Fire Pit Ring Buyer’s Guide

If you thought the fire pit ring was just for outdoor entertaining, think again. These rings offer a great way to add warmth and ambiance inside your home without heating up the whole place. Check out our buyer’s guide on how to find one that suits your style!

The “fire pit ring insert” is a type of fire ring that can be used for a variety of purposes. They are made from different materials, and can be set up in many ways.

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When you’re out in nature on a cool autumn evening, the last thing you want to worry about is your bonfire spreading into the trees around you. The correct fire pit ring will be able to give warmth and a lovely fire while remaining safe and relaxing. 

Look for the following characteristics in a superb fire pit ring:

  • The proper size for your pit
  • Rings that are thicker will last longer.
  • The price varies depending on the features and look.
  • Customer Feedback

Fire pit rings will keep a fire going safely, safeguarding you and anything else in your area. The advantages of a fire ring are many, whether you’re sitting around a campfire in the woods or resting by a backyard fire pit. In this post, we’ll go over what a fire pit ring is, how to choose the correct sort of fire pit ring, and other essential aspects of the fire pit ring purchasing process. 



Contents Table of Contents

  • A Fire Pit Ring’s Fundamentals
  • Is a Fire Pit Ring Really Necessary?
  • Materials for Fire Pit Rings
  • What to Look for When Buying a Fire Pit Ring
  • Is It Important How Thick A Fire Pit Ring Is?
  • What Fire Pit Ring Size Do I Require?
  • What Is The Price Of A Fire Pit Ring?
  • Campfire Rings vs. Fire Pit Rings
  • Our Picks for the Best Fire Pit Ring
  • Choosing the Perfect Ring for You


A Fire Pit Ring’s Fundamentals

A fire pit ring is a circular construction that strengthens your fire pit’s casement. Fire pit rings, which are usually constructed of steel or iron, serve two purposes: they hold the insides of the ring together and they protect whatever is on the outside of the ring from fire damage. Though it is not necessary for a fire pit to perform correctly, we recommend purchasing one to ensure that you have a long-lasting outdoor element.

This post will concentrate on fire pit rings in order to safeguard your fire pit, however as previously said, fire pit rings may also be utilized in the woods or when camping. In this scenario, there isn’t much to say about the function of fire pit rings other than the fact that a lone fire pit ring in the woods is designed merely to keep your fire from spreading to areas you don’t want it to. 

On the other hand, the most prevalent application of fire pit rings – built within the inner wall of a residence or in recreational fire pits – entails more than merely containing a fire. They are used to protect the outside of your house. They extend the life of the attractive component of your fire pit.

A fire pit’s exterior, or the portion that seems to be elegant, is commonly composed of concrete, marble, or other sorts of stones. While these are the most common materials used in fire pits, they are not all created equal. Their work is mostly aesthetic; their architectural ideas help to bring your backyard together as a welcoming gathering space. However, if they are not properly cared for and protected, they may begin to disintegrate after a few of usage.


A fire pit ring is not required, although it is suggested. Consider it a protecting layer for your fire pit. You like the appearance of your fire pit and would hate for it to be harmed in any way, right? Your fire pit may already be on its road to ruin if you do not get a fire pit ring. 

Because most fire pits are round, most fire pit rings are round. However, certain fire pit rings are available in a variety of forms, including rectangles and squares, and you may even tailor a fire pit ring to match your specific pit.

Is a Fire Pit Ring Really Necessary?

You may not be persuaded now that purchasing a fire pit ring is a good idea, but it will pay you in the long term. The following are some of the benefits of having a fire pit:


Because the majority of fire pit rings are composed of steel or iron, they are very difficult to destroy. This covers the effects of fire. The exterior components of your pit wall will be at a higher risk of being harmed by the flames if you do not have a fire pit ring lining your pit wall. If a fire is allowed to burn for an extended period of time beneath cement or stone, it may have undesired results such as fractures and deformity. 

Fires may reach temperatures of over 1,000 degrees, which can quickly become an issue if the fire pit is not well-maintained and of good quality. Fire pit rings protect your fire pit from irreversible flame damage.

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The fire ring not only protects the exterior layer of your fire pit, but also offers structural support, extending the life of your fire pit. The ring’s steel or iron walls aid in keeping the surrounding stone in place. Of course, the stone – or whatever material you choose for the exterior section of your fire pit – will be tightly attached together during building glue, but fire pit rings help to keep the shape together.


Purchasing a fire ring is a safer option. A ring not only protects the exterior of your fire pit, but it also keeps the fire within a specified temperature range. The outer wall keeps the bad things out while keeping the good things in. 

The last thing you want to happen is for a fire to grow uncontrollably near your house. A fire pit ring made of steel or a comparable material is very resistant to severe temperatures. It will maintain your fire in its proper location.

Materials for Fire Pit Rings


Although not all fire pit rings are identical, the fact that they all serve the same purpose makes them all relatively comparable. In this part, we’ll continue examining fire pit ring features for real fire pits before briefly addressing lone fire pit rings for things like campfires.

If you’re searching for a fire pit ring to use as a liner for your fire pit, you’ll almost certainly find one made of steel. Although you could come across a ring composed of or incorporating iron, copper, or other tough metals, steel is usually the predominant component. The usage of a steel frame and similar materials has its advantages. 

Steel is utilized because, in addition to being able to endure high temperatures, it can also be welded into various forms. Although most fire pits are round, the steel may be bent into a square, oval, or any other shape you choose.

Steel’s capacity to endure the heat of a fire is another reason for its usage. Steel, although not invincible, will be less affected by fire than the exterior wall of your fire pit. Even if it were to reach a temperature that caused it to weaken a little, it would still be very strong and protective. Outside of your fire pit, rocks, bricks, or any other material utilized in its construction will not respond to fire as strongly as a steel frame would over time.

A fire pit ring may be coated with some form of coating that makes it even more fire resistant, in addition to using such strong and fire resistant metals. The coatings aren’t anything special; they’re merely a second coat of fire-resistant paint or paste. Even though it doesn’t seem to be a significant feature, every tiny element has its advantages. 

Whether or not your fire pit ring has a paint finish depends on the kind of fire pit ring you purchase. Some say the finish wears off after the first usage, while others appreciate the concept of having as much extra protection as possible.

What to Look for When Buying a Fire Pit Ring

When comparing various manufacturers of fire pit rings, the specific specifications vary. The following are some of the distinctions:

  • Thickness
  • Price
  • Size
  • Material

Is It Important How Thick A Fire Pit Ring Is?

Despite the fact that all fire pit rings address the same issues, they are not all the same. The thickness of the steel used in fire pit rings is one of the distinctions between them. Any fire pit ring will do the job in most cases, although heavier material is normally the most dependable. 

This isn’t always the case, since you could discover a fire pit ring that works best for you without necessarily having the thickest layers. However, numerous evaluations have shown that thicker is preferable when it comes to fire pit rings.

The thickness of a fire pit ring typically varies from 1mm to 4mm. When it comes to price, the thickness of the steel is taken into account, thus the thicker your ring is, the more it will cost. Also, take in mind that 4mm is a rather thick gauge of steel; you may not need that much to get good results. 

Furthermore, the ring thickness you choose has an impact on the size of your fire pit ring, which must be precise. Furthermore, various brands of fire pits will have their own set of costs.

What Fire Pit Ring Size Do I Require?

A fire pit ring’s proportions are crucial. You don’t want to get a ring that is too large for your pit. The walls of a fire pit range in height from 6 to 12 inches. The ring around the fire pit does not always stretch all the way to the bottom. It mostly shields the exposed higher portions of your outside wall.

The majority of fire pit rings are made to certain dimensions. As a consequence, getting the precise size you need for the inner diameter of your fire pit may be difficult. The diameter of the area where your fire pit will be placed is typically 24 to 46 inches. With that in mind, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to discover the proper size.

If you can’t locate a ring that fits your finger properly, you may have one made to your specifications. Customization, on the other hand, will increase the cost of your purchase, so check carefully for rings available both online and in shops.

What Is The Price Of A Fire Pit Ring?

You won’t be able to find a fire pit ring for less than $150. Still, most rings from reputable companies are likely to cost between $220 and $400. If you want to make your own ring, you’ll have to pay an additional price. 

The bulk of fire pit ring prices are determined by the material used and the size of the ring, which includes the diameter, length, and thickness. The pricing range will be comparable since practically all fire pit rings are constructed of steel or something quite close to steel.

The ring lip may have an impact on the pricing of a fire pit ring. Although most rings have a lip, not all of them do. The steel that covers the inner margins of the outer wall extends beyond the lip of the fire pit ring.

Lips are very common on fire pit rings, so they won’t likely raise the price too much; their addition is included into the standard $220 to $400 price range.

Campfire Rings vs. Fire Pit Rings

To go back to more basic fire rings, such as those used for campfires, keep in mind that they are not the same as fire pit rings designed to be used as a fire pit liner. We’ll refer to them as “campfire rings” to prevent any misunderstanding. Any form of ring designed for a fire that isn’t in a man-made pit is referred to as a campfire ring.

As previously said, campfire rings are used to restrict a fire in the woods or other regions and prevent it from expanding into a wildfire. Although campfire rings are trustworthy, they are not as dependable as a fire pit ring. 

For starters, campfire rings can’t be employed as a fire pit’s liner. They’re not designed to be used for a long time. After a few uses, you’ll notice that the surface of a campfire ring begins to erode and rust due to corrosion. Even though they’re composed of the same steel as fire pit rings, they’re not designed to sustain the heat of a fire for an extended amount of time.

While campfire rings aren’t as effective as fire pit rings, they do have one benefit: they come in a variety of patterns. Because their metal is more pliable than fire pit rings, they may be twisted and sculpted into numerous forms to produce portraits, logos, or words. If you want to acquire a campfire ring, the options are far more diverse.

Our Picks for the Best Fire Pit Ring

The following are some of our favorite fire pit rings:

Heavy-Duty Solid Steel Fire Pit Ring by VBENLEM


This fire pit ring has received a 70 percent 5-star rating from customers. It features a sturdy 3mm ring that will endure a long time. It comes in three sizes to accommodate most fire rings.

VBENLEM’s Advantages:

  • Supported by a track record of customer satisfaction
  • Outside, the paint finish provides protection from both intense heat and harsh weather conditions.
  • The 45 x 39 x 10 dimension ensures a robust, long-lasting fire.
  • Simple to assemble

VBENLEM’s drawbacks

  • There is just one size available.
  • Customers have complained about issues with the assembling process and a lack of instructions.
  • Some shipments were not delivered properly, resulting in damaged components that had to be assembled before they could be used.

Sunnydaze Outdoor Fire Pit Ring / Liner for Wood Burning


Sunnydaze is a well-known name when it comes to welding equipment. Their name implies a high level of trustworthiness.

Pros :

  • There are three distinct diameter sizes available.
  • withstands harsh weather and severe temperatures
  • The high-end pricing range denotes trustworthiness.
  • A ring lip is a lip that is shaped like a ring.


  • Some buyers have complained about how rapidly the product rusts.

Steel Fire Pit Liner by TITAN GREAT OUTDOORS


This ring is your go-to fire pit ring for getting the job done. It’s straightforward and practical.


  • Protects the exterior wall to the fullest extent possible.
  • a pricing range in the middle
  • The simple, appealing shape allows you to decorate lavishly around it or leave it open.
  • A hybrid-style fire pit ring that may be used as a pit ring liner or as a stand-alone campfire ring, as seen in the photos.


  • It doesn’t have a paint finish, despite the fact that the maker argues that paint finishes aren’t important.

Choosing the Perfect Ring for You

We hope that after reading this post, you have a clear understanding of what to look for in a fire pit ring. After you’ve determined the precise proportions you’ll want, the only thing left to do is choose your preferred option. Find the appropriate fire pit ring for you by doing some research.

We strongly advise purchasing a fire pit ring. It will give optimum flame protection while also guaranteeing that your fire does not spread. Finally, it will preserve your fire pit in good condition and extend its life. Your nights spent around the fire with family and friends have just just started. Check out our selection of the top 10 best fire pit accessories for your garden, as well as the top 9 fire pits for the next colder months!


The “fire pit liner” is a ring that can be used to contain a fire. The rings are made of different materials and come in different colors, sizes, and shapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 36 inch fire pit ring insert
  • 32 inch fire pit ring insert
  • 30 inch fire pit ring insert
  • 48 inch fire pit ring insert
  • 72′ galvanized fire ring
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