Where Do Raccoons Go During the Day?

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures, but they often venture out during the day to eat or play. They will hide in nearby trees and watch you until dark before moving on. When do raccoons leave their underground dens?

Raccoons are nocturnal animals, so they typically come out of hiding at night. They spend the day in their dens and will only come out to eat when it is dark outside.

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Raccoons, oh, raccoons. The nocturnal invader of our plants, gardens, garbage—you name it. These omnivores may wreak havoc on our homes while we’re sleeping, leaving us with little choice but to cope with the aftermath when we wake up. However, one question remains unanswered: where do these animals go during the day?

Raccoons are nocturnal species, thus they prefer to relax and sleep during the day in different dens in the forest, such as tree hollows or inside logs. 

But there’s more to the issue than that. Raccoons don’t remain in the same spot for very long, and if you live in a city, they aren’t going to the city from the nearest forest.


Continue reading to learn more about what raccoons do throughout the day and what precautions you can take to keep your property secure from raccoon damage at all hours of the day.


What Do Raccoons Do During the Day?

These nocturnal critters are notoriously difficult to find. It may be difficult to notice one, which leads many people to wonder where they go during the day. Raccoons, after all, are forest and brush creatures whose native habitat is a thick forest with a water supply nearby. They aren’t as choosy outside of those restrictions. 

Raccoons are more likely to be seen in woods during the day, however they may choose to reside in a variety of locations, such as tree hollows or hollow logs, or even heavy brush near water. Raccoons may have constructed dens near dumpsters or drains if you live in an urban area with little woodland. 

Raccoons will begin to emerge from their burrows as the sun starts to set in search of food and forage throughout the night (which very well may include your backyard.) They return to their dens before daylight after a long night of hard labor foraging for food, to recover before repeating the cycle the following day. 

Raccoons have been sighted out and about during the day, however it is an unusual sight. You may locate a raccoon outdoors during the day in three different scenarios:


  • The raccoon is either pregnant or nursing, and is looking for more food for their young. Raccoons are most often seen out during the day for this reason.
  • The raccoon may have discovered a food source that is only accessible at certain times of the day and goes out particularly for it.
  • The raccoon is sick, and it’s acting strangely. Although the possibilities are slim, it’s generally a good idea to avoid close contact with animals in any scenario, particularly if they seem to be behaving strangely. 

Apart from these three situations, these cunning critters pretend to vanish after wrecking damage on your home late at night. Most will return to their dens to rest after foraging in the dark! 

It’s not like you can catch them in the act and chase them away in the middle of the night—after all, people need to sleep too! So, no matter what time of day it is, let’s look at some useful techniques to discourage raccoons from causing damage to your property. 

How Can I Keep Raccoons Out of My Yard?

Perhaps you’re looking for information on where raccoons travel during the day since you’ve seen personally the damage raccoons make to your yard or garbage cans at night. 

Thankfully, there are various methods to keep these clever foragers out of your yard or garden, even while you sleep. Let’s have a look at the best ways to keep your garden secure from the raccoons in your neighborhood: 

To make a garlic and chili powder solution, combine all of the ingredients in a small mixing bowl.

Raccoons are reported to be attracted to a variety of spices. Garlic and chile powder are two of the most powerful deterrents among them.

Mix crushed garlic, chili pepper, and dish soap in a spray bottle with water and spray it on areas of your yard where you want raccoons to stay away. Raccoons will be less likely to go about these locations if this is done. 

Replicate Human Behavior

When there’s no one around to observe them, raccoons feel most at ease taking a nibble from your house. As a result, by emulating human behavior, you may persuade the raccoon that your house is not a secure location to scavenge. 

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Consider leaving a radio on outdoors and turning on the lights at night. Raccoons may perceive human activity as a result of the noise and lighting, forcing them to avoid your property. 

Temptations must be removed.

Raccoons have exceptional hearing and vision. They’ll pick up on that fragrance and make their way to it if your dog food is left out or your garbage cans aren’t secured. As a result, you can keep them away by removing the items that attract them. 

Remove any dog food, bird feed, or other animal feed from your yard and store it in your garage. Waste cans should have tight-fitting lids to prevent raccoons from both sniffing and accessing the trash. 

Install an Electric Fence in Your Garden or Yard

Raccoons are very nimble animals that can climb a variety of obstacles, including trees! If you’re thinking of using a fence to keep raccoons off your property, make sure it’s an electric fence. Raccoons, in particular, are best kept out with a low, two-wire fence, according to most experts. 


Raccoons are nocturnal animals that spend the most of their time sleeping in hollow dens in trees and logs in the forest or improvised dens in city drains. If you’re dealing with raccoon damage throughout the night, don’t give up hope when they are missing during the day. 

By removing things like pet food and securing your trash cans, you can Temptations must be removed. that attract raccoons to your property. You can also spray a garlic/chili powder solution on your yard or Replicate Human Behavior through radio and lights to scare them off. 


Raccoons are nocturnal animals, which means they are most active during the night. They spend their days resting and sleeping in the day time. Reference: how long do raccoons live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do raccoons sleep in the same place every night?

A: Raccoons will choose a new spot every night, and they can also travel long distances in this sleep-like state.

What to do if you see a raccoon during the day?

A: Raccoons are nocturnal. If you see one during the day, it is most likely a baby that has been orphaned and needs help finding its way back to their parents.

Where do raccoons make their dens?

A: Raccoons make their dens in trees.

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