This gas BBQ grill has a side shelf for prep items or cooking tools, as well as a bottom shelf for additional storage. It’s also lightweight and portable, having two lockable caster wheels that allow you to carry it anywhere you need it.

This grill is capable of cooking not just hotdogs and hamburgers, but also eggs, bacon, and pancakes in the morning. How about grilled vegetables and chicken teppanyaki inspired by Japanese cuisine? Mexican fajitas are another option. The possibilities for what this barbecue can cook are almost limitless.

My buddy has the countertop version, which she uses on her concrete countertops that I constructed. She has a fantastic outdoor gas grill, but owing of its adaptability, she prefers to utilize the Blackstone for her outside meals.

Pros Cons

It’s simple to clean and relocate.


Stability is ensured by a secure foothold.

There are four heat zones that may be adjusted.


Surface for grilling that is unique

Large kitchen area  


Following your purchase of a BBQ gas grill, we’ve compiled a list of accessories that will make cooking simpler and keep your grill protected from the weather.


Heavy-Duty Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover


Cuisenart 20-Piece Grill Set

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Is it better to buy a charcoal or gas grill?

The decision between a charcoal barbecue and a gas grill is a personal one, based on personal taste. When compared to a charcoal grill, a gas grill is simpler to operate and provides higher cooking performance. It is, however, more costly to purchase and maintain.

What happens if you get a gas grill wet?

It is almost hard to keep your gas barbecue completely dry. However, if your gas grill is from a reputable manufacturer and has a rust-resistant coating, you shouldn’t be concerned.

Is it OK to leave the propane tank connected to the grill?

It’s a good idea to keep the propane tank linked to the grill so you don’t have to worry about installing it every time you want to use it. If you leave it connected, make sure you correctly switch off the grill after each use and that your gas is turned off at the tank.

Is grilling better for you than frying?

Grilling is undoubtedly healthier than frying since the fat level is lowered by not using oil. 

Is it possible to cook bacon on a gas grill?

Yes, you certainly can. On a good gas grill, nothing can stop you from cooking bacon.


A gas grill is a fantastic cooking equipment, especially for outdoor gatherings. You receive the ease of beginning and the ability to keep a steady temperature, exactly as you would if you were cooking in your own kitchen. Gas grills may be costly, so you want to choose the finest grill for your money that will last more than one season.

We’ve selected a variety of models that should work in a variety of circumstances. Hopefully, you’ll be able to discover one that meets your grilling requirements for the next grilling season.

Check out our Top Charcoal Grills and Top Charcoal Smokers if you’re looking for additional methods to cook in your backyard.


The “weber gas grills” are the best selling gas grills on Amazon. They are also highly rated, and come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top rated natural gas grill?

A: Weber Spirit E-210 is the best natural gas grill for quality, durability and performance. It is a top rated product with an excellent 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon from almost 400 reviews.

Where should I put my gas grill in my backyard?

A: In general, you should find a place that is not in direct sunlight and where your gas grill will be sheltered from the wind.

Which gas grill is easiest to clean?

A: Char-Broil, because it is stainless steel and doesnt have a porcelain surface.

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