Backyard Water Games for Adults

Home water games are a great way to stay cool and hydrated during the summer. Add some fun with these backyard water games for adults that will make your yard look amazing while you play.

Backyard Water Games for Adults is a site that offers water games for adults. It has a wide range of games from the classic “water balloon” to more complex ones like “Water Wars”.

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When summer arrives, it is not necessary to sit indoors and pant like a dog because of the heat. In fact, it’s typically best to find something to keep you from becoming too hot, therefore we’ve compiled a list of adult water games that you can play in your own garden.

While most water games are basic and oriented toward children, they can become rather sophisticated when a twist is added, making practically any game entertaining AND hard for adults; consequently, we’ve compiled a list of the eight trendiest outdoor water games to enjoy. 

The Top 8 Adult Backyard Water Games

While it’s common to think of backyard sprinklers as something only kids do, why shouldn’t adults join in the fun? Here are a few games to help get the party started. However, the greatest fun is had when you start rearranging them and thinking up your own rules, so have some fun!


Simple Free-for-all Competition: Water Wars


Individuals or teams may participate in this game. The idea is straightforward: don’t get wet!

Here’s what you’ll require:

  • Water
  • Anything that can store water and spray it (water hose, spray bottle, water balloon, etc.).

The game’s rules are as follows:

  • Anyone who gets soaked or sprayed is out of the game.
  • The individual who is the last one standing and isn’t drenched wins!

A Timeless Classic: Slip & Slide


EVERYONE is a winner in this blast from the past! Just make sure your slide isn’t on a downward slope, otherwise you could end up sliding a little farther than you intended.

Here’s what you’ll require:


  • A water hose is attached to the slide to keep it moist.
  • If you don’t have a typical slide, construct one out of a tarp or garbage bags for this activity.
  • Slide securing devices
  • Shampoo (VERY optional)

The game’s rules are as follows: Well, to paraphrase the classic 80s movie Better Off Dead, run, then slide, and if you get to a tree: turn!

Everything is simple to understand. Once the slide is secured and the water is turned on, each individual will sprint to the slide, fling themselves onto their stomachs as hard as they can, and slide until they can no longer slide! Competitions for tricks or speed are prevalent.

Put some dish soap on the slide for some added adult enjoyment. This will make it very slippery and difficult to stand up. When someone falls, everyone knows it’s hilarious…as long as it’s someone else, right?

Race for the Water Gun Cup

Water guns are a popular among large boys who like playing with toys.

What you’ll need is the following:

  • two coffee cups (or the number to equal however many are facing off at the same time)
  • Water cannons (see above)
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Puncher for holes

The game’s rules are as follows:

Hang the twine until it resembles a clothes line, making sure that each row of twine has a cup with a hole punched in the bottom. Set up each gun and let the games begin!

How to Succeed:

  • Water is shot into the cups by the players, which moves it down the line. The winner is the first person to reach the end of their rope.

Potato Soup


This cool-down version of hot potato is guaranteed.

What you’ll need is the following:

  • Various water balloons
  • Water
  • Music

The game’s rules are as follows: This is a pretty easy game, but it will make everyone wish they were the hot potato for the first time.  Participants sit in a circle and pass the water balloon around until the music stops.  When the sound of silence steps in, the lucky player holding the “Potato Soup” gets to break it over their head, giving them an instant cool down.

Dodgeball with water balloons

Water balloons replace the balls in this version of doge ball. When you are struck in this game, rather of walking away with a red mark where the ball smashes you, you get to calm down.

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What you’ll need is the following:

  • Several water balloons have been filled.
  • Mark the grass with tape, cones, or anything else.

The game’s rules are as follows:

  • The players are split into two teams, one on either side of the tape that separates them. 
  • Various water balloons (you can either do an even number on each side, or you can do a balloon per person) are placed on each side of the line.  
  • It’s game on when the signal is given!

Because we’re grownups, the rules are a little more sophisticated than the kids’ version: 

  • In the kids’ version, merely being struck with a balloon will put them out. However, in this form, the balloon must detonate on the person who has been struck.  
  • When a player captures a balloon, the thrower is eliminated.
  • If a player attempts to capture the balloon and it bursts, that player is eliminated.

The winning team is the one with the last dry player.

Baseball with water balloons

What better way to combat the heat than by playing baseball…with WATER BALLOONS!

What you’ll need is the following:

  • Water-filled balloons
  • bat(s)
  • Something to represent bases

The game’s rules are as follows:

This game is played in the same manner as baseball. Someone tosses the water balloon around like a baseball. The batter’s goal, much as with a baseball, is to hit the balloon as hard as possible. It’s time to start sprinting if the batter doesn’t pop the balloon!

A strike occurs when the balloon explodes. Fill the balloons to several levels of sensitivity until you discover one that works best for your group.

Pinatas with Water Balloons

The close cousin to Baseball with water balloons, and once again, us big kids will be swinging for the fences!

What you’ll need is the following:

  • Lots of  Water-filled balloons 
  • bat(s)
  • twine or string (optional)
  • blindfold(s)

The game’s rules are as follows:

  • Using rope or twine, or the balloons themselves, tie the filled balloons to the branches of a tree.  
  • To avoid any mishaps, it is suggested that each individual take turns hitting the bat at the balloon.
  • At-bat, take a couple of blindfolded swings.

This is a much more relaxed “game.” Everyone will be laughing their heads off as they watch their buddies attempt to swat the balloons while playing “blind man’s bluff.” Everyone gets to cool down as the balloons burst! If you really want to become competitive, race to see who can knock down the most people in the shortest amount of time.

Marco Polo was a famous merchant.

This is the classic water game for the backyard! We’re all aware of it. We all like it. Everyone takes shortcuts. Is there such such thing as a completed game?

What you’ll need is the following:

  • A pool is a place where you can swim.
  • If you want to seem legitimate, wear a blindfold.
  • A group of wacky pals who aren’t scared to lie.

The game’s rules are as follows:

  • All except one of the contestants choose to be “Marco.”
  • With their eyes closed, the one person who is soloed out will tiptoe around the pool edge, stating the second half of the name and hinting to their aspirations, ostensibly based on echolocation and good old honesty.
  • The other players will aim to capture the person who has been crippled by their choice to play it blind in the hopes of hearing the scoundrels before they reach them… then leap upon their backs and attempt to drown them halfway.

If one person is apprehended, they become the seeker, and you must flee.

Summer Vacation is Here!

You’ve now been given eight terrific techniques to keep the heat at bay during the summer. So grab some water, gather some pals, and go out to the backyard to have a good time. We also have articles on moving about a hot tub, the distinctions between hot tubs and jacuzzies, and whether or not bath bombs are safe to use in hot tubs.


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