Why Should You Use Kiln Dried Firewood?

When used properly, firewood is a complete source of heat that can be harnessed to cook food and warm your home. The wood also releases moisture over time which makes it perfect for building materials too. When you buy kiln-dried firewood from our team at American Firewood, we guarantee the quality will last for years to come!.

Kiln dried firewood is the best option for a number of reasons. It’s not only more efficient, but it also burns cleaner and longer. Read more in detail here: kiln dried firewood vs seasoned.

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Nothing beats a night in the garden with loved family and friends and a roaring fire. You’ll need nice fuel to start that fire, and there’s no better firewood to use than kiln dried firewood. 

Here are some reasons to utilize kiln-dried firewood:

  • It is simple to ignite and to burn.
  • It doesn’t need to be dried out any more.
  • While burning, it creates less smoke.
  • It is free of pests and fungus.
  • It’s incredibly light and convenient to store.

We’ll go through the reasons why kiln dried firewood is the finest choice, so keep reading to find out more!



Kiln-dried Firewood: Why Should You Use It?

As previously stated, there are various advantages to utilizing kiln dried firewood. Throughout this essay, we’ll look at the reasons and demonstrate how and why it’s the greatest option.

It’s simple to light and to burn.

The first reason why you should be using kiln dried firewood is because It is simple to ignite and to burn.. This is made possible all because of the kiln drying process.

After the wood has been cut, it is put in a kiln, which is essentially an oven with very high temperatures. To minimize the quantity of moisture in the wood, it is heated for a specified period of time at specific internal temperatures.

Because the moisture content of the wood is lowered by 10 to 20%, getting your firewood to ignite and remain lighted will be a breeze. 

This will also aid in the burning of your fire for a longer period of time and the production of additional heat. 


It’s ready to use right out of the box.

Unlike firewood that has been cut and allowed to dry naturally, kiln dried firewood is ready to use right away.

If you are cutting the wood yourself and do not have access to a kiln, it will take 6-18 months for the wood to dry up and become suitable for burning. Waiting that long for your wood to be properly seasoned is a lot of time.

It also takes a lot of work to protect your own firewood from the weather once you’ve chopped it. With the do-it-yourself technique of seasoning firewood, you’ll need to keep it dry while also making sure there’s enough air movement.

This may cause your wood to dry out too much, making controlling the flame more difficult. 

Kiln dried firewood is entirely ready to burn as soon as it arrives, and it is precisely seasoned to ensure that the flame is just right. 

It generates less smoke.

The quantity of smoke created by a beautiful little fire, whether in your backyard or in your fireplace, is one of the less appealing aspects of having one. It merely:

  • It gives you a bonfire-like odor.
  • Sets off smoke detectors,
  • And it’s difficult to locate a comfortable spot to sit and relax around the fire!

When it comes to kiln-dried firewood, this isn’t a significant deal. Other kinds of firewood have a high moisture content, which makes controlling smoke difficult. There are several more strategies to lessen the quantity of smoke produced by your fire pit.

We bought some wood from Lowe’s over the weekend and discovered that it had been kiln dried. I was astounded by how fast it began and how cleanly it burned throughout the night.

If you’ve ever tried to put out a fire with water, you know that the scorching hot wood immediately begins to steam, creating loads of smoke. When your firewood is too “green,” this is what occurs. 

Extremely high temperatures cause the moisture within the wood to heat up, resulting in a large amount of smoke. 

Kiln-dried firewood is almost entirely dried, lowering moisture content and preventing massive clouds of smoke from forming. 

There are no bugs, fungus, or molds on it.

Bugs, fungus, and mold are destroyed when kiln dried firewood is burned for a long period at high temperatures. This makes it excellent for storing firewood inside your house. There would be no bugs, harmful molds, or ugly fungus to contend with.

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For a variety of reasons, being able to store the wood within your house makes things easier for you.

  1. It is not necessary for you to construct a secure storage area for your wood. When storing firewood that you have cut yourself, locate a location that is near to your home for convenience, but not so close that termites may infest your home. It’s also vital not to keep your firewood in the ground since it will decompose faster, allowing pests and germs to enter. Kiln-dried firewood may be kept without risk of attracting bugs inside your house, saving you the hassle of setting up a separate storage area.
  2. You won’t have to be concerned about it becoming wet or too dry. You’ll have to store non-kiln dried firewood outdoors and cover it with a tarp to protect it from the rain—but not too much, since you don’t want it to dry out too much. Inside your house, kiln dried firewood is secure from all of nature’s forces. 

When it comes to selecting firewood, kiln dried firewood is the most convenient option.

It’s light and easy to transport.

If you’ve ever had to assist in the transportation of firewood that has been cut, you know how tiring it can be.

Because of the excess moisture within the firewood after it is dried out in nature, it is a touch on the hefty side. Because kiln dried firewood has a lower moisture content, it is lighter and simpler to transport.

This makes it ideal firewood for camping and transporting large distances, but also for hauling around the home. If you can, why not make things simpler for yourself? 

Is the extra cost of kiln-dried firewood justified?

Doing things yourself has the benefit of costing little to no money and requiring little to no work.

Kiln-dried firewood is well worth the money you’ll have to spend on it. 

It takes a lot of effort to chop your own firewood. Just splitting the quantity of logs worth keeping and drying out will take weeks. Then you’ll have to wait anything from six months to a year and a half for them to season.

And if you botch up the storage procedure, your wood may get too damp or too dry, and all of your hard work will be for nothing.

Kiln dried firewood is more expensive, but you’ll get beautiful firewood with no additional labor, giving you more time to do other things.


When you require firewood, you should use kiln dried firewood. Even though it may cost a few dollars more, you will save a significant amount of time and work. 

The benefits of kiln-dried firewood are indisputable:

  • It is simple to ignite and to burn.
  • It doesn’t need to be dried out any more.
  • While burning, it creates less smoke.
  • It is free of pests and fungus.
  • It’s incredibly light and convenient to store.

You will never want to use any other kind of firewood once you start utilizing kiln dried firewood! Check out what other materials work well in a fire pit as well!


Kiln Dried Firewood is the best option for firewood because it has been dried using a kiln. The heat from the kiln dries out the wood, making it less likely to catch on fire and more resistant to rotting. Reference: kiln dried firewood nj.

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