What is the Cheapest Fence to Build (With 4 Examples)

A fence is a barrier that encircles an area and separates it from the surrounding terrain. It can be made of various constructions, materials, or both.

The “cheapest fence material” is a question that has been asked for many years. There are 4 examples of fences that were built with different materials.

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A decent fence gives the protection and seclusion that you and your family need in your house and garden. You can certainly put up a chain link fence fast. They are cost-effective, long-lasting, and durable.

They are not, however, appealing to the eye. Thankfully, there are a variety of affordable fence alternatives to select from. Whether you’re trying to keep animals out of your garden or confine your pets, there’s a solution that will work for you.

You will be able to save a lot of money if you devote the time to construct the fence yourself. Finally, you’ll have a fence that complements your own style while still providing seclusion from neighbors and passers-by. Here are some ideas for you to think about.


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  • Fencing made of chain links
  • Metal Fencing Made from Recycled Corrugated
  • Fencing with Split Rails
  • Fence made of pallets
  • Hedges
  • Conclusion



Fencing made of chain links is durable and budget friendly.  If you don’t like the appearance or lack of privacy that come with chain link fences, there is a step you can take. If you already have an existing chain link fence on your property, you can improve its appearance and your level of privacy with a few modifications depending on the current height of your fence.

This is a simple job that entails removing the wire mesh as well as the chain link fence’s top rail. Only the metal poles are left. A unique bracket may be installed on each post to enable for the installation of a wood rail. Wood planks may then be joined horizontally to make a beautiful fence once they have been installed.

You may select from a range of woods to construct this style of fence. This allows you to choose the color and texture that best matches your requirements. Pine, cedar, cypress, various hardwoods, and exotic woods, to mention a few, are among the many options available. Pressure treated pine is the cheapest choice. The best aspect is that no fence posts will need to be driven!

Metal Fencing Made from Recycled Corrugated


Metal panels may be used to build a new kind of fence. If you get the metal panels from a secondhand shop, the cost is quite low. It’s even better if you’re knocking down a structure with metal panels on the roof.


Wood supports will still be required in between the panels, but the metal panels provide excellent privacy. When you’re done, you’ll have a fence that adds another textural feature to your backyard while also adding to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area.

Fencing with Split Rails


If your home is in the country or you just appreciate a more pastoral feel, Fencing with Split Rails is always an economical option. This type of fencing requires wood logs that have been split into quarters.  They can also be split down into eighths.

Posts are driven into the ground.  Holes are created in the sides of the posts. Then the rails are inserted into slots in the posts.  You can also get creative if you want.  Some people constructed their Fencing with Split Rails in a zig zag pattern.  This can help the fencing be stronger and more durable.

Wire mesh may be used to create a safe space for animals if more security is required. Materials for this style of fence may be acquired from a local lumber yard, or you can split the logs yourself if you’re feeling really daring. While splitting the logs yourself is more time consuming, it enables you to get the desired aesthetic.

Fence made of pallets


A Fence made of pallets is a low-cost option when you need to build a fence.  It’s a quick and easy option that won’t involve a lot of time to set up. Using pallets, you can create a simple and attractive fence. Pallets are placed vertically with a post driven down through the pallet boards into the ground.

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This will hold the fence in place and prevent it from shifting. You may use screws to hold the fence together even more securely. After the fence has been made safe, you can now use your imagination to make it lovely. Pallets may be painted to improve their appearance.

You may also grow herbs or beautiful flowers in the area. Another simple alternative is to hang potted plants from the slats or fasten colorful buckets packed with beautiful seasonal blooming plants to the pallets.

The final product is a colorful and textured place that will brighten up your garden. This also allows you to change out the plants as the seasons change, ensuring that your garden is constantly welcoming.



This is a supplementary suggestion that might assist you in achieving the appearance and security that you want. Hedges may not be thought of as fences, but they do give seclusion if that is your aim. They also make a lovely accent to your garden.

They are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also cost efficient. Hedges as fences have a number of additional advantages. They provide a wind buffer for your garden. It also provides a habitat for birds, squirrels, and beneficial insects. Hedges provide several benefits as long as you don’t require a fence to keep your dogs in the backyard.

Spend some time studying the sorts of hedge plants that grow well in your region before traveling to the local nursery to acquire plants. Hedges may be affected by the weather at any time of year. You should also research the peculiarities of various types of hedge plants.

For example, how tall will it become? Is it a deciduous or evergreen tree? How much space is required between each plant? What is the rate of growth? You’ll also need to account for the hedge’s trimming requirements. Holly, hawthorn, barberry, and hemlock are some of the hedge plants to consider. Honey locust, privet, yew, and boxwood

Your local nursery can help you choose the right hedge plants for your needs and the environment. While these plants may be purchased at your local nursery, if you have the time, you can cultivate them from cuttings. This method takes a lot longer, but it will save you a lot of money in the long term.

Another thing to look at is the ancient art of hedge laying. If you have the time, these methods include bending and interconnecting branches to create a complete, thick hedge. This was formerly utilized to build robust walls that could be used to keep cattle contained. These tried-and-true practices help hedges grow robust and thick, even if they aren’t always required.


Fencing does not have to be a time-consuming or costly endeavor. When it comes to selecting on the sort of fence you want or need, you’ll need to take some time and do some research to find the best fencing choice for your requirements. Check out our post for 5 various instances of how much your possible fence will cost you, as well as which fence is the simplest to build yourself.

You may save a lot of money if you are willing and able to put in a little elbow grease to the endeavor. You have a wide range of fence alternatives to choose from. But it all boils down to attaining what we all want: a beautiful, safe environment for our families and pets. If you’re having trouble placing fence posts, we’ll show you how to do it here!

Whether your objective is to keep rabbits and deer out of your garden or to provide a safe environment for your children to play, there is a fence solution that will fit your budget. To create the space that you and your family need, all it takes is a little thinking and preparation.


There are many different options for fencing that can be used to build a fence. The cheapest option is usually the chain-link fence, which can be found at most hardware stores. However, there are also other types of fences that you could use as well. For example, vinyl or aluminum fencing is also an option that can often be found at a lower cost than chain-link fences. Reference: cheap fencing alternatives.

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