What Plants Grow Well In Shade In Florida

Shade-loving plants include ferns, hostas, and shade loving trees.

There are many plants that grow well in shade. Some of these plants include the low maintenance shade plants Florida. Read more in detail here: low maintenance shade plants florida.

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Sunshine and lovely tropical flowers are well-known in Florida, which thrive in our hot and humid climate. Ask any Florida homeowner what plants to put in their backyard, and they’ll name a slew of plants that thrive in the sun but won’t grow or blossom in the shade.

If you have dark areas in your yard that you don’t know what to do with, check out the list of plants that grow and thrive in shadow below. Right now, I’m in this situation since half of my backyard is always shadowed by large trees in my neighbor’s yard.

This spring, I’ll be adding some of the plants listed below to my backyard. I can’t wait to add some color to my yard, which is now bleak and gray. If you’re in a similar circumstance, I hope this list is useful. 


In Florida, there are a variety of plants that thrive in the shadow, including:

  • Alocasia
  • Beautyberry
  • Bromeliads
  • Caladiums
  • Coleus
  • Jasmine Crepe
  • Pilea Creeping
  • Thatch Palms in Florida
  • Hydrangea with oakleaf leaves
  • Shield of Persia
  • Fern with a Sword
  • Begonias Wax

All of these plants thrive in moist, shady places with plenty of water. Each has its distinct growth requirements, however they may all be grown in the shadow.

There is a lot to learn about each of these plants in order to ensure that they develop in a healthy environment. Continue reading to learn about the numerous shade-tolerant plants that can be found in Florida.


In Florida, what plants do well in the shade?

Some flora thrive in the shaded parts of Florida. Whether you’re searching for floral shrubs or green plants, there are many to choose from. Over time, you may alter and add plants to create it just as you want it.

Plant of Alocasia


The Plant of Alocasia is a tropical leafy plant that grow to goes by the name, elephant ears, since that’s exactly what the leaves look like. There are several different versions of the plants, like the colocasia that are very large at 5-6 feet tall and up to 8 feet wide or the orora that is only 3-4 feet tall and wide.


It can either be planted in direct shade or in partial sunlight as it grows well in either. If it is planted with more sunlight, it will need more water than if planted in more shade. It requires moderate watering, since it likes moist soil. The Plant of Alocasia is a perennial but it might die back in the winter if you get freezing temps.

Plant of Beautyberry


This tall purple berry shrub is native to south Florida and can attract a variety of birds to your yard. It may be planted in either full sun or full shade, making it a wonderfully adaptable addition to your garden. It may be planted at any time of year and, once established, will tolerate drought.

Purple berries blossom in the autumn, adding a pop of color to your foliage. It grows 3-8 feet tall and 4-8 feet broad and thrives in zones 7-11.



Bromeliads come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They may all be planted in partial shade and will give your yard two tones. They may have various solar needs depending on the color you choose, but they mostly need partial shade. Because they need damp soil, you will need to water them often.



Caladiums are simple to cultivate in Florida’s hot, humid environment and produce stunning color throughout the spring, summer, and autumn seasons. Caladiums thrive in the shadow, which is one of its finest qualities.

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They come in a variety of brilliant hues that will look fantastic in your shady backyard. They may grow up to 1-2.5 feet tall and have leaves that can last anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks.



Coleus is one of the most vibrant shade plants in Florida. They’re simple to grow and propagate, resistant to disease, and available in a rainbow of hues. They range in size from 6 inches to 2.5 feet tall, with a width of 1 to 3 feet. Their multicolored foliage is well-known.

Jasmine Crepe Plant


In the shade, jasmine is a wonderful plant to cultivate. It doesn’t need direct sunlight to survive and may swiftly grow into a hedge-like structure. The plant’s glossy leaves and simple care routine enable it to flourish year after year. The fragrance of the shrub variant is not as strong as that of the vine version.

Pilea Creeping


Just as the name says, this is a ground cover that stays low to the ground and spreads out a lot. If you can’t grow grass in your shady area, the Pilea Creeping may be what you’re looking for. If you have a shady area on your deck or patio, then the Pilea Creeping look great in a pot.

The tiny leaves spill over the pot’s edge and are simple to trim. By putting these plants in pots, you may move them about and allow them to thrive on their own or keep them under control, depending on your preferences.

Thatch Palms in Florida


The Thatch Palms in Florida is a smaller version of a palm tree. The palm tree can be an excellent tropical addition to your backyard. They can grow to 15 feet and be planted in most areas of Florida. In addition, they are drought resistant, meaning they do not need lots of water to grow, and it is slow growing at only 6 inches a year.

Hydrangea with oakleaf leaves


Oak-Leaf Hydrangea is a beautiful cone-shaped flower that blooms in the summer and is native to Florida. They flourish under the shade of oak trees, which is where its name comes from. The shrub reaches a height of 6-10 feet and a width of 6-8 feet.

Shield of Persia


Shield of Persia’s vibrant foliage is different than anything else you will see in Florida. The iridescent purple leaves will look amazing in a shaded area of your backyard. Each leaf can reach 4 to 7 inches long and 3 inches wide. The plant grows 3-4 feet tall and 2-3 feet across.

Begonias Wax


Begonias are blooming plants that come in a variety of hues, including brilliant pink and yellow. Assume you have a space beneath a canopy of trees where the quantity of light is spread equally. If you position your begonias in a totally sunny location, the blooms will most likely burn up and perish. They’ll require wet soil all of the time, so watering is a necessary!


In a shady area of your Florida garden, all of these plants will look fantastic. Each plant can bring color and depth to your shaded spaces, keeping them looking fresh and lively throughout the year. Now that you know what plants could work in your shady spots, go to your local nursery and get planting!


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