How to Attach A Ledger Board to A House for A Patio Cover

You are preparing to attach the ledger board to your house so that you can enjoy a patio cover for when the weather permits. What kind of fasteners should you use?

The “how to attach pergola ledger to house” is a good way to add shade and privacy to your patio. You can also use ledgers for covering your deck or patio. The steps involved in attaching the pergola ledger are simple, but you must make sure that the ledger is strong enough to support the weight of the cover.

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Patio areas are ideal for unwinding and spending time in the fresh air. The same cannot be true if your patio does not have a cover, since you will be exposed to the weather. Attaching a ledger board for a patio cover is a terrific method to upgrade your patio. It not only provides shade from the heat and rain, but it also adds to the visual appeal and value of your property. Attaching a ledger board to your home is also a simple procedure. 

You’ll need to know what’s needed to secure the ledger board to your home, as well as how the complete procedure works, which you’ll discover if you keep reading. 

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  • Before You Begin, Think About These Factors
  • Let’s Talk About Resources and Tools
  • How Do I Put It All Together?
  • Is It Possible For A Patio Cover To Damage A House?
  • How Much Does It Cost To Build A Patio Cover?
  • Is Investing in a Patio Cover Worth It?
  • Conclusion


Before You Begin, Think About These Factors

If you’re not sure where or how to attach your ledger board to your home, a professional inspection of your attic may be required. Varied home constructions, such as wood framing or concrete block/brick, as well as different roof framing (truss versus roof rafters), can affect how your ledger board is attached.

We have a concrete block house with roof trusses in our situation. Our patio cover is attached to the gable end of our roof. I inserted the ledger board on top of the concrete block wall, as well as through the 12 plywood sheathing, where the truss bottom chord and top plate connect. I could have gone through the concrete block as well, but it would have necessitated the use of other equipment.

You can build a patio cover in a day or two with intermediate carpentry skills and the aid of a friend, and a ledger board in a few hours. However, there are a few things to think about before you get started:

  • The top height of your patio cover is determined by where you place your ledger board. If you live in a snowy environment, you’ll require a steep slope/roof pitch, and your ledger board will need to be mounted quite high. Because we reside in Florida, we have a metal patio roof with a low pitch.
  • Whether to go over or under – When installing ledger board on the hanging end of a roof, it’s a hotly discussed question whether the patio roof should go over or beneath the house roof. You may pick one of the two options based on the height of your roof. 
  • What about obtaining a permit? – Many DIYers have grappled with this, but because you’ll be fastening the ledger board to your home frame, you’ll almost certainly need a permit.

Let’s Talk About Resources and Tools

Your patio cover project’s success will be determined by the tools and materials you use. You’ll also need someone to assist you. It is also necessary to adhere to adequate safety precautions. So, what are you going to need to finish your patio cover project?



  • For the ledger board, use 2 6 pressure treated timber.
  • Structural screws LedgerLok
  • Impact driver/drill
  • Level
  • saw with a circular blade
  • Ladder with a frame

How Do I Put It All Together?

To begin, take accurate measurements to decide the size of the patio cover you want. Make a model or design and compare it to the home to see whether the dimensions are correct and will not obstruct the view from across the room. Allow for natural daylight, particularly if the home is surrounded by a perimeter wall or another building. 

Prepare the Ledger and the Wall

You may get the suitable length ledger board after you’ve established how long your patio cover will be. Our patio is 16 feet long and 12 feet deep in our situation. Our ledger board is made of pressure-treated wood and measures 2x6x16 inches.

If your siding is beveled, you may use inverted siding to provide a level surface to connect the ledger board. Make careful you use longer screws to accommodate for the increased thickness of the added siding.

Connect the Ledger


You will need two people on ladders to Connect the Ledger board to your house. Please see the attached pdf from fastenmaster, the maker of the ledgerLOK screw, to determine the required screw pattern for your ledger board. 

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The ledger board will be screwed in a W pattern, and it’s simpler to identify the screw sites and prescrew one ledgerLOK on each end while it’s on the ground. At this page, the LedgerLOK firm offers excellent installation instructions.

After you’ve marked everything and drilled a ledgerLOK screw flush through each end of the ledger board, take it up and place it on top of the two ladders using a level. 

Climb the ladder to the ideal position for screwing the ledger board into the house frame, holding your drill or impact driver in your jeans pocket or tool belt. 

Place your board at the designated place on your home for the ledger board’s bottom. Place the level on the ledger board at this point. 

After you’ve leveled the board, you may continue screwing it into the home frame. The advantage of the ledgerLOK screws is that they do not need any predrilling. Using an impact driver, push the screw directly into the frame. 

If only one person has a drill, you’ll have to trade positions and screw in the ledger board from the other end. You may now fill in the remaining screws into the home frame after both ends are fastened in firmly.

NOTE: You must mark your joist hangers at the same time as you mark your screw pattern placement to avoid having a screw in the same place as a joist hanger. If two screws end up in the same place, reduce the space between them. It’s possible that a few of more screws may be required.

If there are any gaps between the ledger and the wall, fill them with a waterproof membrane to prevent water from getting in and causing damage to the house siding or frame beneath.

You’re now ready to begin the second phase of your patio cover, which involves putting in your posts and beams on the other side of your ledger board, which will support your joists. After that, you may put up your joist hangers and joists, as well as your patio covering.

If you’re connecting your ledger board to brick walls, utilize sleeve anchors rather than the ledgerLOK screws. Before installing the sleeve anchors, you’ll need to predrill into the concrete wall using a concrete bit and hammer drill.

Is It Possible For A Patio Cover To Damage A House?

Typically, a patio cover is intended to enhance the visual appeal of your property while also providing more outside space. However, if the person in charge of the patio cover project isn’t diligent, they could misalign the sloping roof, giving your property an unattractive appearance. 

If a portion of the roof must be removed to reveal the wall line, it’s better to delegate this task to the specialists at this time. There’s also the matter of water drainage, which is complicated by the fact that such a project would need removing the gutter. This is why constructing a patio cover will almost certainly need obtaining a permit.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Patio Cover?

A basic patio cover will cost you at least $1000 on average. However, if the job becomes involved, such as removing pieces of the roof to install a ledger, the price might rise to $5000. If you want more style and personalized designs, you’ll have to delve a little farther into your wallet. As a result, if you manage the job yourself, you may drastically reduce the overall cost.

Is Investing in a Patio Cover Worth It?

A patio cover is a must-have accessory for every house. It not only improves the look of the home, but it also helps you to make use of an underutilized outdoor area. Installing a ledger board may seem difficult, but having a dry outdoor location is essential.


It’s a waste to have a patio that isn’t used since there isn’t a cover for it. The simplest approach to begin the process of installing a patio cover is to attach a ledger board to a house. With some basic carpentry skills and the right drive, you can build a patio cover in a day or two, providing much-needed shade for your future summer celebration visitors. While you might hire a contractor (and should in certain really difficult instances), doing the job yourself will save you a lot of money.

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The “attaching patio cover to fascia board” is a process that can be done by anyone. It is the best way to protect your house from the rain, sun, and snow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you attach a ledger board to a porch roof?

A: You can attach a ledger board to a porch with 3/4-inch galvanized nails.

How do you install a patio roof on an existing house?

A: First, you need to determine the size of your patio. This will help you find a suitable replacement roof that is compatible with your measurements. Afterwards, you may use any number of techniques such as making holes in the current walls and installing new ones where these are needed or securing your existing wall frame before beginning construction on one side at a time then continuing around until all four sides have been worked on separately.

How do you attach a porch roof to a house?

A: You can consult with a professional homebuilder for more detailed information.

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