What Is a Rick of Wood?

A Rick is a piece of wood that you place a nail through and then attach the part of rope or string on the other side.

Rick of wood is a type of lumber that is cut from logs. It can be used to make many things like furniture, flooring, and more.

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If you’re inexperienced with the various sizes of wood, such as Rick of the Woods, cords, cords in half, and so on, purchasing firewood from your local provider might be intimidating. Rick of the Woods is the size of a stack of wood you may buy from your local lumberyard. This measurement helps us in determining how much wood you will get from the source.

Rick of the Woods is a four-foot-tall, eight-foot-long stack of wood with different widths based on a variety of factors. The provider, the area, and so on are examples of these components. A face cord is another name for Rick of the Woods. A rick or a face cord may have three distinct widths: 

  • 12 inches tall
  • 16 inches tall
  • 24 inches in length

Today, you’ll learn about the many sizes of wood available from your local supplier. You’ll also discover the key variations between these sizes, as well as how Rick of the Woods stands out. This guide will assist you in determining how much wood you will be purchasing with Rick of the Woods and in making financial choices on your firewood requirements.



What is the weight of Rick of the Woods?

The term “rick” is derived from the ancient English word “hrac,” according to the Oxford Dictionary. A stack or a pile is the literal meaning of this term. Originally, it was reserved for farm-related items such as:

  • Hay
  • Wood
  • Corn
  • Wood

This unit of measurement is still widely used in the Midwest for various farm-related products, but it is also used in other regions of the Northern US to measure a stack of woods.

Before we enter into the realm of wood measures, it’s important to understand what a cord of wood is. A rope of wood is a stack of wood that has the following characteristics:

  • 4 feet in height (48 inches)
  • 4 feet in width (48 inches)
  • 8 feet in length (96 inches)

Some people mistakenly believe that a cord and a rick are the same quantity of wood. This, however, is not the case. While they may seem to be the same at first look, a rick is only a piece of a whole cord.

What Is the Difference Between Rick of the Woods and a Full Cord?

What is the number of ricks in a cord of wood? Because we now know there are three main alternatives for identifying Rick of the Woods, let’s compare them to a whole cord of wood:


  • 12 inches tall wide rick will equal 1/4 of a cord of wood
  • 16 inches tall wide rick will equal 1/3 of a cord of wood
  • 24 inches in length wide rick will equal 1/2 of a cord of wood

Let’s look at these figures separately for Rick of the Woods, as the values indicated above are in relation to a whole cord:

  • The 12 in. rick will stand 4 feet tall, 1 foot wide, and 8 feet long.
  • The 16-inch rick will stand 4 feet tall, 1.33 feet wide, and 8 feet long.
  • The 24 in. rack will measure 4 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and 8 feet long.

Now that you know how much Rick of the Woods will cost you, you must also consider the breadth of a rick in order to fully comprehend the quantity of wood you will need from your local provider.

What Factors Might Affect the Size of Rick of the Woods?

Another crucial part of comprehending Rick of the Woods is realizing that the total size of Rick of the Woods is influenced by a variety of aspects and circumstances. These are some of the elements:

  • Region
  • Supplier
  • The wood species
  • The length

This is why you should do extensive research before selecting a provider for your wood requirements. You may not be able to find the same quantity of wood in the same size all around the nation. The quantity of wood varies from vendor to vendor or area to region, so you’ll need to figure out how much wood you’ll need before buying a rick.

How much does Rick of the Woods weigh in total?

A rick of superior-quality and high-end firewood will weigh almost 2.5 tons or 5,500 pounds on average. This is the average weight of high-end firewood, such as red or white oak. 

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Low-quality timber or spruces, on the other hand, will weigh roughly 1.25 tons or 2,500 pounds for Rick of the Woods. One thing to keep in mind is that the weight of Rick of the Woods is proportional to the quantity of wood you are receiving. Because the quantity of wood varies by location, the high-end firewood should weigh between 2,750 and 5,500 pounds, while the low-end wood should weigh between 625 and 2,500 pounds.

What Is the Average Number of Pieces in Rick of the Woods?

A whole cord of wood typically contains 550 to 650 distinct pieces of seasoned wood, depending on the location. Again, this is dependent on a variety of factors, with the construction of the stack being one of the most critical factors in determining the number of pieces in a complete cord or rick of wood. 

So, if a complete cord of wood has 550 to 650 various pieces of split seasoned wood, Rick of the Woods should have 250 to 350 different pieces of wood. This varies from seller to vendor, but on average, Rick of the Woods has 250 to 350 distinct pieces.

What Will Rick of the Woods Set You Back?

The overall cost will be determined by a number of variables, including:

  • The wood’s quality
  • The wood species
  • The seller
  • The area is

On average, Rick of the Woods for high-end firewood will cost you around $150 and $250. Moreover, Rick of the Woods for low-end spruces and wood will cost you around $80 to $120. This price doesn’t include the delivery charges, as those will depend on the miles from The seller to your place.

A delivery cost of USD 1 to USD 2 per mile is charged by certain suppliers. On the other hand, there are a few merchants in the area that will provide free delivery for a certain number of miles. You may either request delivery or load the whole rick of wood into your pickup truck and transport it home in three to four journeys.

What Is the Background of the Terms Cord and Rick?

The first thing to realize is that a complete and full cord of wood is essentially a stack of wood with the following dimensions: 

  • 8-foot-wide
  • Height: 4 feet 
  • depth of 4 feet

A whole cord of firewood has a volume of about 128 cubic feet. Cord has its origins in the 17th century, when lumberjacks would cut and store wood in the shape of stacks, and they would tie the stacks together with rope cords to keep them in place. 

The phrase has been commonly used for wood measuring over the previous four centuries, and it generally indicates a complete stack of wood. It has now evolved into a universal measuring system for all sorts of wood.

Before you even consider purchasing a complete cord of wood, keep in mind that it is a substantial amount of wood. Getting a cord of wood from the lumberjacks to your property might often take more than three or four journeys. Furthermore, one cord of wood will endure for many months. As a result, before you go out and purchase a cord of wood, you should think about what you need.

Other terminology for wood measuring are essentially various versions of the word “cord.” These are some of the terms:

  • Cords are completely full.
  • Cords on the face
  • cords in half
  • Rick of the Woods

Now you know why a cord is the most often used measurement for wood. The word “rick,” on the other hand, has a distinct history. According to some historians, the name rick came up as a result of various company owners and wood merchants wanting a separate title for the face rope. 

This requirement emerged as a result of the majority of people misunderstanding a face chord with the entire cord and complained about receiving less wood than was necessary. As a result, wood dealers and business owners coined the word rick and began using it as a unit of measurement for anything less than a cord of wood.

How many Ricks do you think you’ll need?

The number of ricks necessary is entirely dependent on the quantity of wood required for your specific needs. You’ll only need one rick if you simply want to keep your home warm for one winter. 

A single rick is one-third the size of a whole cord and will last you at least one winter. This implies it may easily go beyond four months. You should also think about the wood’s quality. 

You’ll only need one rick if you use green or red firewood or a high grade oak. If you choose low-quality spruces and inferior timber, however, you will need a rick, a half rick, or more than one rick. Some folks purchase two to three ricks of low-quality spruce to endure one winter. 

There will be no substantial pricing difference between the various types of wood. For lower-quality firewood, you’ll need more than one rick; for higher-quality firewood, you’ll only need one rick.

How Can You Choose the Best Wood Quality for Rick of the Woods?

The quality of the wood is one of the most significant considerations when purchasing a rick of firewood. Make sure you’re getting hardwood or softwood that has been adequately seasoned and is ready to burn right away. 

It’s a whole different thing if you purchase green firewood on purpose. However, if you want to burn the firewood fast to warm up your home, make sure it has been thoroughly seasoned and dried. Then it’ll be ready to burn.

Since it has been dried for burning, a seasoned rick of firewood should be totally grey in color and have splits on the end. Seasoning the wood might take anything from half a year to a year, depending on the kind of wood. 

You should ask The seller when the wood was chopped down. If it was chopped down within the last few months, then it means that it is not ready to be burnt for the winter season.

If you’re purchasing green firewood, on the other hand, you should also ask for a discount since green firewood isn’t seasoned at all.

How Do You Season Rick of Wood on Your Own?

You can thoroughly season an unseasoned rick of wood at home if you want to purchase it unseasoned. You won’t be able to burn this wood for a few months, but you will be able to improve, increase, and preserve the quality of your firewood. 

Hardwood, on the other hand, takes longer to season than softwood, which dries up in a matter of months. The first step is to separate apart the various pieces of wood, keep them outside, and expose them to as much sunshine as possible. 

You should also set them in an outside location where the wind blows more often to hasten the drying of the wood for burning. Winds that are stronger might help the wood dry up quicker.

You may also use pallets or other materials to elevate the wood off the ground and maintain it at least two feet from the ground. This is beneficial in keeping the wood from absorbing moisture from the earth surrounding it, as well as allowing the wind to blow in multiple directions, drying the firewood more quickly and efficiently.

Another thing to remember is to cover the stack of firewood that has been left outside to season with a good shed. This structure might be as basic as a waterproof sheet or as elaborate as a complete shed that keeps rain and snow from affecting the quality of your firewood. The majority of individuals use a waterproof sheet or tarp to cover their firewood.

When covering the firewood with a tarp or weatherproof sheet, remember not to cover the whole stack and to allow some space for the wind and sunshine to interact with it. As a general rule, people only cover one-third of the stack with the sheet when it’s snowing or raining, and only cover the whole stack when it’s snowing or raining. 


Let’s say you want to take things a step further. In such situation, you may build a temporary shelter out of wood or any other material and place it a bit above the stack to enable sunshine to reach the firewood while preventing snow and rain from interacting with it. If you don’t want to construct a temporary structure, consider purchasing a firewood rack.

So, what exactly do we have to say?

There are different methods of measuring the wood, and the rick of wood is one of the most commonly used units of measurement for a stack of wood. In reality, a full cord is actually a universal method of measurement, but the majority of business owners and wood sellers also use Rick of the Woods in order to prevent any confusion with the face cord.

A rick of firewood will probably last a few months and weigh about 2.5 tons if you use high-quality wood. It will also cost you between $150 and $250 USD, depending on the kind of wood you choose.

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is that the size and the number of wood in Rick of the Woods will greatly depend upon The area is and The seller. Therefore, before you even begin to finalize the purchase for your rick of wood, you need to make sure that you have perfectly calculated the amount of firewood in your stack, and you are paying only for the wood that you want. 

Before purchasing this rick of wood, do your homework and make sure you choose seasoned wood that can be burned up rapidly during the winter season. Check out our other post where we discuss a different form of wood, kiln dried firewood.


A “rick of wood” is the term used to describe a bundle of firewood. The weight of a rick of wood depends on the size and type of wood, but typically weighs about 20-25 pounds. Reference: how much does a rick of wood weigh.

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