Top 9 Firewood Racks For Your Backyard

For those of you who are considering a wood burning fire pit, here is the list of top 10 best racks to get your back yard ready for fall. From large space-saving options to more traditional styles, there will be something to fit any backyard.

The “best indoor firewood rack” is a product that allows users to have a place to store their firewood. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Winter not only brings the cold, but it also necessitates the building of a fire to stay warm. Whether you’re lighting a fire indoors, outdoors, or both, you’ll need a place to keep your firewood. Given that most of the available wood outside at that time would be either too wet or frozen to use, having an adequate quantity on hand is critical.


This article is about how a good firewood rack may help you store your wood in a convenient location that is simple to reach and keeps your wood dry. The goal is to locate the greatest firewood rack on the market.

Materials, durability, size, capacity, and weather resistance are among the fundamental characteristics that have been used to curate and choose the goods on this list.


Now that these important factors have been identified, it’s time to look at 9 of the finest firewood racks available for purchase online.




Landmann 82443 Covered Firewood Rack

Up to 2/3 face cord of firewood may be stored in the Landmann heavy duty 8′ firewood rack. Firewood may be stored in the shed, garage, or backyard. Made of tubular steel with a black waterproof powder coat finish, it’s strong and long-lasting. It allows you to store firewood neatly off the ground. Protect your firewood from the ground’s moisture.

This firewood holder is constructed of durable steel and is simple to assemble. In the package, you’ll find a complimentary cover. Your perfect log storage system is rust resistant in any hot, cold, warm, wet, or dry environment thanks to the black powder-coat on the robust tubular steel frame.

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With common tools, it’s simple to put together. If you want more firewood storage, Simply add a third rack. Do you need less? Remove a part of the log rack to fit the area properly in minutes. This firewood rack is made of strong grade 18 gauge tubular steel and was designed with practicality and longevity in mind. 


Keep your neatly placed firewood off the ground and away from insects and dampness with three linked log rails for added strength.



Bracket Kit for Mofeez Firewood Storage Rack

This fireplace log holder is made of good, strong cast iron, so there are no sharp edges, and the welds are even and attractive, giving it a well-made appearance.

When compared to bare iron, this firewood storage rack is rust resistant and has been coated with electrostatic powder coated paint, which adds an extra layer of protection against the weather.

The provided brackets enable for customized board dimension cuts. This gives you the option of customizing the size of your rack.



Firewood Rack by Amagabeli

This space-saving vertical firewood log rack with tool holders is ideal for your home’s fireplace or outdoor fire pit, and can be fully stocked with a bundle of firewood, hooks for all of your fireside tools, and a steel shelf beneath the wood rack for fire starters, kindling, or additional firewood.

The Fireplace Tool Set conveniently stores your firewood and equipment in one attractive location. This kit includes everything you’ll need to create a well-organized and appealing fireplace.

The wood rack is composed of robust steel square tubing that has been powder coated black to guarantee its strength and longevity both inside and out.

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The substantial metal stand makes a solid frame, with plenty of area for your fuel on its 14.17inch by 11.8inch square base. Wind flow is allowed to keep the 2in elevated base above ground dry.

The stand’s integrated hooks make it easy to hang the accompanying tongs, poker, broom, and shovel for safe and easy fire maintenance. The stand’s two arching bars lend curves to the dramatic unit, and a stepped accent at the top of each leg completes the design.




This firewood storage rack is made up of three sections that are simple to put together. All you have to do now is slot them in place. There are no screws required for installation. The firewood container is big enough to accommodate a fuel pile for a log inside, while also helping to keep your house warm throughout the winter months.

The unusual Deer form design is not only lovely, but it is also one of a kind, since it is the only one on the site. It’s not only a useful freestanding firewood rack, but it’s also a lovely piece of art for your home.

This vertical firewood log holder is made of solid steel and finished with a black coating. It is a little heavier than some of the other goods on our list, but it is very stable and long-lasting. When it’s completely loaded, there’s no need to be concerned about it tipping over. This product is anticipated to endure for many years to come.

It’s made in a practical way: Wind may flow through the 2′′ elevated base above ground, keeping the wood dry. The bottom’s curved slab shape prevents wood residue/mess from falling to the ground; 4 Screw nuts on the bottoms of the legs to protect your floor from scratches, and you may also use the nuts to change the flatness or height of the whole rack.



Firewood Log Hoop by Goplus

This firewood rack, which can be used both inside and outdoors, is a genuine eye-catcher. The huge hoop form hides how useful it is: this firewood rack holds 1/4 cord of wood in a continuous manner, ensuring that your interior or outdoor fire lasts all night. The A-shaped structure created by the unique double-ring design makes this firewood hoop highly sturdy.

This elegant log holder will not only add to the overall ambience of your house, but it will also earn you praises and appreciation from your visitors. With its innovative design and convenience of use in mind, this firewood holding wood rack combines flair and usefulness to your home.

The Goplus Log Hoop adds that fashionable designer touch that will leave your visitors in wonder, whether you have a fireplace, firepit, or just a passion for distinctive home décor that provides a pleasant and intimate ambiance. 



17-inch PHI VILLA Small Decorative Log Rack

This heavy-duty firewood rack is ideal for use on the back porch, in backyard fire pits, beneath eaves, in the woodshed, and in the family room. With this log rack, you may stack the wood neatly over the ground, and the wood holds firewood keeps the wood dry and clean.

This log rack is highly durable and rust-free, thanks to its enhanced steel structure and powder coated finish.

This compact interior log holder design makes it much easier to store some wood. A set of thorough instructions is given, ensuring that the whole construction procedure is simple to follow.

This firewood container is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor usage and may be used for a long time. This firewood holder is significantly more substantial and strong than others due to its thicker steel tube, greater diameter, and double powder-coated finish design. It is very long-lasting, and its superior quality assures that it can support up to 150 pounds of wood.



Firewood Rack for the Garden

With a width of 2 feet and a height of 2 feet, the firewood holder can carry enough of firewood for many hours. The wood rack is constructed of robust steel square tubing that has been powder coated black to guarantee its strength and longevity both inside and out.

Classic Diamond finials are combined with arched ends to provide a stylish yet functional firewood storage solution. Your perfect log storage system is rust resistant in any hot, cold, warm, wet, or dry environment thanks to the black powder-coat on the robust tubular steel frame.



DOEWORKS Steel Firewood Rack, 17 Inch

The most elegant & durable firewood log holder for Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace set for you! Decorative log holders like this one is a wonderful place to store your firewood whether placed on the patio, in the yard or indoors near the fireplace. You get a solid construction which makes the log stand could firmly withstand a large amount of logs, and which could be used for long.

It’s the ideal option for a nice evening spent talking by the fireside or grilling out in the yard with family and friends. You have a circular hole with an elliptical hole placed on the top end. The elliptical hole on the fireplace log holder is meant to let you to alter the hole’s location for a more secure log rack.

The wood holding rack is composed of heavy-gauge steel with a graphite powder-coated finish that resists corrosion. What might have been a regular log holding rack gains timeless beauty thanks to a stylish and functional design and fine workmanship. 



Heavy-Duty Firewood Rack by PHI VILLA

You receive a thick steel tube construction with a larger diameter and a double powder-coated finish, making it much more strong and durable than other log holders. For more than 5 years, it provides a robust corrosion resistance. The log rack, which can hold and store around 1/4 cord of firewood, is reinforced with I Beams to keep it firm and durable.

This firewood rack assembly comes complete with all hardware and a full instructions. This firewood holder is ideal for storing, drying, and displaying firewood. Depending on your patio design, it may be installed on a porch, deck, under eaves, or on a patio.

The stainless steel outdoor firewood storage is exceptionally sturdy and corrosion resistant, with an ultra-tough powder coat surface. You don’t have to worry about it rusting in the rain, snow, or water.

Save space by stacking wood in your yard, which not only looks nice but also allows your wood to breathe.

If you want to build a log rack, you’ll most likely need these as well:

Firewood Carrier Made of Canvas

Log Cart for Firewood

8-foot Waterproof Log Rack Cover

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is the most efficient method of storing firewood?

It’s critical that the sides be mainly open to the air. When a wood pile is entirely covered, the moisture is retained by the cover, which the wood absorbs and burns much like green wood.

If you buy seasoned wood, keep it off the ground by covering it with a top cover. It may also be kept in a shed with open sides, a lean-to, or any other open structure.

Is it permissible to keep firewood indoors?

Firewood should never be kept inside, whether in a garage, basement, or house. This is due to the possibility of insects emerging from the firewood and taking up home inside the building. The firewood pile may also serve as a perfect home for bug pests as well as animals such as rats.

In a garage, how do you dry firewood?

Before bringing in the wood, inspect it. You don’t want to bring in any wood that shows symptoms of pests or decay since it might spread to the pile of firewood you already have. It might also result in a pest invasion.

The sort of insecticides you use should be carefully considered. It’s important to pay attention to what you spray on the wood if you want to get rid of bugs or reduce the risks of pests. It’s worth noting that whatever is sprayed on the wood will vaporize when it’s burned. 

Before storing the wood, make sure it’s completely dry.

Wet wood will not burn properly, and if you keep it in the garage before it has fully dried, it will likely remain wet unless your garage is heated.

When you leave firewood out in the sun for a while before bringing it inside the garage, it typically dries up faster. Garage door insulation may help prevent dampness in the garage.

Stack your firewood against an empty wall if you have one. Simply ensure that the floor is level in order for the wood rows to stay upright. Your stacks should not exceed 4 feet in height. Any higher and the timber may become unstable, posing a safety hazard.

After all, you don’t want your wood piles to topple over and damage anything in the garage or perhaps injure someone. Maintain a few inches of clearance between the stacks and the garage wall to enable air to circulate freely through the wood.

Keep it out of the path of any possible fire threats.

Because firewood is supposed to be burned, the last thing you want to do is store it in an area of your garage where it may catch fire.

Is it necessary to cover my firewood with a tarp?

Covering your firewood with a tarp is the most efficient method to store it. Place the tarp on top of the wood after it has been piled. About the top of the stack should be covered, with the tarp covering only an inch or two of the stack. The sides of the stack should not be covered since ventilation is necessary for the wood to dry out.

Is firewood a termite magnet?

Termites are attracted to firewood, which is why you should stack it 20 yards away from your house and at least 5 inches above the ground.

Will a pile of firewood dry out?

It is true that firewood may be dried in a pile. It is a much more efficient method of storing firewood and preventing decay. Check out our other articles to learn whether a chiminea may be placed on a wooden deck, when fire pits go on sale, and what you can put in the bottom of your fire pit.


The “outdoor firewood storage ideas” is a product that can help you store your firewood. The racks are made of steel and come in various sizes to accommodate the size of your yard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big should a firewood rack be?

A: This is an impossible question to answer, as the size will depend on your individual needs. However, you should make sure that it can fit in a good-sized fire place and provide enough space for all of them.

How much wood does an 8 foot rack hold?

A: An 8 foot rack will hold approximately 2,000 pounds of books.

How do you build a firewood storage rack?

  • woodhaven firewood rack
  • outdoor firewood racks
  • small outdoor firewood rack
  • tractor supply firewood rack
  • home depot firewood rack
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