Top 9 Chainsaws For Your Backyard

Chainsaws are a must-have for your backyard, but which one is the best? In order to find out, we’ve put together this list of 9 chainsaw reviews that you’ll want to check out.

The “best professional chainsaw 2021” is a top 9 list of the best chainsaws for your backyard. The article includes information on what to look for in a chainsaw and how to choose the best one for you.

To develop and maintain your preferred garden design, you’ll need the correct equipment. It is critical that these tools be simple to use and strong enough to assist you in completing different jobs efficiently.

A chainsaw is one of the most important equipment for keeping your lawn or outdoor area in order. A chainsaw has a set of teeth that are securely coupled to a revolving chain and may be electric, gas-powered, or battery-powered. For efficiency, this chain is driven by a guide bar.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of chainsaws in backyard upkeep. It’s used for a variety of operations, including tree falling, bamboo, lumbering, pruning, firewood cutting, and other comparable procedures.


Identifying the requirement for a tool for your outdoor demands is the first step; finding the finest instruments to assist you do these duties efficiently is the second. The market is flooded with many sorts of chainsaws from various manufacturers, making finding the ideal fit for you a time-consuming and laborious task.

We’ll go through the greatest chainsaws and how they can improve the value of your garden equipment. These chainsaws have the greatest features, the best quality, the best durability, and the best performance.


Chainsaws that run on gas



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Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 Gas Chainsaw is a gas chainsaw made by Husqvarna.

The Husqvarna chainsaw is one of the greatest chainsaws on the market today. This type is gas-powered and designed to cut smoothly and efficiently. The Husqvarna 130 is a smaller model designed for common household tasks like chopping tree branches and firewood.

The Husqvarna 130 has an engine that helps the chainsaw operate smoothly while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. This chainsaw is incredibly light and pleasant to handle for men or women, regardless of how many limbs need to be chopped down. It weighs little over 5 pounds. The anti-vibration technology minimizes vibration levels, making chainsaw operating more pleasant.



42cc-16 Craftsmen (2020 Model) S165 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw-16-Inch Bar and Automatic Chain Oiler-Carrying Case Included S165 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw-16-Inch Bar and Automatic Chain Oiler-Carrying Case Included

The Craftsmen S165 is a 16-inch gas chainsaw with its own set of amazing features that help it work better. The smaller model has a minimal kickback, which is ideal for those who are new to chainsaw use.

This chainsaw makes daily cutting simpler with an easy start function and an intelligently actuated chain brake that promotes operating safety.

This chainsaw is balanced, agile, and easy to use thanks to its cushioned full-wrap aluminum grip and 3-point anti-vibration system.


Poulan Pro PR4218 Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Poulan chainsaw does not only offer you a versatile chainsaw option; it is also one of the Chainsaws that run on gas with low fuel consumption. This cordless chainsaw is particularly used for various outdoor tasks, including medium-duty storm cleanup, felling of trees, and cutting firewood.

The Poulan chainsaw comes with a travel bag for ease portability, 2-stroke oil for quick maintenance, a built-in Scrench, and an additional chain, all of which work together to enhance the tool’s longevity and adaptability.

This chain saw has a 2-stroke engine with simple pull starting for quick start-up and smooth operation. The revolutionary OxyPower technology provides amazing power for smooth operation, lowers dangerous emissions for operator and environmental safety, and allows for economical fuel use. 

Because of its ergonomic design and excellent anti-vibration mechanism, it is pleasant and simple to operate. The Super Clean air filter technology extends the life of the filter, decreases fuel consumption without sacrificing power, and makes this chainsaw easier to maintain. 

Chainsaw with a Battery


Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD Chainsaw Kit is a battery-powered chainsaw.

Milwaukee chainsaw is one of the greatest chainsaws available, with features tailored to fulfill the needs of customers. It boasts a small and ergonomic design that makes it simple to use for long periods of time. It also has a comfortable grip that allows two-handed usage.

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This chainsaw has a POWERSTATE brushless motor that maximizes the power and performance of the gas engine. It also has a dual-stud design for better chain and bar retention.

One lithium-ion battery powers the Milwaukee chainsaw, providing enough power to complete a variety of cutting chores. It comes with a variable speed trigger that gives you complete control. It has REDLINK PLUS intelligence, which protects against overload and ensures optimum performance during intensive use. 


ECHO 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw with Battery

Another remarkable battery-powered chainsaw that supplies gardeners with optimum delivery is the ECHO chainsaw. This chainsaw is equipped with a powerful engine that allows for quick and effective cutting. This feature also enhances the tool’s run-time, allowing it to be used for a longer amount of time.

The ECHO chainsaw has a brushless motor, which boosts the tool’s longevity. It also has a 16-inch bar and chain, making it ideal for aggressive and large-scale cutting activities. ECHO chainsaws come with an automated oiler to ensure that the chain stays lubricated and lasts as long as possible.

A 58-Volt 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery and a 58-Volt lithium-ion charger are included in this battery-powered chainsaw to give the ideal power input combination. The operator’s safety is ensured by the incorporation of an inertia chain brake that quickly stops the chain rotation. 



DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw Kit, 12-Inch, 5-Ah Battery (DCCS620P1)

The DEWALT FLEXVOLT DCCS620P1 is another battery-powered chainsaw that has been designed to provide optimum comfort and efficiency. With a 12 inch chain, this chainsaw is ideal for modest projects in the backyard. On a 4′′ × 4′′ treated pine board, it utilizes a single lithium-ion, 5-Ah battery that can handle up to 90 cuts per charge.

Because it has a tool-free chain tensioning and bar tightening knob, this battery-powered chainsaw will provide correct bar clamping force. This feature, together with the other chainsaw power configurations, ensures that it is ideal for a wide range of outdoor and construction cutting tasks.

Operator Features that ensure safety include minimal kickbacks and chain brakes on the DEWALT FLEXVOLT DCCS620P1. Its lightweight and ergonomic design makes it simple to use for efficient applications and distribution.


Makita XCU03PT1 Cordless Chainsaw Makita XCU03PT1 Cordless Chainsaw Makita XCU03PT1 Cordless Chainsaw Makit

Makita chainsaws are well-known for their creative construction. The Makita BL brushless motor technology in this cordless chainsaw provides excellent power efficiency. To optimize cutting performance, the power and motor design enable for variable speed operation with a trigger and a high chain speed within the ranges of 0-3940FPM.

It comes with two 18LXT lithium-ion batteries that provide enough power for effective cutting. It features a built-in LED light that turns on and off automatically, making it simple to use. When the procedure is postponed, this function turns the tool off automatically to save battery life.

Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) improves the Makita XCU03PT1’s endurance by increasing resistance to different Jobsite severe circumstances like as water and dust. Makita chainsaws are designed with the operator’s comfort in mind.

A built-in lock-off mechanism prevents the chain from being accidentally engaged. The Makita XCU03PT1 features a wide oil filling inlet that makes maintenance and oil checks simple. 

Electric Chainsaw with Cord



Electric Chainsaw with Cord: Oregon CS1500 54-026 Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil, 1 Qt

The Oregon chainsaw is a compact chainsaw with an 18-inch guide bar and a powerSharp chain. This chainsaw chain helps you cut down on downtime by allowing you to sharpen your chain in less than 3 seconds directly on the saw. It has a 15-amp, 120-volt, 60-cycle motor with a no-load chain speed of 2888 FPM.

It features an immediate start feature that allows you to get started straight away. It has a built-in Lubri-Tec oiling system that keeps your tool lubricated at all times. You won’t have to worry about building the tool since it arrives virtually totally pre-assembled.

The low-noise operating option on the Oregon chainsaw allows you to make quiet cuts, which improves the operator’s comfort. The addition of a chain brake enhances operational safety. For longer handling, it boasts an ergonomic design with an over-mold comfort handle. 

For increased convenience, this pack includes bar and chain oil.


Greenworks 20332 18-Inch Corded Chainsaw 14.5 Amp

This chainsaw with an 18-inch bar and chain can chop branches up to 34 inches in diameter. At least, that’s what the manufacturer claims; nevertheless, I’m not sure you should do it since such a large limb requires a lot of ability for a novice.

The benefit of a corded unit is that it never has to be primed, choked, or pulled to start. It’s comparable to the Oregon model, but only has 14.5 amps.


You may buy additional attachments to improve the performance of your chainsaw if you want to get the most out of it. The following are some of the greatest accessories for improving the performance of your chainsaw.


Chainsaw Safety Protective Helmet With Visor Combo Set, Oregon 563474

Carrying Case for Husqvarna Chainsaw


Chainsaw Safety Chaps by FORESTER


Vgo Saw Protection 1-Pair Work Gloves

Most Commonly Asked Questions

When purchasing a chainsaw, what should I check for?

Some important considerations might assist you in selecting the finest chain saw. These elements include:

  • Length of guide bar
  • Type of power Engine power (gas or electric)
  • Features that ensure safety
  • Weight
  • Feature of lubrication
  • Sharpness of chain and teeth

What’s the greatest chainsaw for less than $200?

Chainsaws from many brands, such as CRAFTSMAN, WEN, Oregon, Poulan, Greenworks, and several DEWALT, Husqvarna, and Makita models, are among the finest chainsaws under $200.

What is the optimal chainsaw size?

As long as it does not impede the chainsaw’s operation, it is better if it is portable and simple to use. A chainsaw that is approximately 2′′ longer than the material you intend to cut is ideal. For example, if the branch you wish to chop is 8 inches long, an optimum chainsaw blade length is 10 inches.

What are the signs that a chainsaw bar is worn out?

When your chainsaw bar loses its cutting capacity, you know it’s worn out. A basic straight edge test may be used to determine whether the chain saw bar is entirely worn out.

Is it possible to overtighten a chainsaw chain?

Yes, if you overdrill the tension screw, you may overtighten the chainsaw. It will also be useful to know how to measure the chain to ensure that the chainsaw is in good operating order and is properly tightened.

When sharpening a chainsaw, what angle do you use?

The ideal angle for sharpening a chainsaw depends on the chain type. STIHL saw chains are sharpened at a 30 degree angle in most cases.


The importance of chainsaws in backyard maintenance cannot be overstated. It’s one of the few outdoor power tools that can make things easy.

It comes in handy for pruning, trimming, cutting, and other yard maintenance tasks. To do these jobs with ease, you must utilize the finest chainsaws, which we have listed above. You may also use several accessories in conjunction with it to improve its efficiency, longevity, and, most importantly, safety.

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The “best chainsaw for the money” is a tool that is used to cut down trees and other large objects. There are many different types of chainsaws for every type of user.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most reliable chainsaw on the market?

A: The most reliable chainsaw on the market is a Husqvarna 450XP Professional Chainsaw.

What is a professional grade chainsaw?

A: A professional grade chainsaw is a high-quality, mid to large size gas powered saw that can perform multiple functions. These types of saws are used for various applications in which they have superior power and durability relative to their weight as well as an exceptional balance between performance and price.

What is the number 1 chainsaw?

A: The number one chainsaw is the Husqvarna Viking Bladeless Chainsaw (the first commercial bladeless chainsaws).

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