Top Charcoal Barbeque Grills

This list ranks charcoal barbeque grill manufacturers. These grills are the most popular in North America because of their low cost and superior cooking performance, making them a go-to for weekend cookouts or family mealtime. No matter where you live, these units will allow you to enjoy your summer season with ease.

The “best charcoal grill consumer reports” is a website that provides reviews of charcoal grills. It gives an overview of the top 10 best charcoal grills, how they rank in different categories and what people like about them.

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You’re probably eager to fire up the grill, crack open a cold one, and enjoy a well-deserved supper after working hard all morning in your backyard. Your grilling experience will be enhanced if you have a superb charcoal barbecue grill.

Charcoal barbeque grills are the most basic sort of BBQ grill, using just charcoal for fuel. Because the grill does not need gas or electricity to operate, it may be used almost anyplace.

Primary cooking functions are included on all charcoal barbecues. A bottom grate for charcoal, wood, or other fuel, and a top grate for your meal. There will be vents all around the grill to assist keep the temperature where you want it.


We prefer charcoal cooking above all other methods of grilling and have used several of the grills listed below. We’ll go through the many kinds of charcoal barbecue grills and which ones we suggest based on customer feedback.


Charcoal Grills Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

To help you make the best decision on which grill to buy, it makes sense to describe the different Charcoal Grills Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes. How you plan on using your charcoal grill will help determine which type of grill works best in your situation.

Grilling Kettles

This barbecue may be seen in many households around the nation. It’s a traditional spherical metal grill with a distinct top and bottom on legs, as well as a bottom and top grate with heat vents. Because of its simple design and good heat distribution for uniform grilling, this type has remained popular since the 1950s.

This grill is ideal for serving up to six people and is best used in a backyard with limited space. The following are some of the most common kettle grills.


Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill by Weber

The Weber Kettle Grill is the quintessential charcoal kettle grill. It includes a temperature gauge installed on the top that allows you to keep track of the temperature within your grill. It also has a huge rust-proof damper that opens to release heat and shuts to raise the cooking temperature.


With a 363 square inch cooking space, the Char-Broil Charcoal Barbecue Grill can accommodate 13 burgers. The movable steel grate makes it easy to add charcoal without disturbing the meal. The porcelain enameled lid is equipped with a hook that allows it to be simply hung on the side of the grill, keeping it off the ground. It also features a little shield to protect your hand from burning, which is a really useful feature.

With a large capacity ash collector integrated into the grill bottom that is readily removed for rapid disposal, this charcoal grill type makes cleaning a breeze. The steel legs and robust wheels make moving the barbecue around your garden a breeze.

Pros Cons
Transport and storage are made simple. Cooking space is limited.
Legs made of steel for further stability  No handle
Ash collection and disposal that is easily accessible  
Grill crate that won’t rust  
Comfortable temperature monitoring and management with a lid-mounted gauge  

Barrel Grill is a restaurant that specializes on barbecue.

A Barrel Grill is a restaurant that specializes on barbecue. in it’s most simplistic form is a 55 gallon barrel split into two with legs installed on the bottom. Newer Barrel Grill is a restaurant that specializes on barbecue.s may not be as large as a 55 gallon barrel but it still looks the same. These type of grills work in the same manner as the Grilling Kettles but hold a lot more food to feed a larger crowd.

These grills are great for backyard parties and if you plan on feeding a lot of people on a regular basis. Many Barrel Grill is a restaurant that specializes on barbecue.s also double as smokers with a smaller offset barrel to hold the wood. They come on a cart with legs and wheels to move around easy and side tables for easier food prep.


Outlaw Charcoal Grill by Char-Griller

If you want a large cooking space with total control over your cooking processes, then the Outlaw Charcoal Grill by Char-Griller is the grill for you. It has a total of 950 square inch cooking capacity with 725 sq. inch large primary grilling grate and 225 sq. inch warming rack. This grill can cook up to 38 burgers at once to feed a huge backyard party.

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Despite the broad area of this grill, it ensures a proper airflow with specialized air vents and adjustable height fire grate. Outlaw Charcoal Grill by Char-Griller made of powder coated heavy duty steel includes a heavy-duty lid that consists of a professional thermometer for accurate temperature readings and handle for easy lifting.

Pros Cons
Relatively inexpensive Box flaking is a possibility.
Buildup that is resistant to heat You may need a big amount of room for its usage and storage.
Large work and storage areas are available.  
Cleaning up is a breeze.  
Temperature gauge that is simple to read  

“Kamado” Ceramic Grill

In Asia, these kind of cookers have been around for about 3000 years. Metal grills lose heat faster than ceramic grills. They will also last a lifetime if properly cared for, since they will not corrode like metal grills. They have an egg form to them, with the bottom being longer and larger than the opening top.

They’re ideal for smoking meats for lengthy periods of time since they hold heat better. They come with numerous vents to adjust the heat and may be used with charcoal or wood depending on what you’re cooking. They are some of the greatest grills for grilling and smoking on the market today.

The most significant disadvantages are the cost and weight. Depending on the size and features, they may cost well over $1000 or even more. They’re also a lot heavier than a metal grill, making them tough to move about.

The Big Green Egg is a kind of barbecue grill.


The The Big Green Egg is a kind of barbecue grill. is what everyone thinks of when you say Kamado or Ceramic Grill. It is the original and still the best ceramic grill you can purchase. This is a grill that can be handed down several generations due to its quality ceramic build and comes with a Warranty is limited to a lifetime..

If you want to grill, smoke, or even use as a brick oven for pizza, this is the grill to have. Because of its ceramic qualities, this grill can be lighted in minutes, much like a gas grill, and its innovative airflow systems can maintain constant temperatures. Due to its heat retention qualities, it may even be used in the lowest outdoor conditions, allowing for grilling in the winter.

The giant egg, which can accommodate up to 8 steaks or 12 burgers at once, is the most popular size. It weights 162 pounds and has a cooking surface of 262 square inches. There are seven various sizes of eggs available, each with a variety of attachments to choose from, providing you the most possibilities for your grilling requirements.

This grill can do it all, and it does it better than the competition. You can’t go wrong with this grill if you want a low-maintenance grill that can cook a broad range of dishes. You’ll pay a steep price for this superior adaptability, since this is one of the most expensive barbecues on the market.

Pros Cons
The body is made entirely of ceramic. Extremely costly
Heat retention at its best Weight
Warranty is limited to a lifetime.  
Grills, smokes, and may be used as a pizza oven.  

Grills for Charcoal on the Go

Smaller, Grills for Charcoal on the Go are great for camping or tailgating at the big game. These grills are lightweight and compact which makes them easy to transport from place to place. They can come in round or rectangle shapes and some even fold up making storage a breeze.

The majority of them contain the same grilling elements, such as a bottom grate for holding charcoal and a top grate for holding food. We’ll show you the one we like most below.


Smokey Joe Weber

Smokey Joe Weber is one of the most Grills for Charcoal on the Go you will come across. Built with a cast aluminum lid, rust-proof vent, and porcelain enameled metal body, this weber charcoal grill is perfect for picnics or grilling on the beach.

Despite its mobility, the Smokey Joe barbecue has features that make it easier to operate. It contains a carrying handle for convenience, as well as a Tuck-N-Carry cover that enables you to keep the lid on the side of the grill rather than on the ground.

Smokey Joe Weber is built to last with its rust-resistant aluminum dampers. The dampers allow easy control of the temperature inside the grill. This feature enables you to optimize the temperature to suit specific cooking and grilling needs.

This device is pretty simple to set up. It comes nearly totally pre-assembled, in addition to an instruction manual.

Pros Cons
Lightweight and portable Cooking space is limited.
Temperature management is simple. After prolonged usage, the enamel covering might become crumbly.
Appropriate for small spaces pricey compared to other portable grills
Lids with a Tuck-N-Carry system  


Esbit Charcoal BBQ Grill (Portable Folding)

One of the top features of this charcoal grill is its adjustability. Esbit Charcoal BBQ Grill (Portable Folding) has adjustable height features that allow you to adjust the model up to three levels to suit specific applications.

The stainless-steel construction of the Esbit Charcoal BBQ Grill (Portable Folding) ensures its long-term durability and allows extensive use. It has a Handle that can be removed for easy carriage and easy storage. It also comes with a nylon carry bag with a convenient shoulder strap to make carrying it around easier.

Esbit Charcoal BBQ Grill (Portable Folding) uses both wood and charcoal which allows flexibility in its energy source. The three adjustable heights also regulate the heat; thus, influencing the diversity of the type of food it can make.

This charcoal grill’s construction incorporates four corner supports for further stability. When not in use, the model may be folded for simple storage and transportation. 

Pros Cons
Options for height modification on three levels Heat may be radiated by exposed coal.
Folding and transportable No cover
Grilling may be done using both wood and charcoal.  
It’s portable and comes with a carrying bag.  
Handle that can be removed  


Weber Charcoal Grills Go Anywhere

Go Anywhere, Weber With its lockable top and bottom, the Charcoal Barbecue is a perfect grill to take camping. The locking component slips over the top and serves as both legs and a locking function. Transport is made simple by the attached carrying handles, which are neatly situated on each side and top.

The grilling surface is 160 square inches, which is large enough to fit 6 burgers. To promote appropriate air circulation throughout the grill, it incorporates two ventilation holes on the top. To avoid corrosion and flaking, it’s made of porcelain enameled steel.

This barbecue fits neatly in the trunk of a vehicle or in the outside storage compartment of an RV. When we were RVing, we utilized a comparable model. We liked being able to lock everything up to keep our RV compartment clean and tidy.

Pros Cons
It is highly cost effective. There is no way to keep track of the temperature.
With a locking cover, it’s small and portable.  
Grilling surface is big and lightweight.  
Buildup of heat resistance  
Setup is simple.  

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What’s the best method to start a charcoal grill?

We created a full essay on how to light charcoal, but in a nutshell, a chimney starter is the simplest and quickest method to ignite a charcoal barbecue.

What foods go well on a charcoal grill?

The correct charcoal barbecue may be used to cook both quickly grilled and slowly smoked dishes. BBQ pulled pork, hot dogs, smoked baby back ribs, grilled chicken, smoked turkey, pork chops, and, of course, burgers are just a few of the options.

Before you cook, how long do you let the charcoal burn?

The amount of time it takes for charcoal to burn before cooking can begin varies. It is dependent on the kind of charcoal used and its intended use. The charcoal reaches its peak temperature in roughly 10 to 15 minutes on average.

Is it necessary to shut the lid after igniting the charcoal?

No! After igniting a charcoal grill, it is not necessary to shut the cover. Some charcoal grills don’t even have covers, yet charcoal requires enough air circulation to burn properly.

How do you maintain a charcoal fire?

To keep a charcoal fire burning, all you need is oxygen, which comes from good air movement. If part of the charcoal is already burning out, you may need to add more.

What is the average duration of a charcoal fire?

The length of a charcoal fire depends on the kind of charcoal used, the temperature at which it burns, and the quality of the material used to construct your grill.

Is it possible to add additional charcoal to the hot coals?

The simplest way to keep coal burning is to add more charcoal to it that is already burning.


Charcoal barbeque grills are suitable for a variety of outdoor cooking needs. We’ve showcased several different Charcoal Grills Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes to help you decide which works best for you. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll create many memories enjoying the time honored tradition of cooking food over fire.

To make your experience even more delightful, choose the correct charcoal barbecue grill depending on where you’ll be cooking, what you’ll be cooking, and how much you’ll be cooking.

Check out our Top Charcoal Smokers and Top Gas Grills if you’re looking for additional methods to cook in your backyard.


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