Do Fire Pits Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Mosquitoes are a summertime menace and one of the many pests that can wreak havoc on your outdoor activities. But do fire pits make mosquitoes less likely? We’ll walk you through how to keep them at bay, whether or not they work.

The “what can you burn in a fire pit to keep mosquitoes away” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer, according to the National Pest Management Association, is “nothing.”

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Mosquitoes are arguably the biggest deterrent to spending time outdoors throughout the summer and autumn. Many folks use citronella candles and insect spray.

Some even preach that fire pits are the finest for keeping bugs at bay, yet mosquitoes may be tenacious, and you may question whether the fire pits are truly effective.

Yes, smoke from fire pits may deter mosquitoes and other insects. Mosquitoes will be less likely to loiter about you in your garden if you add various herbs and woods to the fire pit.


Mosquitoes hate fire pits, so they’re a great method to keep them away. There are many modifications you may make to your fire pit to keep mosquitoes away from you while you’re outdoors. While fire pits are useful in the short term, such as while you’re outdoors, you should also consider the size of your yard.


Gathering around a fire pit with your family and friends is a terrific way to spend time together. In the autumn, they warm everyone up, and in the summer, they reduce the humidity. The nicest thing about them is that they keep mosquitoes at bay with their smoke. Gas fire pits don’t produce any smoke. As a result, they will fail to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Fire pits may be customized to meet your specific requirements. You may make them as large or little as you like, and you can choose the length of time they are active. You may also modify the fragrance and quality of the smoke by adding various kinds of wood and herbs.


One disadvantage of fire pits is that if you have a large back yard, the smoke will be limited and will mostly keep mosquitoes away from the fire pit and downwind. If you’re sitting around a fire pit, be sure you’re not seated downwind since the smoke might irritate your eyes, sinuses, and lungs.


Mosquito Repellent from Herbs on Fire and Wood

Because fire pits are diverse in terms of what they can burn, you may experiment with various woods and plants to get varied effects. Some woods and plants are more effective than others at repelling mosquitoes.

Woods on Fire

The wood you choose for the foundation of your fire pit is critical to the end product, particularly if you want to keep mosquitoes at bay. Hardwoods burn for extended periods of time and provide a lovely scent when burnt. Because softwoods aren’t as thick as hardwoods, they won’t burn for as long and will need to be replaced more regularly. There have been tests to discover which forests repel mosquitoes the best.

You may burn the following woods:

Pinion is a fantastic softwood to utilize since it burns longer than most other softwoods due to its density.

Eucalyptus is an excellent hardwood to burn since it burns for a long time and is cultivated in an environmentally friendly manner.

Herbs on Fire

Adding various herbs to your woodpile is another great technique to keep mosquitoes away from your fire pit. Think about how much herb you’ll use and where you’ll put it. They will have a shorter burn period and won’t last as long if you put them in the centre of the fire. With some kindling, try to keep them on the edge so they catch and still make smoke.

The following plants are helpful for burning: 








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Lemon balm is a herb that has been used for centuries


You don’t have to worry about whether the herbs are fresh or dried while burning them. To get the greatest effects, keep them wrapped while burning. Adding herbs to your fire pit can improve the fragrance of the smoke.

What Should You Do If Mosquitoes Are Still Present?

There are tenacious mosquitoes that hover about you no matter what you do. Preventative techniques are also effective in ensuring that you are not bitten, but utilizing a mix of strategies will provide the greatest results. The following are some excellent choices:


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  • Covering your body and feet with clothes and shoes
  • Using a mosquito repellent on your clothes, either with or without DEET. Although DEET is recognized for keeping mosquitoes at bay, many people are wary about using repellants that include it. Essential oils and picaridin are two more options. To guarantee safety and avoid poisoning, read the directions on the product you want to use.
  • Placing an insect repellent bracelet or patch on your wrist
  • Purchase a stringer bug zapper for outdoor use.

You may also take steps to reduce your mosquito attractiveness, such as:

  • Not using scented body washes and lotions or wearing perfume
  • Avoid consuming beer.
  • Keep cool and try to prevent sweating as much as possible.

Water That Isn’t Moving

It is important to make sure that you limit any Water That Isn’t Moving in your yard. Water That Isn’t Moving is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and will increase the number of mosquitoes you will have to deal with while outside.

Some common places that you will find Water That Isn’t Moving in your yard are:

  • Ponds and puddles
  • Birdbaths
  • Drip trays are trays that collect water from plants.
  • Gutters clogged

If you have Water That Isn’t Moving in your yard, you should remove it immediately. Some ways you can get rid of it or allow movement are:

  • To keep the water flowing in a birdbath, use a slow motor or a water filter.
  • Taking out the drip trays and letting the area dry
  • Place a mosquito ring in the Water That Isn’t Moving, such as in a pond
  • Keeping your gutters clean

Pest Control During the Season

Treating your yard with pesticide each season or every year is often the best approach to keep mosquitoes away. If you reside in a humid or low-elevation environment where mosquitoes are plentiful, this is particularly crucial.

You may purchase the treatment at your local hardware store, or hire a professional landscaper to treat your yard if you are not comfortable applying it yourself. This is a fantastic and comprehensive guide on using pesticides to control mosquitoes in your yard.

Planting a Variety of Plants in the Yard

You may grow various plants to discourage mosquitoes, just as you can burn some herbs and woodlands to keep mosquitoes away from your yard. 

The following plants can help keep mosquitoes at bay:

  • Citronella grass is a kind of grass that grows in the Mediterranean
  • Lemongrass
  • Catnip
  • Rosemary
  • Mint
  • Lavender
  • Sage

What Should You Do If You Have a Big Backyard?

Because fire pits are limited, the smoke from them will only keep mosquitoes away in the region where the fire pit is located and for the duration of the fire pit’s use. There are a number of things you can do to keep mosquitos at bay while you’re outdoors and throughout the season.


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The Fire Pit’s Location

Consider where you want to put your fire pit before you construct it or position it. There are two excellent locations in your yard for a fire pit.


Determine the general direction of the wind in your region and position the fire pit in your yard upwind. This will assist guarantee that the smoke follows a predictable direction. It will also assist in covering the majority of your yard. 


The wind will change direction on certain days and nights, such as when storms or fronts are approaching and blowing through. The smoke in your yard will now be directed in a different direction. Another fantastic spot for your fire pit is in the middle of your yard, where the smoke will keep mosquitoes at bay from all sides.


Mosquito repellents such as fire pits are fantastic. The easiest approach to guarantee that the smoke keeps mosquitoes away of your yard while burning is to burn various woods and add herbs to your fire pit.


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