Best Gas Chainsaws for the Money

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Are you a gardener, DIY landscaper, or professional lumberjack? Then, you certainly need the best gas chainsaw to help get the job done. However, there are lots of brands available in the market, making it confusing which one is best for your specific needs. Worry no more because we will give you a reliable list of the best gas powered chainsaws you can buy to suit your very needs.


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What is a gas Chainsaw? 

Before we proceed to the list of the top gas powered chainsaws, let us first know what a gas chainsaw is. A gas chainsaw is an essential tool for different tasks such as felling and bucking big trees. It is also used by gardeners for trimming, pruning, and other tasks. If you want a more powerful chainsaw, a gas chainsaw is the best option. It has more power compared to a battery and electric chainsaws. This type of chainsaw is efficient in terms of mobility, cutting speed, and run time.

If you’re in a hurry, the following is a table of contents of the best gas powered chainsaws for the necessary budget of course.

  1. Tanaka TCS33EDTP - Pro version top handle gas chainsaw
  2. Poulan Pro PR5020 - Inertia-activated chain brake chainsaw
  3. Husqvarna 455 Rancher - Most powerful saw for its size
  4. Remington RM4214 - Most affordable gas chainsaw
  5. Blue Max 8901 - Best value for a gas powered chainsaw
  6. Husqvarna 460 - Best prosumer gas chainsaw
  7. Remington RM4216 - One of the cheapest gas chainsaw
  8. Poulan PL3314 - One of the user-friendly but powerful chainsaws
  9. Craftsman CMXGSAMA421 - Most versatile chainsaw

Top gas powered chainsaws 

To help you get the best gas chainsaw for the money, the following are some of the top gas chainsaws you can choose from for your specific needs.

Tanaka TCS33EDTP Chainsaw 

Metabo HPT Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 32.2cc 12-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw with Pure Fire Engine
  • 12-Inch top handle chain saw with 32.2cc commercial grade pure fire engine to provide a clean,...
  • Half throttle choke with purge primer bulb for easy start and warm up. Fuel Capacity (fl oz) : 9.9....
  • Automatic gear-driven oiler and a side access chain tensioning providing quick and convenient chain...
  • Sprocket nose bar with Oregon chain provides added control for easier cuts
  • Comes with a 7-year consumer, 2-year commercial and 1-year rental warranty

The Tanaka TCS33EDTP is one of the best gas chainsaws in the market today. This model has a 12 inch bar and chain. It comes with a Pure Fire Engine, which produces ultra-low emissions. The chainsaw has a built-in lanyard ring and manual chain brake. If you want a commercial-grade chainsaw perfect for shaping and pruning trees, this Tanaka gas chainsaw is the right option. It is backed up with 7 years of consumer, 1-year rental, and 2 years commercial warranty.

This gas powered chainsaw has a sprocket nose bar with an Oregon chain for additional control to make easier cuts. It comes with an automatic gear-driven oiler as well as side access chain tensioning for convenient and fast chain adjustment. It has a half throttle choke that has a purge primer bulb for an easy start and warm up. It can provide you with powerful and clean performance with less consumption of fuel. The product is made with innovative technologies for maximum quality and efficiency.


  • Features an anti-vibration system for easy handling
  • Pro version top handle chainsaw 
  • Comes with half throttle choke with purge primer bulb for an easy start and warm up 
  • A quality gas chainsaw that is available with 7 years consumer, 1-year rental, and 2 years commercial warranty
  • A top-quality gas powered chainsaw that is ideal for different applications like concrete, woodwork, fastening, cutting, and drilling


  • Some complain that it is a little heavy.

Poulan Pro PR5020

Poulan Pro 20 inch Chainsaw, 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw, PR5020, Black
  • With the OxyPower engine technology, you can get that extra power for virtually any task. This...
  • Effortless pull starting system reduces pull force 30% for easier starting and reduced wear on the...
  • The combi tool is integrated into the rear handle, it's always there when you need it for...
  • The purge bulb, which provides the carburetor with fuel and makes the product easier to start with...
  • User friendly combined choke/stop control allows faster starting and greater reliability by reducing...

Poulan Pro PR5020 is among the top saws with Inertia-Activated Chain Brake. It has a 20 inch bar and chain and OxyPower engine technology. It comes with an automatic oiler and user-friendly combined choke/ stop control for greater reliability and quick starting through minimizing the risk of engine flooding. The combi tool is integrated to the rear handle.

It has an effortless pull starting system that minimizes wear on its starter mechanism. It is available with 2 years limited warranty. This chainsaw has easy maintenance and handling with comfortable side adjust chain tensioning along with its easy access clips on the cylinder cover. With its features and quality, performance can be your top gas chainsaw for the money. This product will offer you a satisfying performance that can help you to make your tasks faster and more efficient.


  • It comes with a purge bulb that offers a carburetor with fuel for a quick start with fewer pulls, which minimizes the risk of damage.
  • OxyPower engine technology for more power, 20% lower fuel consumption, and 70% fewer emissions
  • Has a filtering system that assures long air filter life and reduced fuel consumption
  • User friendly combined choke/ stop control for quick starting and reducing the risk of engine flooding.
  • It has powerful 2-stroke engines and a spring-assisted Effortless Pull-Start System (EPS)
  • Easy to use and durable 20 inch chainsaw with 2 years limited warranty
  • A quality product that's worth investing in
  • It can be the right product for you if you want a quality but a more affordable chainsaw.


  • It is a bit heavier

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw 

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
  • 455 Rancher chainsaw is an ideal saw for landowners or homeowners who require a high powered and...
  • 55. 5cc 20 inch gas chainsaw with guide bar and chain
  • 2 cycle engine with Intertie activated chain brake for safety while operating
  • Comes with Husqvarna chainsaw Bar cover and 2. 6 ounce bottle of pre-mix fuel Included, Bar and...
  • Automatic chain oiler delivers a steady supply of bar and chain oil for safe and effective use

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher is considered the most powerful gas powered chainsaw for its size. If you want the lightest gas chainsaw, this 11 Ibs model is right for you. It comes with a 55.5 cc 18 inch bar and chain as well as an automatic oiler, which provides a steady bar and chain oil supply for effective and safe use. It comes with an x-torque that lowers emissions and fuel consumption.

This gas powered chainsaw is the perfect tool for homeowners or landowners who need a heavy duty and high powered chainsaw. It features 2 cycle engine that has an intertie activated chain brake for safe operation, as well as a 2.6 oz. 2-cycle fuel and an orange Husqvarna chainsaw bar cover . The product has a quick release air filter for easy replacement and cleaning. This gas chainsaw is also equipped with a side-mounted chain tensioning system for fast chain adjustments upon its operation. You can use Husqvarna chainsaw gloves, chainsaw chaps, and chainsaw helmet for safety use. If you want a user-friendly but heavy duty chainsaw for the money, Husqvarna 455 Rancher is the solution.


  • It has a 2-stroke engine type and centrifugal air cleaning system. 
  • You can have separate purchases for chainsaw sharpener, chainsaw case, and replacement chainsaw chain.
  • This gas chainsaw comes with an x-torque that lowers emissions and fuel consumption.
  • It has a quick-release air filter for easy replacement and cleaning of the air filter.
  • 55.5 cc 18 inch chainsaw with guide bar and chain
  • Good value for your money, a quality gas chainsaw that will help you perform your tasks efficiently
  • It features an anti-vibration system that minimizes vibration levels for more convenient operation


  • Some said that it is not long-lasting

Remington RM4214 Chainsaw 

Remington RM4214 Rebel 42cc 2-Cycle 14-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw Automatic Chain Oiler-Anti...
  • HIGH OUTPUT ENGINE WITH 14-INCH BAR & CHAIN: 42cc full crank 2 cycle engine provides greater power...
  • QUICKSTART TECHNOLOGY: Designed for quicker, smoother and easier pull starts
  • DURABLE DIE-CAST CHASSIS: Lightweight, compact and efficient. Engineered with pro-grade components...
  • AUTOMATIC OILER: Keeps the proper amount of lubricant on the chain to ensure the saw cuts smoothly...
  • COMFORTABLE USAGE: 5-point anti-vibration system and a cushioned full wrap handle makes this...

The Remington RM4214 can be your best gas chainsaw for a reasonable price. It is affordable but it is a high quality chain saw you can use for tree cutting and other tasks. It has a 14 inch bar and chain, together with a 5-point anti vibration system. It also features an automatic oiler and 42cc full crank 2 cycle engine that delivers more power and less vibration. This gas saw is one of the most dependable and durable power tools you can avail of on the market.

This chain saw by Remington is also equipped with quick start technology for easy, smooth, and quick pull starts. It is an efficient, compact, and lightweight chainsaw. It has durable die-cast chassis and is made with pro-grade components to tame tougher branches and smaller trees. It also has an automatic adjustable flow oiler to maintain the right lubricant amount on the chain to make sure that the saw cuts safely and smoothly. The chainsaw has inertia activated chain brakes for safety during its operation. It comes with a comfortable tool less chain tensioner system for quick chain adjustments.


  • It has a 14 inch sprocket tipped bar and chain, which can cut through wood and branches easily.
  • Features 42cc full crank 2 cycle gas engine to reduce vibration and enhance the power.
  • It also has a 5-point system against vibration and a cushioned full wrap handle for more comfortable usage.
  • Quick start technology for smoother, faster, and easier pull starts.
  • Tool-free chain to spark plug and filter, side-mounted screw tensioning system for fast adjustments during its operation.
  • Low kickback chain for pruning, trimming, and tree cutting.
  • Powerful, durable, and easy to handle chainsaw you can use for cutting trees and wood
  • Tool less chain which can be among the best power tools for your cutting needs


  • One complaint about this gas saw is that its air filter clogs, which leads to overheat. 

Blue Max 8901 Chainsaw 

Blue Max 8901 2-in-1 14-Inch/20-Inch Combination Chainsaw in 4 Color Carton
  • 45 cc high performance blue max engine, 35-percent higher performance than alternative brands
  • 30-percent more chain teeth reduces cutting time; anti vibe handle; center balanced.25:1 fuel...
  • Quick start (cdi) ignition system; automatic oiler
  • Low range kick-back brake for additional safety
  • Epa approved

The Blue Max 8901 gas chainsaw is among the most affordable models today. It can provide a good value for your budget. It is one of the best gas chainsaws you can avail of for your cutting needs. It comes with 14 inch and 20 inch bar with chain set. The saw also features an automatic oiler and 45 cc high-performance Blue Max engine. This gas chainsaw also has low range kickback brake for more safety. It is EPA approved and can be your efficient cutting tool.

It also features a quick start ignition system and 30% more chain teeth, which minimizes cutting time. It has a 25:1 fuel mixture and an anti vibe handle for more convenient use. This professional grade gas saw is 35% higher performance compared to other brands of a gas chainsaw. The saw comes with 2,700 to 3,400 idling speed. It has a maximum speed of 10,500 RPM with cutting equipment. It can be your best long time partner for your cutting, pruning, and other heavy duty tasks.


  • Best value gas chainsaw for your budget 
  • 14 inch and 20 inch bar and chain set
  • Quick start ignition system and automatic chain oiler
  • Features auto chain lubrication and chain brake
  • Anti vibration function for more convenient and safe operation


  • Some said that it is hard to start

Husqvarna 460 Chainsaw 

The Husqvarna 460 is among the biggest prosumer gas chainsaws available. It has a 24 inch bar and chain and automatic oiler. It comes with 3.62 horsepower. This model is a strong all-round saw for tasks that need longer bar length. It is a 60.3 cc gas saw with a guide bar and chain. The saw also features two cycle engine with an adjustable oil pump and air injection. If you want a user-friendly but powerful gas chainsaw, this product is best for you.

You can use a Husqvarna chainsaw helmet and chaps for safety. It has X-Torq, which reduces emissions and fuel consumption. The gas powered chainsaw has quick release air filter for easy replacement and cleaning of the air filter. If you want a quality and more power gas chainsaw, this product will not fail you. Its air purge function removes the air from the fuel system and carburetor for an easy start. The Husqvarna 460 Rancher saw is backed up with 2 years warranty.


  • Easy to start with smart start technology
  • Air injection centrifugal air cleaning system that keeps away debris and dust from the air filter
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle design for precision and adjustable oil pump for oil flow control
  • 60.3 cc gas engine for more powerful cutting performance
  • Quality gas powered chainsaw with 2 years warranty
  • Inertia activated chain brakes for additional safety


  • Some complain that it is not long-lasting

Remington RM4216 

Gas Powered Chainsaw Automatic Chain Oiler-Anti Vibration System
  • RELIABLE ENGINE: 42cc 2-cycle gas powered engine with low-kickback 16-inch bar and chain tames...
  • COMFORTABLE OPERATION: Equipped with a 5-point anti-vibration system and cushion wrap handle for...
  • QUICKSTART TECHNOLOGY: Make pull starts easier to rev up and get right to cutting.
  • AUTOMATIC OILER: The adjustable automatic oiler keeps the chain in quality condition.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Tool-free access to filter and spark plug.

The Remington RM4216 is loaded with awesome features that can satisfy your landscaping needs. This 16 inch bar and chain saw comes with a 5-point anti vibration system. It also has an automatic adjustable flow oiler. This saw has an automatic oiler, which maintains the chain in top quality condition. The saw has tool free access to spark plug and filter. If you want a saw with easy maintenance, this product is a good option.

It has a reliable 42 cc two cycle gas powered engine for a low kickback. The saw is equipped with quick start technology for convenient start and right cutting power. It has a 0.375 inch pitch size. The saw is available with comfort wrap handles as well as a handy storage case. You can avail this gas chainsaw with 2 years limited warranty. It can be your best gas chainsaw, one that you can trust for your regular applications.


  • 16 inch bar and chain, which is perfect for taming medium to big branches
  • Features 5-point anti-vibration system as well as cushion wrap handle for more comfort and balance upon its operation
  • One of the easy to use gas saws, durable and efficient gas powered chainsaw
  • Adjustable automatic oiler for precision
  • Die-cast chassis and professional grade components make the saw more durable
  • The saw is backed with 2 years limited warranty for your peace of mind


  • Some said that this saw doesn’t last long

Poulan PL3314

The Poulan PL3314 is the perfect chainsaw for you if you are conscious to both budget and quality performance. Even though it has lower power compared to other models, this chainsaw is lightweight and wallet-friendly. If you are a regular gardener or homeowner who needs a chainsaw for small jobs, this product is a good investment.

This chainsaw has a primer bulb that draws the fuel to the carburetor to make a quick engine start. It also comes with a super clean filtering system for longer air filter life and minimizes the consumption of fuel while maintaining its power.

  • It is among the most lightweight chainsaws available on the market
  • Good value for your budget
  • It is an ideal tool for small jobs
  • 33cc motor and OxyPower technology for reduced emission levels
  • Reduce vibration for more comfortable operation


  • One negative thing we can say about it is that it has a less powerful motor compared to other models
  • The chain and tensioning screws tend to loose

Craftsman Gas-Powered Chainsaw 

Craftsman CMXGSAMA421S 42cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Gas Powered Carrying Case Chainsaw, Red
  • High output engine: 42cc 2-cycle full crank gas engine with pro-grade chassis delivers steady power...
  • Easy start and comfortable engagement: simple pull starts, cushioned full wrap Aluminum handle, and...
  • STEADY CONTROL: 18-Inch low kickback bar and chain, bucking spikes, and Inertia-Activated chain...
  • Automatic oiler: adjustable automatic oiler helps keep the bar and chain in quality condition.
  • SIMPLE UPKEEP: Tool-free access to filter and spark plug.

The Craftsman CMXGSAMA421S 42 cc is among the most reliable chainsaws in the market. It features two cycle full crank engine that has pro-grade chassis for more powerful performance. It has a 3 point system that reduces vibration for more balanced, convenient, and maneuverable operation.

It has tool-free access to filter and spark plug. This chainsaw has 18 inch low kickback bar and chain, inertia-activated chain brake, and bucking spikes for more control. You can make it an essential tool for cutting, pruning, and trimming tasks. It can withstand heavy-duty cuts.


  • One of the most convenient chainsaws with a high cutting capacity
  • Anti-kickback machine you can use to perform your tasks efficiently.
  • Auto-oiler to keep the saw perfectly running
  • It features bucking spikes to keep stability.
  • Good investment for your different tasks


  • One drawback of this chainsaw is that it is a little bit heavier.
  • It also comes with poor gas fumes.

Here we go, so that is the list of the best gas chainsaws you can avail of in the market. Each saw comes with its specific advantages and disadvantages to help you decide which one is right for your needs. With the help of the chainsaw reviews mentioned above, we hope that you have already picked your favorite one suiting your budget and needs.

Buying guide for the best budget gas powered chainsaws

There are lots of gas chainsaws in the market. So, make sure to choose the best one for your cutting, pruning, and trimming needs. To help you get the best chainsaw for the money, the following are buying tips that can guide you.

Engine size

One factor to consider in buying the best gas powered chainsaw is the engine size. Gas saw is available in different engine sizes such as 55.5 cc, 46 cc, 59.8 cc as well as 61 cc.

Saw body width

Most professional chainsaw operators and arborists use a chainsaw with the thinnest body. Thus, a compact gas saw is easier to work with. In addition, a narrow body is more lightweight, easy o carry and maneuver in tight cutting areas. However, if you’re a regular farmer or homeowner, the body width of the gas saw is not a major concern. You can choose a wider body, top quality, and affordable gas chainsaw.


It cannot be denied that you always want to get a superior quality gas chain saw. With that, make sure to purchase only from reliable brands of gas chainsaws. You have the assurance that the effort and money you invest in the saw are all worth it. You can have a reliable power tool you can use for your cutting needs.


Gas powered chainsaws are available at different price. Make sure to choose the best gas chainsaw that suits your budget and needs. Fortunately, you can still get an affordable gas powered chainsaw with excellent cutting power. Keep in mind that the price of gas chainsaw is not the primary basis for its quality and performance.


The chainsaw’s chain speed is measured in RPMs, that is,  revolutions per minute. It signifies how quickly the chain can spin in a specific unit of time (in this case 60seconds/one minute). The higher the RPM number, the quicker the chain rotates.

Bar length

You must ensure that the guide bar and chain length match the task. Take note that the longer the guide bar, the more dangerous kickback can happen. A saw with a 12 inch to 14 inch bar is good for trimming and pruning branches. On the other hand, a 16 inch to 18 inch chainsaw is ideal for cutting firewood and felling small trees. Chainsaws with 20 inch to 24 inch bar length are good for slicing bigger logs and felling big trees.

Additional features

If you plan to buy a new gas chainsaw, it is a good idea to look for additional features. These features include tool less chain tensioner, automatic chain oiler, inertia-activated chain brake, and other safety features.

Chain brake system

Even the most careful saw operator can encounter kickback. With that, you must check if the saw has a chain brake system for safe operations. There are 2 types of chain brakes, the manual chain brake, and inertia-activated chain brake. Both of these are safe while using a gas chainsaw.

Chain tensioner type

Chainsaw chains take a beating and require to be adjusted more often. Therefore, you need to adjust the chain tension of the saw. There are 2 types of chain tensioners, the Scrench Chain Tensioner and Tool Less Chain Tensioner. As you adjust the chain tension of the chainsaw, you can have a more convenient and safe operation.


The horsepower is the power of the engine of the chainsaw. It is measured in HP. The higher the HP number, the more powerful the engine is. Chainsaws have a horsepower of about 2 hp, 3.5 hp, 4 hp and 4.7 hp.

Oiler type

In a chainsaw, lubrication is important. Thus, it maintains the blade and chain workable. It avoids the components of the saw from being damaged. With that, you must have the oiler type for the chainsaw. There are different types of oilers, namely: manual oiler, automatic or fixed oiler, as well as an automatic or adjustable oiler.


Another important factor to consider in buying chainsaws is the handles. Most products have top and rear handles. Rear handle chainsaws are excellent t use for ground jobs. On the other hand, top handles are made for jobs wherein you need to climb up an elevated platform or tree for cutting or pruning.


Weight is also an essential thing to consider for chainsaws. You can choose the weight that suits your tasks. With that, you can also have a more comfortable experience while using the saw.


You can also look for the material of the chainsaw. Commonly, metal is among the best option for more efficient equipment that can last longer. However, if you want more affordable chainsaws, you can get a chainsaw that has a polycarbonate build.

By considering these buying tips, you can get the best gas powered chainsaw for your specific applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a gas chainsaw worth it?

Yes, a gas chainsaw is worth it. Using a chainsaw can help you perform your tasks faster and more convenient. It can cut woods faster. In addition, it has great mobility compared to battery powered and electric chainsaws. Most chainsaws also come with safety features like Inertia-Activated Chain Brake to stop the chain from spinning as kickback happens.

What are the benefits of using a gas powered chainsaw?

Using gas chainsaws come with many benefits. This type of saw has more mobility compared to electric and battery powered chainsaws. With a gas chainsaw, you don’t need to recharge or search for a power source. Thus, you can use it as long as you have a tank of fuel. In addition, they also come with more innovative safety features for more convenient operation. It also has more power in cutting wood and trees. Another benefit of a gas chainsaw is that it is available in different guide bar lengths. So, you can choose the one that suits your job. This type of chainsaw also comes with more options that you can choose from for your different tasks.

Where is the best place to buy the best gas powered chainsaws? 

The best place to buy the best chainsaw is on the official website of the manufacturer. You can also get the chainsaw from reliable stores like Amazon. With that, you have the assurance of receiving a genuine version chainsaw with more power in performing heavy duty tasks.

What is the safety gear you need while operating a chainsaw?

Your safety is important when using a chainsaw. Even the most careful chainsaw operator can experience accidents. With that, you must have the proper gear and equipment for your safety and convenience. These gears include gloves for firm grip and to avoid cuts. You can also use goggles for eye protection against wood chips. In addition, you can have a hard hat if you will cut overhead limbs. You must also wear boots or shoes with closed toes and earplugs for hearing protection. Make sure to wear cut or chap-proof pants to protect your legs. By adhering to safety measures, you can prevent accidents that may cause minor to major injuries.

What is the top gas chainsaw?

We choose the Remington RM4214 as the top quality chainsaw, based on its features in relation to its price. It is equipped with more functional features that will enable you to cut trees and woods as well as other applications. Purchasing this saw will not make you regret. It has amazing performance and quality that can satisfy your individual needs. This quality chainsaw is made to last long, so you will be sure to have a high quality tool you can use for your garden, cutting, and other heavy-duty tasks.

Should you prefer more expensive chainsaws? 

Chainsaws are available at different costs. There are many affordable chainsaws that can provide you with excellent quality and performance. On the other hand, some chainsaws with a high price tag can also give you a satisfying performance. So, you can choose one that suits your budget. Keep in mind that the price of the product is not ta major guarantee of its quality.

What are some features to look for in buying the best chainsaws? 

It is quite confusing when buying chainsaws. Well, if you want to get a quality product, you must look for some features like: spring-assist starting mechanisms for an easier start, auto-oilers, features against vibration, tool-less tension adjustment, chain brakes, carrying cases, air cleaners, and more.

What are the best brands for chainsaws? 

Among the best brands for chainsaws include Poulan, Remington, Craftsman, Tanaka, Husqvarna as well as Blue Max. If you want a quality chainsaw, you must only buy from reliable brands to make sure that the budget, effort, and time you invest in the product are all worth it. By choosing the top brands of gas chainsaws, you can avoid getting poor quality chainsaws that in turn might disappoint you in your tasks.


To sum it up, gas powered chainsaws are an essential tool for your different tasks. It is efficient in cutting trees and woods. This type of chainsaw has more power and can be your long time partner for your cutting and pruning needs. It can help you to save more of your time and energy to finish your tasks quicker and efficiently. We also include a buying guide in this article to help you decide wisely in choosing which product suits you and can satisfy your needs.

As we have gone through the best gas chainsaw reviews and related posts, we choose the Remington RM4214 as the top quality chainsaw. It is equipped with more innovative features for more power and efficiency. It has a 14 inch bar, chain and a 5-point anti-vibration system. This heavy duty chainsaw can be a good investment to get your job done faster and efficiently.

Do you need a heavy duty chainsaw for your daily gardening tasks? What are you waiting for? Choose high quality gas-powered chainsaw within your budget now!