Dewalt dccs620p1 Review

From DIY furniture projects to medium size tree cutting on your yard or nearby trees for logs intended to be used in the fireplace, a chainsaw is a very useful machine to acquire.  But a question on which type and how big you need may be addressed as you read through. 

Most of the time we assess a product to buy according to its capability to execute precise and clean results. Start off by looking at the experts in making powerful tools to suit industrial and household projects. The company Dewalt is a household name recognized by many to have products that outperform more expensive brands.

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Now when we add on affordability and reliability, getting the DEWALT dcc620p1 is like hitting several birds with one stone. This chainsaw model from the renowned company DEWALT brings about power, efficiency, and convenience for the operator.

Now that you had picked out the brand to trust, how about we venture to the specifications suitable for your needs.

So let us cut to the chase and get down to the nitty gritty why this mean machine is considered by many happy customers as the best chainsaw ever! Let us put three reasons why your next stop is to the shop and get this.

Cutting Capacity

Now let us first be clear about this, be in the know on what you really need. Come to think of this, you do not use scissors to cut wooden blocks nor do you use an ax to cut paper. My point is to be sure first of your specific needs prior to choosing which product to buy.

Previously, I had mentioned that the brand Dewalt covers almost every tool a handyman can ever think and dream of but you just need to get across several specifications to get the perfect match.

We start off with its capacity to cut through 10 to 20-inch limbs of trees giving you the average size of logs to be handled by most contractors. It has a 12-inch bar for small to medium-sized trees ideal for construction or outdoor cutting applications. To increase run time and motor life, it is equipped with a brushless motor on a high-efficiency level with a chain speed of about 25.2feet/second.  As a special feature to the design, the bar clamping can be adjusted or secured with a tool-free chain tensioning and tightening bar knob.

Lightweight, Unique power supply and easy to handle

Have you ever wondered why the saying goes “He has the built for the job”? Lumberjacks have strong backs and chiseled arms because it is needed in their line of work.  Working through trees and logs day after day, plus the heavy machinery they use to make their profession labeled as “Only for the strong in mind and body”.

Picture this, Captain America cutting through trees for logs on the fireplace with a big bulky gas chainsaw. He is strong he can go through it with least effort. But seeing the size you can just imagine how heavy it may be. You exert time and effort on getting the job done.

Now a few meters away Iron man boasting, “I can do more of that with just half the time and effort you are putting”. So he pulls up a DEWALT chainsaw and cuts down the logs easy as pie with least effort.


It is very lightweight with only 8.8 pounds and on top of it, is cordless and operates on 20V rechargeable batteries developed with the capacity for full operations hours and hours.

In comparison to corded or gas chainsaws, performance is defined and limited to the length of the power supply connection (even hazardous as you may trip on the cord and might have a cutting accident!) and the fuel and fumes you need to go through while working. (talk about occupational hazards) .

Let us put aside Tony Stark as strong as Captain America with his suit on but we all know he can be smarter in some ways.

Now, this scenario is not just about who is the strongest but as they say, “Work smart not just hard”.

Nobody is like Captain America to have all the strength and endurance of cutting down logs for the fireplace. And everybody else is so busy to make sure the job is done as soon as possible.

More of How?

We all know comfort and convenience can increase productivity. So in detail, this product is designed with rubberized handles, fitted in shape to the operator’s hand accordingly giving precise control and less discomfort. This is in contrast to the gas or corded chainsaws that have ordinary handles made of plastic.


Combining all this, you can definitely get more job done with as much as half the time needed for ordinary cheap products of competitive brands.


Say goodbye to respiratory diseases after a day’s work with other chainsaws as you choke down chemicals from the motor’s exhaust. Specifically, bulky gas chainsaws are powerful indeed but the fumes and noise definitely put you in trouble with your health as well as the neighbors!

With this Dewalt cordless chainsaw, pollution free model, no fumes and less noise can be experienced while concentrating on the job to be accomplished. Get this gas chainsaws definitely, are air and noise pollution rolled into one machine so with the said product it just can’t get better than that. Cutting and crafting move beyond tolerable to enjoyable thus productivity increases giving you much more than what you had invested from buying the product.

Maintenance and Services

On a personal note, I don’t admire companies that do not have Service Centers readily available for a routine consultation, possible repair or fancy upgrades. I mean every machine though how durable it may be could possibly be needing a little bit caring every now and then. They are after all machines, and that is why we have spare parts and expert mechanics for this.

It speaks much of a company that is after only on sales and not on customer satisfaction or relationship. I truly believe a company is successful because of many happy customers they have because after all, they are the lifeblood of their industry. With Dewalt, they have bridged that gap, reflecting their mission of keeping their customers happy and inviting new ones. By such open communication, they get feedback on the product’s actual performance as well as get ideas on how to further enhance existing features or add on state of the art and high-end innovation. Such partnership and care do exist!

To be more specific on this, DEWALT has over 77 outlets and partner service centers that offer their free services on basic repair for a year or so on top of the three-year warranty given to the product bought. Get all that and more! Indeed talking about a company with a heart of professionalism and empathy to its clients.

It is a proven fact that most gas chainsaws have complicated motors needing time and effort to fix and this may take weeks and funds to get it going again. For contractors, add it all up, you lose both time and money for your projects. For the handyman, you lose both too, as you are pretty much busy with other things, you cannot put off more of your time to squeeze it in your busy schedule. By the time it is finished you lose the inspiration for a supposed to be de-stressing project and frustrations build up. Talk about a big let down indeed.

So to outdoor crafty warriors in the field of both commercial or personal arena cutting down of trees to be made into projects with great use will never be the same with the Dewalt DCCS620P1 cordless chainsaw.