How to Clean a Hot Tub Without Draining It

If you have a hot tub, the water can be used in your garden as well as for personal use. However if it is not cleaned regularly and properly, it can cause damage to your home’s pipes or septic system over time. Discover how to clean a hot tub without draining them first-hand with this article that explains what equipment you need and how to do it step by step

The “how to clean dirty hot tub water” is a process that can be done without draining the water.

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Cleaning a hot tub is an important aspect of its upkeep to prevent skin irritations, rashes, and poor hygiene for anybody who uses it. However, emptying all of the water to clean the interior and then re-filling it might take a long time, not to mention a significant increase in your water bill. 

Fortunately, there are techniques to clean your hot tub without draining it; it all begins with hand-scrubbing the inside before cleaning the water. 

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  • Scrub the Interior of the Hot Tub
  • Remove the jets from the hot tub and soak them in water.
  • Remove and clean the filter from your hot tub.
  • Water in the Hot Tub Should Be Treated
  • Last Thoughts


Scrub the Interior of the Hot Tub


It’s better to start cleaning the tub’s inside while the water is still in it. Because dirt and germs will likely rub off the inside and into the water, this procedure should be done before balancing and treating the water. Allowing the unclean water to pass through the hot tub’s filter before treating it can help remove any remaining grime and germs. It’s especially important if you’re cleaning a hot tub that has been sitting for a long.

From the seats to the shell, you’ll need to scrub down different portions of the hot tub inside, but the cleaning method will be the same. 

How to Clean the Interior of a Hot Tub 

Scrub the inner shell of the hot tub with a soft-bristle brush. (It’s critical to make sure the bristles aren’t too stiff or the shell may be scratched.) For the deeper portions of the hot tub, you may require an extension for your brush so you don’t have to immerse yourself underneath. 

Any dirt removed from the shell will end up in the water, as previously stated. Most of the smaller particles will be removed by the water filter in your hot tub. 

However, bear in mind that if you depend on your filter to remove all dirt during this procedure, it may clog. It is advised, however, that you use a skimmer or a special vacuum to assist take up bigger trash and particles.  



Because you won’t be emptying the water, it’s critical not to use any cleaning products within the tub while you scrub. If any cleanser remains in the water, it will disturb the pH balance and constitute a health and safety danger to consumers. 

Remove the jets from the hot tub and soak them in water.

Cleaning the jets in your hot tub is important because it keeps them from clogging and lessens the wear and tear on the equipment. It also improves the efficiency of the jets, resulting in a more forceful stream. 

Remove the jets from your hot tub and soak them in a natural cleaning solution made up of 50 percent warm water and 50 percent vinegar. For at least three to four hours, the jets should be in the mixture. This will aid in the removal of germs from the jets as well as the breakdown of any built-up dirt. 

You should be able to clean any remaining dirt off the jets with a little toothbrush after soaking in the solution. 

Scrub the Pipes of the Hot Tub

If you want to drain the water from your hot tub, you may traditionally use a chemical to dissolve any built-up material in the pipes before emptying it. 

If you don’t want to empty your hot tub, you may scrape the inside of the pipes with a soft toothbrush after disconnecting the jets. Although you won’t be able to clean too far beyond the pipes’ entry, you’ll be able to remove a lot of the debris that accumulates around the holes. 

If necessary, you might also get a flexible cleaning brush to assist you in scrubbing deeper down the pipe. 

Remove and clean the filter from your hot tub.

If you haven’t previously done so, switch off the hot tub and remove the water filter to clean it. (By this time, the filter may have started to clog due to the debris removed from the inside and pipes.) Depending on your model, you may need to remove various components of your hot tub’s water pump to access the filter. 

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Spray the filter with a water hose. To prevent damaging the filter, make sure the water stream is mild and not on full blast. After that, use a soft-bristled brush to scrub away any remaining material, such as soft soil, mildew, mold, or germs, before rinsing with the hose once more.

You may immerse the filter in a chlorine cleaning solution or another option for a few hours before washing it well and replacing it in the hot tub for a more thorough clean.  

Wipe Down the Headrests and Control Panels

Because the headrests and control panels aren’t immersed underwater, cleaning them is the simplest part of the procedure. It is, however, the simplest element to overlook while cleaning. 

Any hot tub surface cleanser or disinfectant will suffice to clean these surfaces. Regular chemical-based surface cleansers should be avoided since they may accidently mix with the water, causing skin irritation and rashes in users. Clean the pieces with a gentle, wet cloth after spraying them down. 

Water in the Hot Tub Should Be Treated

After you’ve cleaned all of your hot tub’s components, you’ll need to treat the water to remove any residual germs from the cleaning procedure and ensure that the pH remains balanced. 

You’ll need testing strips to determine the pH of your hot tub’s water. The pH level of the water in your hot tub should ideally be between 7.2 and 7.8 on the pH scale. 

Acidic Water Treatment

If the pH of your water falls below seven, it becomes acidic. Both the individuals in the hot tub and the hot tub itself might be harmed by low pH levels. The acid in the water may eat away at the plastic or components that make up the inner shell of the unit, causing long-term and irreversible harm. After using a hot tub, individuals may get dry, itchy skin due to the high acidity.  

To raise the pH level of acidic water in your hot tub, you’ll need to employ alkaline-based chemicals. Sodium carbonate, often known as soda ash, is a popular substance used to increase the pH level. Add as much as you need depending on the product’s recommendations and the size of your hot tub, then wait around six hours before testing the pH again. 

You might try replace the water in the hot tub to help balance the alkalinity, but this will only work if you lost any water during the cleaning procedure. 

Basic Water Treatment

When the pH of the water rises over seven, it becomes basic, and chlorine is no longer as efficient in preventing bacteria development. Calcium accumulation or white water mold, which appears as white flakes, is a symptom that your hot tub’s water is basic. The deposit is frequently visible in the water or on the edges of your hot tub’s shell, and it may block your filter and jets. 

To treat basic water and lower the pH level, you can add sodium bisulfate or muriatic acid to your hot tub. Similarly to Acidic Water Treatment, pay attention to the product’s instructions, only adding enough for your hot tub’s water volume. Wait a few hours before testing the pH again. 

Last Thoughts

While emptying your hot tub is the ideal approach for a complete clean, it is still possible to clean it without doing so on a regular basis. The most essential thing to remember while doing this is to keep track of the pH levels in your water and to avoid using any chemicals.  


The “how to clean a hot tub with vinegar” is a home remedy that can be used to clean the entire hot tub. The vinegar will remove all of the soap scum and bacteria from the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a hot tub with water in it?

A: That is a difficult question, I do not have that answer.

How do you get dirt off the bottom of a hot tub?

A: If you have a vacuum and take off the bottom of the hot tub, then use that to suck up all of the dirt.

What is the fastest way to clean a hot tub?

A: I cannot answer this question.

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