DeWalt DCCS690H1 Review


  • Low recoil 16″ Oregon bar and chain
  • High-efficiency brushless motor that maximizes uptime and engine life
  • Automatic lubrication with LubriLink and LubriWell for continuous lubrication. Quarter-turn oil cap for quick oil refills.
  • Chain brake for recoil protection
  • Tool-free tool tension and tension knob for proper bar clamping force
  • Variable speed trigger for full power control
  • Part of the 40V MAX* system of outdoor electrical equipment

Here’s a chainsaw that will make you forget any other you’ve used before. You’ll know how easy it is to do logging work, and wonder why you didn’t buy the Dewalt DCCS9H1.

This is a gas-powered wireless chainsaw, with high performance. Dewalthe has managed to produce a gas chainsaw that performs better than a gasoline chainsaw, and there are many tests and testimonies that confirm it.The low 16-inch recoil of the Oregon bar and chain also adds to the performance of the chainsaw,no material is rival strong enough for the power of this machine.

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The most surprising thing: how light it is. You’ll be able to manipulate and cut it in the position you need to execute the right cut, just like a pro. You’ll have full control over this machine, you won’t have to be afraid of it. It gives you reliability and grip, and is a huge advantage that Dewalt offers you.

Dewalt has implemented technologies called LubriLink and LubriWell will always keep the entire system lubricated completely automatically. You’ll have to fill it with oil, of course, but much less frequently and with the certainty that your chain saw won’t suffer wear damage. The brushless 40V chainsaw with brushless ness eliminates the pain of having to keep everything greased.

LubriLink – All the small holes in the chain straps that will retain your oil.

LubriWell – Holes in the chain links that carry the oil around the bar.

Without the need for tools, you can manually adjust the chain tension and adjust it to your craving, so that it suits your cutting shape. This will make everything much faster and easier for you.

You can also adjust the speed with a trigger, which is certainly useful for less experienced users who aren’t used to working at high speeds. It also helps you have more control over your chainsaw.

The Dewalt features a chain brake that gives you advantageous protection against chainsaw recoil, which can be very dangerous. This is especially intended for your safety. And you can rest easy knowing that nothing will go wrong.

You don’t need to be muscular to be able to fight the ignition cord. Unlike other gas chainsaws, the wireless Dewalt requires no effort to power on. You’ll be able to save the little effort you’ll use when you’re really going to do the job.

Warranty is an issue that users consider most attractive. Dewaltshe’s so confidentofthe quality of its product that offers its competitors an exceptional 3 year warranty, in addition you will have all the services offered by the brand for one year totally free of charge. When you buy it, it also comes with a 90-day warranty just in case you didn’t like the chainsaw and want a refund, but that probably won’t happen.

The amazing features it brings: the bar greaser is solid maintains a smooth maintenance of the chain, besides that it does not escape, which is a big problem in other chainsaws of this style. The lack of noise is also remarkable, doesn’t deafen you and you can even have a conversation around you, and more importantly, you hear when the tree starts to crack to fall. It has no escape murmurs towards your face, another problem common in other chainsaws. It’s easy to slide on autopilot and forget that you won’t hear the noise of an engine idling to warn you of a tool ready to cut. Before you give the ignition pull, there is a safety button that you must operate. Without adoubt, this Dewaltchain saw will provide an excellent user experience.

Users say they have been able to cut trees up to 12 inches in diameter without any problem. Take down the tallest pine trees and prepare the firewood for your campfire. You can cut more than 100 trees before you need to change the 6 amp battery.

No one can deny that the gas chainsaws had been the best all these years. No other type of chainsaw could reach the performance that the gas chainsaws provided, but everything changed when the DEWALT 40V chainsaw arrived without cable. This chainsaw turned out to be as powerful and competitive as the gas-powered ones, and as this proved incredible to many (and rightly so), practical comparison tests were done. The result: DEWALT emerged victorious. This chain saw features a 12-inch bar and chain, the quality of which improves the performance of this machine.

You won’t believe when I tell you this chainsaw weighs only 20 pounds, but it’s absolutely true. Now, you don’t have to worry, as its performance and strength is even more surprising. You should not be fooled by its size and weight, this chainsaw has everything it takes to cut the thickest trees. You will be surprised how much this compact machine can do.

What happens when you don’t oil your chainsaw? Well, the chain breaks down. This is a problem you won’t have to worry about so often. The wireless DEWALT 40V features a new and practical automatic oiling system called LubriLink and LubriWell that greatly facilitates the maintenance work of your chain saw. This chainsaw does that annoying job for you.

The deWALT 40V cordless chain saw features a cool tensioner that allows you to adjust the chain tension without tools, this you do easily with your hands. Thus, you can adjust to your convenience and without any setback both the tension of the chain and the hardness of the bar, which will allow you to maintain the force you need when cutting. DEWALT knows that when you’re working, you don’t have time to waste. Complete your work in the shortest time possible.

The deWALT 40V cordless chain saw comes with an amazing feature that not many other chain saws have, and you can adjust the chain speed with a pull of a trigger. This gives you incredible control over your equipment, and increase the power you need for the heavy work to do. This feature will be greatly appreciated by those who have less experience cutting with chainsaws. Stay in control of your chainsaw and don’t let her control you.

One of the most dangerous situations when using a chainsaw is when a kickback occurs. This is because a small portion of the material to be cut is trapped between the teeth of the chain when it cannot be cut. When this happens, the chainsaw can get out of your control and cause serious damage to you and those around you. And the worst part is that these accidents are more common than they seem. Taking this into account, DEWALT has included an ingenious solution, an automatic brake that detects when a kickback is going to occur and automatically shuts down the engine. These tools are to be taken seriously, so you must purchase a product of a serious brand.

What’s in bringing the DCCS690M1 Brushless Chainsaw:

  • 6 A 6A 40V lithium battery
  • Charger
  • 16-fleaOregon Bar with its chain
  • Bar sheath

Dewalt 40V Max Chainsaw Features

  • Self-oiled with Lubrilink and Lubriwell technologies for greater chain protection
  • Easy oil refill system
  • Easily accessible tension without the use of tools
  • Bar Adjuster
  • Variable speed trigger

The DEWALT 40V cordless chain saw has received positive feedback almost unanimously. They stand out above all its good construction, how hard and resistant it is, and its power. Many are surprised for its light weight of just 13.5 pounds with its 6-Amp battery. The tool-free tension mechanism is a feature that users love about this product. The bar is hard and good material, you can see that it is well manufactured. The battery charges surprisingly fast, in a couple of hours you’re ready with the battery butt to start cutting.The chainsaw features a three-bar LED indicator that lets you know how much battery your computer has left. It also has a visual indicator that tells you how much oil it hasto look like, so you don’t have any trouble putting your chainsaw butt for its work.

Once you have your DEWALT 40V chainsaw without oiled ready rope, with tensioned chain, tight bar and recharged battery, you’re ready to start your amazing cutting experience. The saw operates powerfully and stablely. You can cut a 12-inch diameter pine easily. The battery lets you cut continuously for about 2 and a half hours before you have to recharge it. You can also replace the battery with a similar one. The chainsaw will hardly overheat even at all the hard work.

In conclusion, this is the product that dominates the electric chainsaw market. Users have described the DEWALT 40V as a product of excellent performance, much better than other chainsaws with lithium battery. The low noise it produces and the low vibration it has makes the work much more enjoyable. In addition, it does not produce emissions of any kind. You’ll really be impressed with what an electric chainsaw can do.