How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard

Get some spiky things that dogs hate, like these.

The “how to keep your neighbors dog out of your yard” is a question that has been asked for many years. There are many different solutions that you can use to keep the dogs out of your yard.

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If your neighborhood has dogs that come into your yard on a regular basis, you’re probably wondering how to keep those unwelcome visitors away.

Continue reading to learn about some effective methods for How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard. You won’t have to worry about them making messes, ripping up your yard, or behaving violently on your property anymore. 


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  • How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard
  • erect a fence around your property
  • Invest on a dog repellent.
  • Use a Dog Deterrent using Ultrasonic Waves 
  • Plant Plants that Repel Dogs
  • Set Up Traps in Your Garden


How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard

How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard can be a time-consuming undertaking. You may have tried things in the past that did not work, so you feel discouraged.

However, if you choose to employ the strategies listed below, you will be well served. You’ll have no trouble keeping dogs out of your yard. Just keep in mind that whatever works best for you and your yard is the best option. The following suggestions can help you keep dogs out of your yard permanently.

  • erecting a fence
  • Using a canine repellant
  • Putting up a dog deterrent using ultrasonic waves
  • Planting plants that deter dogs
  • Laying traps

Any upfront costs will save you money in the long run since you won’t have to worry about yard damage or personal accidents.

erect a fence around your property

One of the first and most practical solutions to How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard is putting a fence up. This can be a great idea for reasons other than just How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard. However, only some people will be able to put fences up where they live.

The problems that can come with erecting a fence are varied, so keep these in mind before setting your mind to using a fence. The biggest issue with setting up a fence is that fences can be expensive, depending on the material you use.


Building a fence is also a time-consuming operation, particularly if you have a big yard to fence in. It’s also worth remembering that a fence is a long-term investment unless you want to spend even more time tearing it down. 

The final thing to consider when constructing a fence to keep dogs out of your yard is if you are permitted to do it in the first place. Check with your city council if you reside in the city. Whether you reside in a community with a Homeowners Association, investigate if you may put a fence on your property with their permission.

Invest on a dog repellent.

Another option for keeping dogs away is Using a canine repellant. You can make your own homemade dog repellent to save money and a trip to the store. Homemade repellent can be hit or miss as far as efficacy, though. 

The following ingredients are used in some of the greatest DIY dog repellents:

  • Vinegar 
  • Peels of citrus fruits

One of the finest components for DIY repellents is vinegar. Many animals and pests, including dogs, fall into this category. Vinegar should be sprayed around the perimeter of your yard. Because dogs loathe the scent of vinegar, they should avoid your yard after you’ve used this repellant.

Placing Peels of citrus fruits around your yard can also work well as a dog repellent. Dogs dislike citrus and will typically stay away from the smell. If you find that dogs continue to return to your yard even with the Peels of citrus fruits, the citrus smell may not be powerful enough to deter them. 

Dog Repellent from the Store

If you find that the homemade options do not work, you can always fall back on Dog Repellent from the Stores. These are designed specifically to keep dogs out of your yard, so they may work better than homemade versions. 

Dog repellents come in a variety of forms, but the most popular is a spray. Dogs should be kept away from the border of your yard if you spray it. This repellant is available in pet shops, agricultural supply stores, and online. This spray is inexpensive and simple to apply, so you won’t have to make a significant investment or put in a lot of effort.

Use a Dog Deterrent using Ultrasonic Waves 

Another potential solution for How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard is purchasing and placing ultrasonic dog deterrents. These are neither time-consuming nor extremely expensive to put up, but their efficiency is still unclear. This is a flexible option since you can pick them up and move them around like lawn ornaments. 

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The ultrasonic deterrent works by triggering a sequence of acoustic and ultrasonic noises using motion sensors. These noises are meant to irritate the dog that enters your yard and discourage the dog from returning. 

However, since they are relatively new to the market, they are a little divisive. When people hear the word “ultrasonic,” they think of the high-pitched, high-frequency noises that dogs are known to perceive. However, it is uncertain if these deterrents perform as intended. Try them out, but be sure to save your receipt. 

Plant Plants that Repel Dogs

This is yet another time-consuming method, but it is a great way to keep dogs at bay while also improving your gardening abilities. These plants may already be found in many yards, so there is no reason not to put them in yours. The following plants are toxic to dogs. Plant them in your yard to keep the dogs away. 

  • Lavender
  • Citronella white
  • Canine Plectranthus

Lavender repels dogs due to its potent smell. However, to humans, lavender is beautiful and smells great. It is a great plant to have in your yard. Citronella repels not only dogs but mosquitos and other bugs as well. Canine Plectranthus repels animals through its strong smell that, luckily, humans cannot even detect. Plus, it is pretty!

Planting these plants will not only keep the dogs out of your yard, but they will also improve the appearance of your yard. Many of the plants used to fight dogs are flowers that may already be found in most yards. 

Set Up Traps in Your Garden

Traps may be put up as a last resort if all other approaches have failed. Rather than attempting to make a handmade trap, you will obtain greater results if you use a pre-made trap. Make certain to utilize humane traps, which can be found on Amazon. Animal rescue organizations and shelters may also be able to assist. 

Set up many traps for greater results, particularly if your yard is frequented by multiple dogs. Strays, in particular, often travel in groups. For good measure, set up two or three traps. Even if you just have one dog that comes into your yard on a regular basis, using many traps increases your chances of capturing it. 

Place some form of bait in your traps, usually some kind of meat, to attract the dog that keeps coming into your yard. Once the dog has been trapped, you may either have an animal handler remove the dog or have a neighbor get their dog. 

If the dog belongs to a neighbor, you should talk to them about keeping their dog off your property. It may be a tough talk to have at times, but it is necessary if you want the dog to stay off your property permanently. This is also in the dog’s best interests. Unchecked roaming is dangerous for any dog.

It may be quite hot throughout the year, so if you don’t mind having dogs in your yard or if you have your own, make sure to locate some shade to keep these four-legged companions cool, particularly during the summer.

It’s possible that dogs aren’t the only thing you’d want to keep out of your yard. Learn how to avoid deer from eating your hydrangeas and other plants.


The “how to keep dogs out of your yard home remedies” is a great way to keep unwanted animals out of your yard. The most common ways include fences, water, and noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep my neighbors dog out of my yard?

A: There are a number of ways you can keep your neighbors dog out of your yard. The most common way would be to install an electric fence around the perimeter, which is effective for both keeping people and animals out. However, if you have children or pets that cannot handle this type of electrical shock it may not be ideal for them either. Another option might involve using motion activated sprinklers or flags outside to warn dogs off from approaching the property line; these could also serve as deterrents against trespassers while theyre deployed on their own

What scent will keep dogs away?

A: The best way to keep dogs away is with a strong release agent like ammonia.

What is the most effective dog repellent?

A: The most effective dog repellent is pepper spray.

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