Ego Snow Blower: Is it Really Worth It?

I have been thinking about buying an ego snow blower for the last few weeks and I’m not sure if it would be worth my money. What are your thoughts on these appliances?

The “ego snow blower problems” is a question that has been asked by many people. The product comes at a price of $399, but it also includes an 18-month warranty.

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Winter is approaching. This entails wearing warm sweaters and drinking hot chocolate, but it also entails shoveling snow off the driveway every day. 

This awful winter duty rapidly gets unbearable, particularly if there is a lot of snow where you live. Should you sell your shovel and get a snowblower instead?

We’ll examine the advantages and disadvantages of each choice in this article to help you decide. We’ll also evaluate gas and electric Blower for snows.


Finally, we’ll look at the first EGO Blower for snow that was released. We’ll look at its Specifications, Performance, advantages, and disadvantages in more detail.

Contents Table of Contents

  • Blower vs. Shovel
  • Electricity vs. Gas
  • Why EGO?
  • Specifications
  • Operation
  • Performance
  • Optional Purchases
  • Warranty
  • Manual & Instructions
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Wrap Up

Blower vs. Shovel

Shoveling is time-consuming, but buying a Blower for snow isn’t always necessary. So, what’s the greatest option for you? 

Shovel for Snow

To begin with, a shovel is far less expensive. Additionally, there are no operating expenditures. You won’t have to bother about repairs or upkeep.

If you’re not awaiting intense or frequent snowfall, you may want to stick to your Shovel for Snow instead of spending lots of money on a snowblower. 


A Blower for snow is not, contrary to common opinion, quicker by default. When the snowfall isn’t too thick, a shovel might actually be the speedier alternative. Furthermore, a shovel does not need any set-up or put-away time or effort.

While a snowblower can clear larger areas, tighter sections and corners will almost certainly need a shovel. Check out this post on the many varieties of shovels available!

Blower for snow

For people who experience heavy snowfall in their areas, a Blower for snow is a more suitable choice. In this case, a snowblower is less physically taxing than a shovel. It’ll probably get the job done faster, too.

Furthermore, clearing wet snow with a shovel is a difficult experience. When dealing with heavy or wet snow, a snowblower will perform a much better and faster job. 

This makes the additional expense worthwhile. 


The Power+ Blower for snow employs EGO’s Peak Power technology. We’ll be taking a look at its build, capabilities, and how to operate it.


The EGO Power+ Blower for snow is 38.2 x 23.9 x 19.6 inches big. It’s also fairly light, weighing about 60 lbs.

The snowblower is built to endure, despite being largely comprised of plastic and steel elements. It’s also ipx4 weather-resistant.

It also features a brushless motor. Brushless motors do not heat up as much as brushed motors, resulting in higher Performance from the blower.

The front LED headlights are a particularly great feature, since they make it simple to see where you’re going.


This snowblower is battery-powered and cordless. 

When powered by any two EGO batteries, the snowblower can handle heavy, deep, and wet snow thanks to EGO’s Power Peak technology. 

Although using two batteries increases power and use duration, you can get the snowblower to function with with one battery. 

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You may also vary the power according on the depth of the snow. 

Deeper sections of snow require more electricity, whilst shallower portions necessitate less. By lowering the power as necessary, you may extend the battery life and clean a larger area in a single clearing session.

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Setting up your EGO Power+ Blower for snow isn’t a tiresome task. Operating it is simple as well. 

It’s as simple as pressing the start button! However, since this snowblower isn’t self-propelled, you’ll have to push it yourself. 

There are also a number of changeable settings that enable you to customize how you operate the snowblower.


Controls and adjustments

  • You may manually alter the direction in which snow is flung with the 180° chute adjustment option.
  • Set the speed to your liking to regulate the distance at which snow is thrown.
  • You may also change the handle height for maximum comfort; there are two settings. 
  • Fold back the handle after you’re finished to make the snowblower more compact and simpler to store.

Charger and Batteries

The battery life isn’t fixed and will vary depending on how the device is used. 

EGO POWER+ batteries are ARC Lithium batteries with a voltage of 56 volts. They usually last approximately 45 minutes. They may last up to an hour at times.

The EGO Rapid Charger recharges a 5.0 Ah battery in around 30-45 minutes and a 7.5 Ah battery in about 60 minutes. The batteries will take longer to charge using a typical 56-Volt EGO charger.

Regrettably, the charger can only charge one battery at a time.

Luckily, EGO’s Charger and Batteriess aren’t product-specific and can be used interchangeably with multiple EGO products. To put it simply, any EGO charger can charge any EGO battery.

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When Should You Recharge?

To assist you figure out when it’s time to recharge your batteries, the power indicator will display various colors for different stages of the battery. The following are the meanings of each color:

  • Green: Everything is OK; each battery is charged by at least 15%.
  • Red indicates that the battery needs to be recharged.
  • The battery is soon to die, as shown by the flashing red light.
  • Stop using the appliance or the battery because it is overheating.
  • Flashing Orange: You’ve reached your limit; clear the blocking snow and take it easy.


  • The EGO Power+ Blower for snow has a 21-inch clearing width. 
  • It has a 35-foot throw distance as well.
  • The highest height that may be ingested is 13 inches. 
  • There are mixed reviews about how much depth of snow this Blower for snow can clear. 
  • When operating the snowblower on gravel or other stony surfaces, use caution.

Optional Purchases

EGO batteries may be swapped out for one another. You don’t need to buy fresh batteries or a charger if you’ve already bought EGO appliances.

To run your new snowblower, just use the EGO batteries you already have. The EGO charger is in the same boat. 

You may buy the SNT2102 complete kit if you don’t have EGO batteries or an EGO charger at home, or if you want more for whatever reason.

In addition to the EGO quick charger, the package contains two batteries.

Here are some alternatives for you: 

  • Purchase simply the snowblower (SNT2100) 
  • Purchase the EGO quick charger, two 5.0Ah batteries, and the snowblower (SNT2102)

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If you buy the EGO Power+ Blower for snow from an approved supplier, the product is warranted for 5 years. Charger and Batteriess bought from approved suppliers are also warranted for 3 years. Both warranties are limited.

Domestically used refurbished items have a one-year warranty. Commercially used products are covered by a one-year warranty if new, and a 90-day warranty if refurbished.

Visit the official website for more information about the warranty covering machine components and accessories.

Manual & Instructions

The EGO Power+ Blower for snow kit includes a user manual.

If you’re still having trouble setting up or utilizing your snowblower, have a look at this YouTube playlist.

It includes videos demonstrating get your EGo Power+ Blower for snow up and running. Certain replacement parts are also available for purchase, so the playlist shows you to replace them in your snowblower.

Advantages and disadvantages

Now that we have a full-around view of the EGO Blower for snow, let’s focus on its advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Lightweight
  • You won’t require extension cables, and you won’t be confined.
  • Batteries are generally fast to recharge.
  • Simple to use
  • Does it have headlights?
  • Variable controls that are simple to use
  • Handles wet, thick snow
  • It’s not too loud.


  • Can’t handle as much snow as a gas snowblower can.
  • Not self-contained
  • To manage deeper snow, you must invest more physical effort and go at a slower pace.
  • For optimal performance, it must be run at maximum capacity.
  • The blades aren’t long-lasting, but they’re inexpensive to repair.
  • The battery life limits the amount of time you may use it.

Wrap Up

It’s no secret that the EGO Blower for snow is not as powerful as a gas snowblower. However, it saves you from the hassle of starting up the tool with a choke start and is Simple to use. If you’re having issues with your snowblower, be sure to check out our article on why your snowblower won’t start to hopefully provide you a solution.

It’s small, light, and largely effective. It’s also worth noting that it’s a more ecologically responsible choice! 

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The “ego snow blower shortage” is a situation that has been present for a while. The sales of the product have not increased as much as expected and consumers are now asking themselves if it is really worth it to buy one.

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