How to Hide Outside Garbage Cans

This method of hiding from unwanted attention isn’t just for children – all adults can benefit from the same DIY trick, too. This is one way to avoid being found and caught with your hand in another’s garbage.

The “outside garbage can enclosure” is a great way to hide your outdoor garbage cans. It’s also a great way to keep the bugs and other unwanted things out of your trash.

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Outdoor trash cans are an eyesore, particularly if you work hard to keep your home and yard looking neat. Fortunately, there are techniques to conceal your trash cans while still maintaining a tidy and presentable home.

While some techniques just involve the installation of a trellis, others require the installation of fence, plants/vines, and decorations. There are a variety of techniques to conceal your exterior trash cans, depending on how far you want to go. Continue reading to discover how to make aesthetically beautiful covers for those unsightly outdoor trash cans.

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  • Outside Garbage Cans: How to Hide Them
  • Best Buys for Hiding Garbage Cans Outside
  • Other Options for Trash Can Hide
  • How to Prevent Your Garbage Cans From Smelling
  • How to Keep Your Garbage Cans From Overturning


Outside Garbage Cans: How to Hide Them

Outside trash cans can be hidden in a variety of methods, some of which are difficult and others which are simple. There are also do-it-yourself solutions as well as those that may be purchased.

Some of the greatest DIY techniques to conceal your outdoor trash cans are listed here. DIY approaches are less expensive, but they may need a little more effort. If you don’t have time to do it yourself or just want to avoid the trouble, there are some suggestions below for things you may buy to conceal your cans.

Using Fencing to Hide Cans

One of the simplest DIY solutions for concealing trash cans is to build a small fence around them. Store-bought timber, reclaimed pallets, lattice, or even heavy-duty plastic sheeting may be used to construct this fence. A garbage bin fence may be built as part of an existing fence or as a stand-alone structure.

Residents often construct trash can fences that are attached to their homes. Time and resources may be saved by utilizing an existing wall as one of the fence’s sides. You will only need to construct two sides of fence, one to cover the front and one to cover the side, if you pick this option. To remove bins, leave the rear open.

If you’re building a standalone fence for your garbage cans, be sure to pick materials that complement the look of your home or property. If your house has white siding, for example, you may use white lattice to create a fence that complements your home. If your home is made of natural wood, match the wood on your fence to it.


Using Shrubbery and Foliage to Hide Cans

Plants and bushes are another efficient means of concealing or hiding cans. Garbage cans can be naturally disguised by strategically planting plants in a line or square in your yard. Evergreens that are low to the ground and dense are the finest plants for this. These are some examples of these plants:

  • Boxwood is a kind of shrub.
  • Arborvitae is a kind of shrub.
  • Euonymus is a plant that grows in the Euonymus (spindle tree)
  • bushes of holly

You may always arrange potted plants if you don’t want to plant shrubs, whether you’re renting your property or don’t believe plants would survive your soil. Putting potted plants in front of trash cans is a good temporary solution since you can rearrange the plants and garbage cans anytime your yard needs a makeover.

Installing fake shrubbery around where you put your trash cans is another option. Artificial hedges may be fairly lifelike in appearance and do not need pruning, making them a useful concealing tool. If at all feasible, secure and rigidify this shrubbery by attaching it to a fence.


Garbage Can Sheds and Enclosures Made at Home

Sheds and enclosures are another option for hiding your trash cans completely. You may either construct a shed out of wood or design an enclosure out of lattice sheets. However, while constructing a whole shed is a difficult task, you may reuse older furnishings and buildings to meet your requirements. You have the option of repurposing:

  • A shower in the open air
  • Outdoor storage boxes made of plastic (tip them upright)
  • Panels that provide privacy (typically for indoors, make sure they are weather-proof)
  • Screens made of wicker

These are all excellent solutions for concealing exterior trash cans, and they can occasionally offer more than just a handy location for them.

Best Buys for Hiding Garbage Cans Outside

Many various shed/enclosure solutions are available at home improvement shops (particularly online) that are constructed expressly for or work well for concealing trash cans. Wood, vinyl, metal, or heavy-duty plastic may all be used to construct these structures. They either have doors or a panel that opens to allow the bin to be removed.

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These shelters are a wonderful choice since they provide a number of significant benefits, including:

  • They are self-contained. To work properly, they do not need the support or walls of a home. 
  • They keep your rubbish safe and secure, keeping raccoons and bears out at night. 
  • They’re highly durable. They will safeguard your garbage cans from flying over if you reside in an area with strong winds.

Some store-bought shelters have “rooftop terraces,” which may be used to cultivate plants. This adds an aesthetic accent to your yard, patio, or property while also providing additional concealment. Lattice sheds may also encourage the development of vine plants like wisteria or ivy, making them an attractive alternative.

Other Options for Trash Can Hide

If you don’t have enough room to construct buildings or grow plants, nestling your trash cans behind your home, near to other ugly objects like air conditioning units or hoses, is an excellent alternative for hiding them. At the very least, the trash cans will hide these other eyesores.

You might also keep your trash cans in your garage. You won’t have to worry about them smelling if you spray them out often and close each garbage bag firmly. You might also keep them in an indoor shed if you don’t have enough place in your garage.

How to Prevent Your Garbage Cans From Smelling

You still have to worry about the nasty stench of trash coming out of your garbage cans, no matter how well you hide them. If this is a problem, here are some suggestions for keeping your trash cans smelling fresh.

  • Using a hose, spray your rubbish cans on a regular basis. Liquids seep out of garbage bags and cover the interior of your trash cans, giving them an odor long after the rubbish has been removed.
  • Compost food leftovers instead of tossing them away. Your cans smell because of the decomposing food. It will be beneficial to remove organic materials.
  • Keep your cans in a shed where they won’t be contaminated by odors.
  • Take your garbage out every week on schedule and don’t let it build up.

How to Keep Your Garbage Cans From Overturning

Nobody wants their trash cans to topple over and dump their contents all over the street or in their yard. A trash can home or shed may be an useful investment if you live in a highly windy location. You may anchor your shed with pegs in the ground if it’s lightweight and you’re worried it’ll blow over.

Another alternative is to tie your cans to an existing fence or home wall using bungee cords or rope. All you have to do is connect metal D-rings to your fence, wall, or other solid structure, then use a bungee cord to fasten your cans.

If you don’t have enough space for a shed or a location to store your trash cans, bungee cords can be used to fasten the lids. That way, even if they fall over, the contents will not leak out. If you’re looking to conceal more objects in your backyard, check out our posts on how to hide ac units and how to hide outdoor wires.


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