The Best Garage Door Opener For A Home

Best Garage Door Opener
Many homeowners often overlook garage door openers because they probably bought the home when it was already pre-installed. However, for the homeowner who is shopping for a garage door opener, the process is not as difficult as many make it seem. If armed with the right information, the process can actually prove enjoyable to the one searching.

Garage doors have a lot of features that are ideal for the additional security of the homeowner. Contrary to a lot of popular belief, garage door openers are not necessarily expensive, although it is important to go for the most durable one when choosing. The correct choice is what determines if the garage door opener provides value for the money it was bought.

Although garage door openers come in different types, models and prices, their core responsibility remains the same; safeguarding the garage. Each door opener has a motor connected to the trolley that is used to move the door. The only major difference between different garage door openers is the particular driving utility. This article will take a keen look at the different garage doors, their features, and prices to guide anyone in the search to get the best one.

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The Best Garage Door Openers In The Market Today

1. Chamberlain Smartphone-Controlled Garage Door Opener (B970)

Chamberlain B970T Smart Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup - myQ Smartphone Controlled - Ultra...
  • Smart garage door opener comes with built-in myQ technology to keep you connected and protected:...
  • Battery backup: Ensures safe replacement ins-and-outs even during power failures. Radio Frequencies:...
  • Ultra-quiet and strong belt drive: Steel-reinforced belt drive and constructed with high-grade...
  • Powered by Chamberlain’s Max Lift Power System, the B970 delivers lifting force equivalent to 1 1...
  • Superior range: Includes 2 3-button remote controls that let you control up to 3 openers. Exclusive...

This is one of the most unique and advanced garage door openers currently available in the market. This one allows the use of a smartphone in the door's controlling aspect and it has a built-in myQ technology that is responsible for opening, closing,, and checking whether the door is open or closed from the Q smartphone application.

This garage door opener is not noisy when in use since it comes accompanied by a belt drive that is steel reinforced and constructed by durable materials. This door opener uses the Chamberlain's Max Lift Power System to deliver a lifting force equivalent to 1-1/4 hp.

This garage door opener is also accompanied by three-button remotes that use the company's exclusive TriBand technology to capture the signal from a 1500 feet range. For such a high-quality door opener, you can not expect it not to have a motion-detecting control panel as well as a pair of safety sensors. The panel is responsible for the programming of myQ lighting accessories, keypads as well as remote controls.

When in use, this gate will turn on the gate lights every time a motion is detected. It also has a wireless keypad that is included with anti-theft protection. Because it is completely wireless, there won't be any need to be worried about electrical connections toppling over when the garage door is opening.

  • Pros
  • It has a smart door opening feature
  • It is compatible with myQ smart technology for smartphone use
  • It comes with a wireless keypad
  • It has three button remotes
  • Cons
  • It requires a reliable WiFi connection to function
  • It has complicated hi-tech features that require expert set-up

2. Sommer Direct Drive Garage Door Opener (1042V001)

In this door opener, Sommer has an extremely quiet unit that is respected for producing no noise and vibration when opening. It is a 3/4-hp opener designed with strong motor technology that has only a single moving part which is very different from other brands in the market.

Other similar door openers use noisy chains, but this particular one uses motor glides that slide quietly on the rail. This door opener is designed and manufactured in Germany, and it has a rail that can comfortably accommodate a door height of not less than 8 feet. When it comes to the warranty, this product has a lifetime warranty, with each kit having one wall station and two button transmitters. Like other modern designed garage door openers in the market currently, this particular model comes accompanied by a safety beam sensor responsible for using an invisible beam when the door is opening when closing and better still when reversing the door in the event something has happened.

  • Pros
  • It is quiet
  • It is has a functional safety beam sensor
  • It comes accompanied by a lifetime sensor
  • Cons
  • It has very little buttons on the controller
  • It is slow when it comes to opening doors
  • It is not compatible with the myQ smartphone application

3. Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

This special garage door opener that is designed to be powered by a DC motor that has a 24-volt capacity and is well designed to save on space in the garage. This particular opener does not require rails to hand and, therefore, ideal for the homeowner who needs a lot of space in the garage.

It is designed with an auto-force feature that is careful to monitor the garage system, track door movement, adjust according to floor height as well as adjust according to temperature fluctuations. It also has an enclosed gear case that provides continuous protection and lubrication for a long-lasting experience.

Similar to many other garage door openers in its class, it also uses an invisible beam light to control the door. It also supports the unique myQ application that allows the user to electronically program it from a remote pace. For additional security, it comes accompanied by a power cord that has a deadbolt lock feature for top-notch security. It has a 200 watt remote light that can be mounted anywhere in the garage, a three-button remote control, a cable tension monitor, safety sensors, and the myQ panel.

  • Pros
  • Its unique wall mount design saves on a lot of space
  • It is easy to operate
  • It has an awesome protector system
  • Cons
  • It is not really compatible with old vehicle models

4. Decko Garage Door Opener (24300/24503)

Decko 24503 3/4 Horse Power Heavy Duty Quiet Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with 3 Function Locking...
  • Easy installation featuring non-polarized wiring making installing the wiring error free
  • Handles sectional garage doors up to 7 feet tall and 18 feet wide
  • 8 foot extension is available to accommodate larger doors
  • Accessories included: 3 function wall panel, two 3 button remotes, wireless wall button and wireless...
  • Auto reverse safety system

This model can easily qualify as among the best garage door openers because of the mere fact that it is heavy-duty. It has a unique feature that allows it to be either chain or belt driven with a quiet motor that rarely makes any disturbing noise.

With a button's simple push, the homeowner can easily adjust the door travel limits to the specific preference. It has a unique auto-reverse feature responsible for stopping the door if something is blocking it from closing. It is designed to withstand extreme weather and has a quality control procedure guided from 20 different points. The manufacturer made sure that it has a lifetime motor warranty and better still, a one-year warranty on all the other parts.

  • Pros
  • It is affordable
  • It is reliable and extremely quiet
  • It has a motor that can rotate in two different ways
  • It has a lifetime motor warranty
  • It has an auto-reverse safety system
  • Cons
  • It is not ideal for extremely cold climates
  • It has signal issues if the remote control is in a long-range

5. Genie SilentMax 1200 Garage Door Opener

Genie SilentMax 1200 Model 4042-TKH Garage Door Opener with Motion Detection Lighting, Ultra-Quiet...
  • ULTRA-QUIET OPERATION: The SilentMax 1200 is an ideal garage door opener for garages attached to...
  • POWERFUL AND SMOOTH OPERATION: The powerful 140V DC motor features a soft start and stop control for...
  • FAST AND EASY INSTALLATION: With no additional hardware required for assembly, the c-channel rail...
  • DURABLE AND RELIABLE: The steel-reinforced belt drive system adds strength, durability and value to...
  • SAFE AND SECURE: The Self Diagnostic Safe-T-Beam system helps prevent accidents and Intellicode...

This particular brand is well known when it comes to manufacturing and designing reliable garage door openers. This particular model is designed to be the ideal choice for anyone who has a garage that is attached to the home. With a soft start and power off feature, this garage door opener is powered by a 140 volt DC motor that is not heavy and provides quiet transportation of the door.

Well designed to protect accidents using the Safe T-Beam, it automatically uses an invisible infrared to open, close, and reverse the door. It also comes accompanied by a technology that easily diagnoses if something goes wrong and either closes fast or raises the alarm.

When it comes to providing adequate security, this garage door opener comes with a two bulb lighting system designed to work together with the motion detector for optimum security. To prevent unauthorized access to the garage, this drive garage door opener uses a unique rolling code technology to change the code every time the door opens.

  • Pros
  • It is not expensive
  • It is ultra-quiet when in operation
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty on the motor
  • Cons
  • It has issues with the remote control range

Types Of Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers come in different types, namely, the screw drive, the belt drive, the chain drive, and direct drive.

1. Chain Drive

A chain drive garage door opener is designed with a metal chain that is able to engage the trolley and close or open the garage door. Typically, this type is the most affordable but relatively noisy when it comes to moving the chain.

2. Belt Drive

This particular type uses a strong rubber belt to drive the trolley. It is quieter and smoother when moving since the trolley is moving on top of rubber. When it comes to opening and closing speed, it is unfortunately among the slowest.

3. Screw Drive

This type is also similar to a belt drive garage door opener in the sense that not a lot of parts move when opening or closing. This type uses a steel rod that is threaded when moving the trolley.

4. Direct Drive

This one does not use any belt drive technique since the motor moves the trolley itself. It is also not very fast when it comes to opening and closing.

Important Considerations To Make Before Buying A Garage Door Opener

1. Horsepower

Without a doubt, this is the first factor to be considered when looking for a garage door opener. Typically, ratings range from 1/3 hp to 1 1/2 hp, but the actual horsepower is determined by the weight as well as the size of the door. For a single door, 1/3 hp is enough, while 1 1/2 hp is enough to handle a two-door garage door.

2. Features

Depending on the need of the homeowner, a garage door has different features, and one will go for the one that has features that he/she likes. There are garage door openers that support smartphone and remote control connectivity and others that do not.

3. Price

Just like with any other gadget, the price a garage door opener goes for is a high determinant of whether it will be bought or not. The garage door price should go hand in hand with the budget set aside for it.

4. Security Light

This is an important factor that anyone searching for the best garage door opener to buy should consider seriously. The security light should be automatic when the door is opening so that it has more enhanced security features overall.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do I Need A Professional To Install My Garage Door Opener?

When installing a garage door opener, it is advisable to hire a professional technician. This is because there is a bit of programming that happens for the door to function properly.

2. Does The Door Come With A Warranty?

Yes, it does. Many garage door openers come accompanied by a lifetime warranty on the motor and, depending on the brand, different warranties for the other parts.

3. Can It Be Repaired If It Gets Faulty?

Yes, it can. The best thing about the different garage door opener companies is that they have qualified repair technicians who are always on standby to do repairs.


Garage doors have indeed seen a lot of positive metamorphoses when matters related to getting better advancement when matters related to getting more security are concerned. Because technology has continued to grow, the only thing that can be expected is that it will become much better in the future.

Anyone in the search for the best door opener will, without a doubt, get the best if the factors mentioned above are taken into serious consideration. By so doing, garage doors will continue to become more efficient for both operation and security. Because the garage is held in very high regard in different homes across the world, it needs all the attention and available resources to ensure that nothing falls short of it getting the best. 

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