5/4 Deck Boards vs 2×6 Decking

What size of decking is best for your home?

The “5/4 x 6 deck boards actual size” is a comparison of the two types of decking. The 5/4 deck board is smaller than the 2×6, but more expensive.

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Many considerations must be made while purchasing a property. Even additional benefits come with building your own house. While you may be busy with how you want your house to appear on the inside, an inviting outside environment should not be overlooked. Many homeowners like to build a deck on which they may barbeque, party, or just relax in comfy chairs while enjoying each other’s company and the fresh air.

The most important choice you will make when building a deck in your backyard is the sort of wood you will select. 5/4 deck boards or 2/6 deck boards are the most common options. It might be difficult to identify the difference between these two boards at first look, so how do you know which to choose?

The distinctions between the two will be discussed here to assist you in making the best selection for your house and family. Continue reading to learn more. 



What’s the Difference Between a 5/4 and a 2/6 Board?

There are various distinctions between these two wooden boards, but the most significant difference is their size. A 5/4 board is 1 inch thick, and a 2/6 board is 1.5 inches thick, despite the fact that they are both 5.5 inches broad. This difference in size leads to a number of significant peculiarities in how these two boards will be utilized. Let’s look at them and see how they could influence your decision depending on your deck’s intended purposes. 

Which one is the heaviest?

The 2/6 board is substantially heavier than the 5/4 board due to its thickness. A 12 foot long 2-6 board weighs 28 pounds, whereas a 5/4 board weighs 19 pounds. A nine-pound difference may not seem like much, but it may have a significant impact on your efficiency. 

  • You’ll be able to unload and carry a greater number of 5/4 boards at once.
  • You will not get fatigued as fast, allowing you to work for longer periods of time.

Which board is more durable?

A 26 is a preferable choice if you want a deck that can support a lot of weight (for example, if you like partying and holding parties), for the following reasons: 

  • The 26-inch boards are thicker and less prone to bend, cup, or break under strain than the 5/4-inch boards, making them ideal for ground-level decks.
  • The 5/4 boards are usually manufactured from the tree’s weakest parts or from younger trees. As it dries, this sort of wood bends and coils. As a result, the boards have a greater chance of cupping and rotting quicker than 26 boards.  

Which Board Necessitates the Most Joists?

Having the correct support system is an important part of designing a solid deck. This is in the shape of joists, which are an important element of the structural basis of decks. Joists are perpendicular to the house, supported above beams, and strengthened by joist hangers. They are generally constructed of wood, although sometimes steel. Following that, the deck boards are put level on top of the joists.

You’ll need joists initially, no matter what size boards you use. Because the 2×6 boards are thicker and so span greater space, fewer joists are required. In general, a joist every 24 inches is required for a 2×6 board. A joist every 16 inches is required for a 5/4 board, on the other hand. 


This implies that although you may spend more for the boards themselves if you choose to build your deck with 26 boards, you will pay less for the joists. 

Which is more environmentally friendly?

Another thing to think about before you start building a deck is how it will impact the environment. Between the two options, a deck made of 5/4 boards is the preferable option in this case. To make the thicker 2×6 boards, more trees will be chopped down.

If you’re looking for the most environmentally friendly decking choice, I recommend composite. Composite is the finest option for the environment since it is made up of 90-95 percent recyclable resources. Composite decking utilizes fewer trees than 5/4 or 2/6 decking planks.

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Which Board Is More Attractive?

Due to their rounded edges, the 5/4 boards are more appealing in terms of look. This has the following effects on the deck’s appearance:

  • It gives the impression of being shadowed. As a result, any discrepancies in gap size between the boards are hidden. On the other hand, since 26 boards have straight edges, any defects or gaps of varying sizes between them are more visible. You can use a router to round the corners, but routing each 2×6 board will take more time.
  • It’s less difficult to clean. Because of the rounded edges, there is a huge area towards the top where dirt, leaves, and other debris may easily become caught between the boards. The spaces between 26 boards, on the other hand, are the identical from top to bottom, making clearing them out more difficult. In any case, you should pressure wash your deck on a regular basis to keep dirt, mildew, and mold away from both kinds of decking.
  • There is less water trapped. Because water flows more easily off rounded edges than straight edges, a deck built of 5/4 boards is less likely to have lingering pools of water than a deck made of 2/6 boards. 


Regardless of the amount of decking you choose, it will need the same level of upkeep to keep it in good condition. Because the 5/4 board is thinner and degrades quicker than the 2/6 board, it may need more care. If either size board is made of pressure treated wood, follow our instructions for painting or staining it. If you do decide to stain your decking planks, follow this method to roller-staining a deck.


Many considerations must be made when buying or developing a house. For many homeowners, one of those decisions is whether or not to construct a backyard deck and what sort of wood to use. A 5/4 deck board or a 2/6 deck board are the two alternatives available. Each of these sorts of boards has advantages and disadvantages.

If you go with 5/4 boards, you’ll have a deck that’s a bit better for the environment, simpler to clean, and hides defects better. 2 6 boards are significantly stronger for things like a hot tub than a deck, and are generally sturdier owing to the portion of the tree from which they originate.

Which one you choose for your deck is totally dependent on how you intend to utilize it. Check read our post on how to create deck railings if your deck is taller than 30 inches.


The “5/4 deck boards 12 ft” is a type of wood that is used for decks. The 2×6 decking is more common, but the 5/4 board can be installed in a shorter time and will cost less money.

  • 6/4 deck boards
  • 5/4 x 4 deck boards
  • 5/4 deck boards 24 on center
  • 2×6 deck boards actual size
  • 2×6 deck boards 16 ft
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