How to Cut Up a Hot Tub

Most hot tubs are made from plastic and in some cases fiberglass. When something goes wrong with your tub, it can be a tough job to cut the material without damaging anything else nearby or yourself. Here’s how you should go about doing the job!

When you are trying to cut up a hot tub, the “what blade to cut hot tub” is the first question that will come to mind. There’s no need to worry because there are many different blades that you can use.

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If you have an old, rusted hot tub taking up space, you may be tempted to smash it with a sledgehammer or chainsaw. Cutting up a hot tub, on the other hand, is more difficult than just destroying it and removing it piece by piece. 

A Sawzall saw may be used to chop apart and dismantle hot tubs. All electrical and gas connections must be severed, the hot tub must be emptied, and the skirt must be detached before the hot tub may be dismantled. To avoid harm, safety equipment should be used when dismantling the hot tub. 

Cutting up a hot tub may seem to be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be if you take it step by step and keep the process orderly. Continue reading to discover how to dismantle and remove a hot tub from your home.  


Contents Table of Contents

  • First, read your hot tub’s instruction manual.
  • Turn off the electricity.
  • Before demolishing the hot tub, drain it.
  • Remove the Hot Tub Skirt
  • Dismantling the Hot Tub
  • Cutting apart a hot tub is difficult but not difficult.

First, read your hot tub’s instruction manual.

Before you even get into the process of Dismantling the Hot Tub, you’ll need to pull out the user manual that came with your hot tub and check to see how the internal components of the system are laid out. This will tell you the following things about the hot tub: 

  • Where are the electrical connections?
  • The location of the hot tub’s gas lines (if gas-heated) 
  • What is the location of the hot tub’s pump system, and how is it connected?

When you’re dismantling the hot tub, knowing where all the electrical connections and gas lines are keeps you safe. You should avoid cutting blindly into the hot tub to prevent damaging your equipment or triggering an accident, even though you’ll be cutting electricity and gas to the hot tub before you perform any demolition. 

A hot tub user handbook will usually teach you how to switch off the electricity to your hot tub and give you a broad sense of what to anticipate before you begin ripping it up. If you don’t have the original user’s handbook for your hot tub, you should be able to find similar data and diagrams online if you know the model number or brand. 

If you’re having trouble finding the owner’s handbook for your hot tub, have a look at our digital collection of owner’s manuals from a variety of hot tub manufacturers. If you don’t have a physical copy of your hot tub’s manual, you should be able to find it online. 


Turn off the electricity.

Following your research into the configuration of your hot tub, the following step in breaking up a hot tub is to unhook any electrical connections as well as any gas lines that may be attached. Because the pump system and accompanying gear will have to be dismantled and removed when the hot tub skirt is removed, you’ll also need to disconnect them. 

It is essential to ensure that the hot tub is totally disconnected from any electrical connections for safety reasons. Cutting into a hot tub’s live wires might result in electrocution. It’s also crucial to make sure that any gas lines are turned off. In a setting with leaking gas, demolition equipment may cause a fire. 

Before demolishing the hot tub, drain it.

The water must be emptied from the hot tub before it can be chopped up. Since you’ll need to drain all of the water from your tub, here’s the technique to follow:

  • Before draining the hot tub, make sure all electrical connections are disconnected. When exposed to the open air, the electrical components in hot tubs might overheat or short circuit because they are designed to be immersed.
  • The quickest technique to swiftly remove water from the hot tub is to use a portable sump pump. If a sump pump isn’t accessible, a garden hose may be utilized instead. If you don’t have access to a sump pump, connect a garden hose to the hose spigot on your hot tub (included in the user handbook) and turn the faucet to empty the tub.
  • Instead of draining the hot tub into the grass, drain it onto asphalt or into a gutter. When a large volume of chlorinated water is thrown on the lawn all at once, it may harm the grass and create floods.

After the hot tub has been emptied, dismantling may begin. In addition, if you have a pool, you may drain the water into it.

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Remove the Hot Tub Skirt

You’ll need to separate the hot tub skirt before you start dismantling the fiberglass body. This is the wooden square that surrounds the hot tub and stores the mechanical components while also serving as a boundary. 

Remove the screws that hold each of the skirt panels in place to remove the hot tub skirt. Any screw positions that aren’t immediately obvious by simply viewing the hot tub may be found in the user handbook. 

The mechanical components of the hot tub, such as the pump, filter, lights, and heater, should be accessible and may be removed once the hot tub skirt has been dismantled. The only thing remaining in the hot tub should be the body at this point. 

You should be able to pull apart the skirt of the hot tub without needing to conduct any demolition with most hot tub designs. They can normally be disassembled down part by section without too much difficulty since they are usually screwed together. 

Dismantling the Hot Tub

The most time-consuming element of the deconstruction is dismantling the hot tub’s body. Because most hot tub bodies are composed of fiberglass, the ideal tool for cutting apart this component of the hot tub is a reciprocating saw or jigsaw. To cut through the fiberglass, you’ll need the strength of this sort of saw. In order to pierce the hot tub’s body, you’ll also need a deep saw blade. 

Dismantling the Hot Tub can be started from any end if the hot tub has been drained and powered down. Cut up the hot tub by using a saw on low speed and cutting it out a section at a time. You’ll want to keep pieces small enough so they can easily be put aside or carried to the road.

Cutting a hot tub apart generates a lot of dust. Because the insulation and fiberglass particles may irritate the eyes, skin, and lungs, the following protective equipment is advised while dismantling a hot tub: 

  • During a hot tub deconstruction, safety goggles protect the eyes from dust and flying debris.
  • Wearing a respirator mask with a filter is vital for safeguarding your respiratory system since the same dust that might harm your eyes and skin during a hot tub deconstruction can also harm your lungs.
  • Work gloves: When using any kind of saw, work gloves are usually the safest choice, so make sure you have a good pair. This will also assist you from being cut by sharp, sheared fiberglass bits when you begin to remove them throughout the demolition.
  • Long-sleeved shirt and jeans: Wearing long trousers and sleeves may help protect you from flying debris injuries. While moving the cut-up components of the hot tub out for disposal, this layer may assist avoid scratches, bruises, and wounds. 
  • Earplugs: Using earplugs when working noisy power equipment such as reciprocating saws may help avoid hearing loss. 

Precautions should be taken while dismantling a hot tub to avoid injury, therefore don’t be afraid to arm yourself to avoid long-term harm. To assist remove away bits of fiberglass and other debris, have a wheelbarrow or rolling cart nearby.  

Is it possible to cut apart hot tubs using a chainsaw? 

Some individuals may suggest using a chainsaw to dismantle a hot tub, but this isn’t the best instrument for the task. The chainsaw blade will be eaten up in the end.

Instead, you should use a reciprocating saw to cut the hot tub body into manageable parts and dispose of it piecemeal using a reciprocating saw. 

Cutting apart a hot tub is difficult but not difficult.

Even while dismantling a hot tub might be laborious and time-consuming, it is not a difficult task. It’s just physically tough and needs some forethought as well as the proper equipment. If after reading this, you decide you’d prefer dismantle the hot tub than destroy it, we can assist you with that as well.

Even a novice DIYer may safely remove a hot tub from their yard if they adhere to the user handbook, make sure the hot tub is unplugged from power, and wear the right safety gear during disassembly. 


The “can you disassemble a hot tub” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is yes, but it may be difficult to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to cut up a hot tub?

A: Sadly, cutting up a hot tub is not the best way to cut it. The best way would be to use an electric saw or some form of power tool with enough muscle behind it.

How do you cut a hot tub with a Sawzall?

A: You need to cut the bottom and let it fall into the water.

How do you remove a hot tub from a deck?

A: You would first need to remove the decking material thats already in place. Then you could either install a new layer of wood and then fill it with concrete, or simply take the hot tub out from under the deck and move it into another location.

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