Best Finch Feeders to Enjoy In Your Backyard

This article is about the best feeders for birds to enjoy in your backyard. They are more than just birdhouses, they offer food and shelter for unattended birds as well as a spot to build nests. However, before you choose one of these options it is important that you consider what type of features your yard can accommodate. These factors will help you determine which option might work best with the way things already look there or if they have any restrictions on what materials can be used without causing harm to either people or animals living nearby.

The “best goldfinch feeder” is a great addition to any backyard. It will allow you to enjoy the beauty of these birds in your own backyard.

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Many people wish they could see more finches because they are lovely small birds. A bird feeder is a great method to keep these small birds around for some entertaining watching. Because various bird feeders attract different types of birds, it’s crucial to choose one that’s best for feeding finches. 

Finch feeders with the highest results will feature tiny holes for their little beaks that are too small for other species to use at the same time. These ideal finch feeders must also have the finest food to attract the little birds. If you want to attract finches, check out this short list to determine which feeders are worth the money.


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  • Feeder for Squirrel Buster Finch
  • Finch Feeder for the Droll Yankees
  • Tube Feeder by Woodlink
  • Gray Bunny Tube Feeder (Classic)
  • Conclusion


Feeder for Squirrel Buster Finch

Apart from the intriguing name, this feeder is rather straightforward. It’s a typical tube feeder with a cage that only little finch beaks can get into. This is ideal for birdwatchers who are fighting local squirrels to have enough food on hand to attract finches. It is well-made and easy to use, making it one of the finest feeders available today!

Squirrel Buster Finch Bird Feeder is squirrel-proof...

854 Customer Reviews

Squirrel Buster Finch Bird Feeder is squirrel-proof…

  • It’s worth its weight in inches!
  • SQUIRREL-PROOF: The shroud’s openings line up with the feeding ports, allowing birds to reach the food. When a squirrel jumps onto the feeder, the shroud is automatically pushed down by its weight,…
  • SAVES SEED AND PAYS FOR ITSELF: Squirrels can no longer steal your wild bird seed. This adds up to significant savings over a short period of time, which will cover the cost of your feeder.


Price Comparison

This finch feeder’s key features include:

  • It’s made to go with Nyjer seed, which is ideal for finches.
  • Squirrels are kept out of the meal by the metal cage, which attracts additional finches.
  • Weather-resistant metal and plastic are used to ensure a long product life.
  • The feeder is covered by a lifetime guarantee that includes free replacement.
  • Installation is simple and requires no tools once the feeder is received.

This feeder may be hung from any suitable mounting point for birdwatchers. This feeder does not need any tools or drilling, which might harm fences and trees. The feeder is simple to refill and contains a large quantity of feed. This implies that the birdwatcher won’t have to keep refilling the feeder to view finches!

This feeder is at the top of the list because of the cage, which keeps greedy squirrels away from the finches’ excellent food source. It’s a fantastic feeder that’ll be simple to set up and maintain. Cleaning residue and dirt will be straightforward and painless thanks to the plastic material used. This feeder is an excellent purchase!

Finch Feeder for the Droll Yankees

Our feeder is a bit less expensive than the others on this list, making it an excellent value! People like this inexpensive and long-lasting feeder. Plastic and stainless steel combine to make this feeder. It comes with a translucent tube that allows the birdwatcher to see how much meal is left in the feeder without having to manually check it.


This finch feeder’s key features include:

  • The feeder is made up of very robust materials.
  • Refilling the finch feeder is as simple as flipping the top lid.
  • The feeder may be installed without any tools. 
  • If the birdwatcher wishes to install it on a post, it comes with a mounting bracket.
  • It can hold 3.5 pounds of meal for hungry young finches.

It’s simple to refill, operate, and set up this feeder. Finches gravitate to feeders like these because they have 20 feeding holes, making it much simpler to share food. This feeder is ideal for birdwatchers who wish to view a high number of finches without breaking the budget. This feeder, however, comes with no warranty or money-back guarantee. 

This feeder has the largest capacity of any on this list. It’s the finest solution for birdwatchers who want to load their binoculars as little as possible. It will be a very easy operation for the buying birdwatcher to replenish the feeder when it is necessary. Finches and spectators alike benefit from this basic design.

This is a lovely bird feeder with delicately brushed copper components. Because this tube finch feeder is constructed of glass, it should be handled with caution. It is meticulously designed so that the birdwatcher can always see how much feed is remaining in the tube. This may reduce the number of visits required to maintain food levels. This feeder is both attractive and functional.

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NATUBE5 Audubon 4 Port Thistle Seed Tube by Woodlink...

713 Customer Reviews

NATUBE5 Audubon 4 Port Thistle Seed Tube by Woodlink…

  • 4 Port Thistle Seed Tube Feeder by Audubon
  • Four distinct ports
  • Allow more bird species to perch.


Price Comparison

Among the many advantages of this finch feeder are:

  • Four feeding openings enable many finches to feed simultaneously.
  • The glass enclosure keeps squirrels away from the finch’s food.
  • Because to the metal hanger, the feeder may be placed practically anyplace. 
  • When the item is delivered, no tools are necessary to set up the feeder.
  • The birdwatcher may view the quantity of feed available via the glass tube.

Woodlink’s tube feeder is perfect for birdwatchers that want to attract finches to their yard or garden. They should make sure to handle this finch feeder with great care. The glass construction makes this feeder the most fragile on the list. This setback aside, the Tube Feeder by Woodlink is a great product that does exactly what the birdwatcher needs.

This feeder is a lovely addition to any yard or garden. This finch feeder’s striking copper fitting will contrast well with nature’s greenery. The sole disadvantage of this feeder is that under the correct circumstances, the glass may shatter. On the plus side, cleaning the glass of residue and filth will be a breeze.

The brushed copper will acquire a patina when it is exposed to the weather in the yard or garden, which was not stated earlier. Consider how beautiful the Statue of Liberty is, then imagine what may happen to the copper on this feeder. If the birdwatcher does not want this, they may easily use a dremel tool to remove it.

Gray Bunny Tube Feeder (Classic)

When a birdwatcher is seeking for a durable product, this is a fantastic finch feeder to buy. This finch feeder is ideal for use in regions where squirrels prey on the food left out by birdwatchers. Wind or other natural factors will not bend, bow, or flex its translucent polycarbonate tube.

Outdoor Gray Bunny 6-Port Bird Feeders...

2224 Customer Reviews

Outdoor Gray Bunny 6-Port Bird Feeders…

  • EFFECTIVE DESIGN: High-quality metal keeps your seeds safe. Multiple birds may eat at the same time because to the six well-spaced feeding apertures with perches. The enclosed circular seed container continues to keep up…
  • CHEW-PROOF: Metal feeding ports, perches, lid, and base are all chew-proof and built to endure. Even if the squirrels get to your seeds, your feeder will not be destroyed.
  • INTERESTING: Feed and observe wild birds right in your own garden! Finches, chickadees, titmice, sparrows, goldfinches, and other tiny birds love the GrayBunny Green Classic Tube Feeder.


Price Comparison

Key features of this durable finch feeder include:

  • To guarantee a long life, it is made of sturdy and trustworthy metals and polymers.
  • Squirrels will stay away from the feed since all of the components are chew-proof.
  • Simply open the top flap of the tube with your thumb to refill it.
  • At a time, it can hold up to four cups of feed for hungry finches. 
  • Every finch feeder comes with a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

This is a fantastic take on a classic model. It’s robust and durable, and it’s simple to fill and refill. It also doesn’t need any hardware or tools. Even if the birdwatcher is undecided about this specific finch feeder, it is a fantastic choice. The firm provides a promise that any disgruntled consumers will be fully repaid.

This finch feeder has to be the most powerful of the bunch. It’s a great option for those looking for a long-lasting product that can bring finches to their yard or garden for years to come. The sole disadvantage of this feeder is that it stores less food than the other finch feeders on our list. Those who like to replenish should check here.


When looking for the best finch feeders, it might be overwhelming, but a rookie birdwatcher should start with this list. When it comes to luring little finches to a yard or garden, the feeders on this list are fantastic alternatives. Best wishes and happy feeding! Be mindful that various species, such as bluebirds and hummingbirds, are drawn to different feeders.


The “upside down finch feeder” is a simple and easy way to attract birds to your backyard. It’s also very cheap, so it’s not too hard on the wallet.

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