Best Oriole Feeders

Oriole Feeders are a type of bird feeder that many people either place outside or inside their homes in order to attract Orioles. The birds will come and visit multiple times each day, leaving behind food for the owners.

The “best jelly for oriole feeders” is a question that many people ask themselves. This is because they are looking for the best food to feed their new baby birds.

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The Baltimore Orioles are a solid indicator that summer is approaching. These lovely and distinctive birds are fascinating to observe as they search for food in your lawn. Their diet, however, distinguishes them from other feeding birds. Orioles prefer fresh fruit, jam, mealworms, and nectar over seeds.

That means you’ll need to purchase oriole-specific bird feeders to meet their nutritional requirements. Fortunately, there are numerous options on the market, so you should be able to find one that meets your price and aesthetic requirements. In addition, we have an article that discusses some of the finest bird feeder poles.

We’ve looked into some of the top oriole feeders to assist you on your quest.





Oriole Feeder, PolyRecycled


If you are looking for a more sustainable option for your feeder, the Oriole Feeder, PolyRecycled (see on Amazon) is a great choice. The feeder sports multiple areas for different food types and has a useful, clear plastic shield to keep the food somewhat protected from the elements.

The feeder has the following features:

  • There are two stakes for oranges.
  • Jelly or mealworms in two glass jars

The feeder’s base is made of a long-lasting orange plastic. It will not only withstand the elements, but the hue is also known to attract orioles. This feeder also has the advantage of being simple to clean. 

3088 32oz Feeder by First Nature


This oriole feeder from First Nature Feeder (on Amazon) is simple in design. Its simplicity makes it a tough and long-lasting feeder that will survive for many seasons. While the feeder is ideal for orioles, the red coloration of the base is ideal for attracting other feeder birds. The sorts of food you may utilize is one constraint.

However, other from that, the feeder is ideal for people searching for a simple multi-bird feeder.

The First Nature 3088 has the following advantages:

  • Hummingbirds may be attracted to it.
  • Is rather light.
  • It can carry a lot of nectar, so it won’t need to be refilled all the time.
  • Bees are kept away by the design.

Oriole Feeder of Choice


For a quality feeder that offers various food choices, the Oriole Feeder of Choice (on Amazon) is a great choice. It has three separate areas to place the food:

  • The nectar may be kept in a transparent dish in the middle, with plenty of perches for the orioles to eat from.
  • Orange segments or jelly fit perfectly in the four cupped areas surrounding the center. 
  • A second metal hook may be put into the base and used to skewer fruit pieces. 

The feeder’s build quality is about what you’d expect given the price. It also has a brilliantly colored base, which draws orioles to the feeder. It is composed of long-lasting polycarbonate plastic, so it will survive for years in the yard. An ant guard is also included with the feeder.

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One thing to keep in mind about this feeder is that it will need regular cleaning due to all of the exposed surfaces for sticky and sugary food. While this may not be a problem for some, others may find the regular upkeep to be a disadvantage. The feeder must be cleaned on a regular basis to keep the birds feeding in your yard healthy and safe. 

Clementine Heath Outdoor Products CF-133


For a more durable and stylish, feeder you may want to opt for a steel-structured option. The Clementine Heath Outdoor Products CF-133 (on Amazon) is a perfect choice. It sports a simple yet elegant design that looks like a part of your yard when not in use. While the feeder is on the smaller side, it is best placed in a wide-open area.

If you have a big yard, many feeders may be necessary if you choose the Heath Outdoor. 

This feeder’s name is:

  • It’s fashionable and looks fantastic in any setting.
  • It’s unobtrusive and ideal for photographers who want to photograph orioles feeding.
  • It’s made of steel and will survive for years.

Furthermore, because of its tiny size, it will need more frequent filling. If you are unwilling to do so, you might consider purchasing a larger feeder.

Sugar Maple Top-Fill Glass Hummingbird Feeder by Perky-Pet 9105-2


The Perky-Pet 9105 Top-Fill Glass (on Amazon), the most aesthetically attractive feeder on our list, would certainly stand out in practically any yard. Its attractive yet distinct appearance sets it apart from other feeders. While the Perky-Pet may not be for everyone, it definitely sticks out. 

Feeder for Perky Pets:

  • With its bespoke hand-painted appearance, it seems more costly than it is.
  • Has a durable design that can withstand the elements.
  • It has a big nectar supply.

A huge 24-ounce nectar reservoir and enough of perches for orioles to rest are included in the feeder’s design. The chain hang design makes the feeder more durable and easier to shift from one location to another.

Fruit/Jelly Oriole Feeder in the Kettle Moraine


The simple but beautiful design of this feeder enables you to provide your feathered companions with up to two different kinds of food. In the middle of the feeder, there is a spot for jelly and stakes for orange slices.

Two metal pegs keep the fruit in place as the birds dine on the Kettle Moraine Feeder (available on Amazon). The platform may hold two tiny detachable jars. These are used to keep jelly fresh.

This feeder also comes with:

  • Metal roofing of 14 inches 
  • Large enough for many birds, 12-inch platform
  • While the jars were designed for jelly, mealworms could readily be substituted.

Oriole Feeder by Backyard Boys


Another feeder for the environmentally conscious, the Oriole Feeder by Backyard Boys (link to Amazon) is made from a durable, environmentally friendly material. This feeder features four removable feeder bowls, which limits the need for constant refilling. 

It’s also a simple design that can be put together fast and with few tools. The feeder also has stainless steel screws, which increase the product’s durability and lifespan.

The Oriole Feeder by Backyard Boys:

  • It’s big enough to contain oranges, jellies, and mealworms.
  • Removable crocks make cleaning a breeze.
  • Has a roof to protect food and birds from the elements.
  • Is it ecologically friendly?

More Birds Oriole Vintage Feeder by 61 Classic Brands


If you want your feeders to have a more antique vibe, the More Birds 61 (on Amazon) is a perfect option. It has a standout brass bass and a vintage-style glass feeder reservoir. It includes vivid orange flower embellishments to attract orioles, and it matches the antique look.

The nectar reservoir may contain up to 20 ounces. Bee guards are included on this feeder, which might be useful if you want to keep bees out of your feed.

This feeder contains:

  • Can store nectar for many days, reducing the need for frequent replenishment.
  • It has a basic but classic style that will complement any yard décor.
  • Is constructed of long-lasting materials

Final Thoughts

You’ll need to choose the perfect feeder to attract orioles to your yard. Orioles are unusual birds that need a specialized diet to thrive. The feeders we’ve found so far are all capable of holding the meals these birds like. They come in a variety of forms and sizes, making it simple to pick the appropriate one for your yard. Check read this post if you want to keep animals like squirrels out of your bird feeder. Keep an eye out for various sorts of birds in your garden; you may be surprised at what you find.


“The Oriole feeders with bee guards” is a product that has been designed to provide the best quality of life for your orioles. The feeder comes in two different styles, one with and one without bee guards. Reference: oriole feeders with bee guards.

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