4 Best Offset Smokers Plus Buyer’s Guide

The 4 best offset smokers plus a buyer’s guide that will help you find the perfect one for your needs. Stay warm and enjoy smokes outside or indoors with these top picks!

The “best offset smoker under $1500” is a great way to enjoy the benefits of smoking meat. This type of smoker uses indirect heat, which means it doesn’t require charcoal or wood pellets like traditional smokers do. The best offset smokers are affordable and easy to use.

I assumed we’d wind up with an offset smoker when we originally started searching for anything for outdoor cooking, so I did a lot of research on the finest ones available. Here’s a quick list I put together, and I’ll tell you which one is our favorite. We’ve addressed a few frequent questions below if you have any.

The List


American Gourmet Offset Charcoal Smoker and Grill by Char-Broil


For those who need to conserve a little space, Char-smoker Broil’s is a great option. It has a cooking area of 290 square inches and convenient access to the firebox. It is made entirely of steel and has a rust-resistant finish. When you need to move it, it has wheels on casters.

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Why We Enjoy It

The welded cooking chamber helps to retain heat, resulting in a richer overall taste. Despite its compact size, you have a lot of control over the airflow and temperature of your smoker.

This one is made using wood chips and water. The chips go effortlessly through the firebox, and the porcelain-coated steam pan retains water. Heat control is entirely adjustable. You can adjust the volume and flow of smoke from the top chimney vent.

The temperature monitor on the lid offers you a clearer sense of what you’re dealing with, allowing you to keep everything constant.

Why Are You Doubting? This isn’t a set-and-forget smoker. As the meat cooks, you’ll need to make a lot of modifications, or you’ll end up with parts that cook faster than others. It’s a bit smaller than other smokers on the market, but it allows you to have a smoker in a location that wouldn’t otherwise be able to fit one.


Who is it for?

This is the one for you if you like getting your hands dirty when smoking meats, fiddling with the settings and rates of smoke and taste. Wood chips might be expensive, but if you get the hang of it, it’s a fantastic experience.

DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker by Dyna-Glo


The Dyna-Glo is a vertical offset smoker with charcoal for a consistent smoking experience. The firebox is made of porcelain enameled steel and has a cooking area of 784 square inches.

Why We Enjoy It

Because of the way they’re built, vertical smokers generally offer greater temperature control. The temperature in the food chamber varies minimally from one end to the other, which may be acceptable for novices.

It also makes it easier to prepare your meals if you aren’t planning on babysitting your smoker all day. For various cuts, there are six adjustable height shelves. Why Are You Doubting?

Serious smokers take advantage of temperature changes. Horizontal smokers often have larger chambers, and most professional grade smokers are of this type. Although it has twin doors to keep the bulk of the heat in while you alter the meat, the food chamber does have minor leaks.

Who is it for?

Beginner smokers who are unsure about temperature control but want to start smoking meat right away may find it to be a more straightforward starting point. While professional smokers use horizontal equipment, the vertical form produces excellent smoked meats.

Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker by Oklahoma Joe’s


You want improved heat dispersion. Whether you supervise your meats or not, you want the smoke to flow evenly and appropriately. The Oklahoma reverse flow smoker Joe directs heat through the main chamber with the help of four baffles. You receive a consistent heat distribution instead of a hot zone near the firebox, which cuts down on the time you spend regulating meats.

Why We Enjoy It

Hot places are always closer to the firebox, while cooler ones are closer to the outside. There are a few solutions, but the most popular is to move the meats about every now and again.

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Oklahoma Because of Joe’s method, you’ll spend less effort attempting to account for temperature variations. You may return to your party with a wonderful, equal flow over the meat.

It’s made entirely of steel, with porcelain-coated grates for added heat management. You can also change the location of the smokestack and remove baffles to customize your smoker setup.

Why Are You Doubting?

Oklahoma Joe isn’t your typical cigarette smoker. You’ll probably need to make a few changes to get it to your liking. If you’re a tinker, it could excite you, but what if you’re a beginner? It may result in disappointment. You may need to adjust your doors, upgrade your handle, or replace your temperature gauge with a more accurate one. You can get a professional smoker for less than half the price if you find out what you need.

Who is it for?

Intermediate smokers who know their preferences and are willing to experiment. Yes, it should provide more consistent temps, but this is a machine designed to be customized. This isn’t your smoker if it doesn’t sound like you.

Smoke Offset 500 Offset Smoker & Grill, Black, Broil King 955050


This smaller model may seem plain, yet it has dual-purpose stainless steel charcoal trays as well as all-stainless steel ash trays. The ashtray and charcoal pan are also removable for convenient cleaning. It’s ideal for patios with little space.

Why We Enjoy It

The damper on the chimney may assist you control the temperature and velocity of smoke flow. The box form chamber, despite its tiny overall size, provides 500 square inches of cooking area. The smoker box transforms to additional grilling area when you’re merely grilling.

Why Are You Doubting?

There aren’t as many reviews, but it’s built of heavy-duty steel in Canada.

Who is it for?

This is a great choice for meat smokers who just have a patio to work on. It’s tough and dependable, making it an excellent grill and smoker.

Buyer’s Guide for Offset Smokers

You’ve received our top five list, but you still have some questions? Let’s get these questions addressed.

What Is An Offset Smoker And How Does It Work?

Offset smokers are a timeless design. They’re one of the first forms of smokers, and they’re still quite popular.

There are two compartments, one for meat and the other for charcoal and wood. Your smoke supplies are kept in the smaller chamber. They securely burn there while the food is stored in the bigger chamber. A ventilation pipe allows the smoke to circulate freely.

To make moving around simpler, most offset smokers are mounted on legs with two wheels. On the bottom, there’s a little shelf. To retain the heat at a controlled and steady temperature, use offset smokers made of hefty steel.

A horizontal, vertical, square, or barrel-shaped food chamber is possible. The fundamental premise has not changed. The kind you pick is just a matter of your choice and the size of the space available for your smoker.

They’re rather substantial. If you’re confident the smoker will remain there permanently, you may remove the wheels and make it more of a permanent construction. If you have to move anything, wheels are your best friend.

What Is the Function of Offset Smokers?


The heat source on traditional grills is immediately underneath the meat, which cooks on one side and then the other.

Offset smokers direct the heat away from the meat. Heat is never directly applied to the meat. Instead, heat and smoke are sent to a side chamber, where they circulate, cooking the meat all over and imparting a smoky taste. Smoke rises via the ventilation pipe, maintaining a steady but never static temperature.

You control the temperature by adjusting the ventilation and exhaust. Because the side of the chamber closest to the heat source is always the hottest, you may need to modify the food occasionally with bigger smokers.

Some smokers use techniques to help even out the temperature in the chamber. Some people use a sliding plate with bigger holes on the outer edge and smaller holes on the heat edge below the meal. Others use more complex chambers and pipes to distribute airflow more evenly across the meal.

What’s the Best Way to Clean an Offset Smoker?

Cleaning the smoker keeps the vents open and running while also preventing the smoker from deteriorating. You can’t simply wash it down, so how can you get into the nooks and crannies to clean it?

Cleaning may be done in a variety of ways, but here’s a quick rundown.

  1. Clean out the fireplace. Make sure the ash and any bigger particles that remain are drained. You may either scatter your ashes on your garden or dispose of them in the trash.
  2. Clean out the cooking area. Instead of spraying it with water, gently wipe it off with a clean cloth or paper towel. Resist the impulse to get in there with anything abrasive, as this can harm the finish and create cracking and corrosion.
  3. Wipe the heat deflection plates clean. The same rules apply as before. Don’t use anything abrasive or wet them.
  4. Keep your grills clean. One of the few things that might be soaked is the trays. Make sure the stainless steel is food-grade and can withstand submersion.

The major takeaway is to frequently remove chunks of old fat and smoke residue to avoid obstructing airflow or posing food safety risks. You’ll also keep bugs away if you smoke outdoors (and who doesn’t unless they have a large workshop?).

What Is the Best Way to Season My Offset Smoker?

It doesn’t have to be difficult to season an offset smoker. You just need a few basic items.

  • spray for cooking (or cooking oil and a rag) time for charcoal and a fire

That concludes it. It works in the same way as cast iron or other cookware. Coat the inside with the spray or your lubricated rag. Season the heat management plates and the charcoal grates as well.

The stainless steel grill rack may be left out since the coating will be washed off anyhow. Reverse the process on the interior of the firebox.

Build your charcoal and fire it after everything is coated. To provide appropriate ventilation, keep the flue and vents half open.

A temperature of about 150 degrees for at least two hours is required for seasoning. This leaves a thin protective coating on the smoker’s surfaces. It will generate a lustrous finish and aid in the sealing of the inside. This should be done once a year.

If you wash the inside of your smoker after seasoning it, you’ll lose the fresh coating. To collect any dripping fat, wipe off the inside with a soft paper towel.

Last Thoughts

Your backyard will benefit from your offset smoker. You can keep it going by following our advice, and it will repay you for years. You should be able to locate anything that meets your needs on our list. A dependable smoker does not have to cost hundreds of dollars. Whether you’re a complete novice or have some expertise, there are a variety of models that will suit your needs. With your new smoker, reclaim your backyard barbeque crown. Dinners will never be the same again.

Do you have any experience smoking meats or are you a complete novice? Tell us everything about it in the comments section below.

We hope you found this information helpful in your search for the ideal offset smoker for your garden. If you’re seeking for the best pellet grills, we’ve reviewed the greatest and most popular models that we purchased. Check out our post for instructions on how to build a tiny deck for your grilling area!

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