Husqvarna 240 Chainsaw Review

Husqvarna is a recognized brand and we have mentioned it in reviews of other power tools, but we are here to tell you that this is one of the best chainsaws brand.

The Husqvarna 240 is an entry-level chainsaw you can find in the Husqvarna chainsaw line. It comes with decent features and has a good price.

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#1. Technical Features


It features a 38.2 cc engine that produces 2 HP. It’s lightweight and is good for cutting softwood, and you won’t have to apply extra force when used with the right material.

Some reviewers exaggerated on the power of this chainsaw, but in our opinion, this model isn’t designed for heavy jobs, and that’s why it isn’t so powerful as other models, you just don’t need too much power for these kind of tasks. It’s important that you understand the type of material that you will use the chainsaw on.

Guide Bar

This model accepts 13 to 16 inch guide bar, which is really small. It will allow you to cut 32 inch of material, and while it isn’t the biggest size we have seen in a chainsaw, it’s suitable for average use like woodworking, cutting logs and other general uses.

It can be quickly removed in minutes and is strong enough to support the 9000 RPM maximum speed of the chain, any day any time. You can change the guide bar length to any chain bar model you want as long as it’s compatible.

#2. User-Friendly

This model is equipped with X-Torq technology as other Husqvarna chainsaws. This technology makes the motor fuel efficient and reduces the production of fumes and allows the motor to start almost immediately when yanked, unlike other models that require a few yanks before get the motor going.

The X-Torq technology is backed by a stop control that reduces the risk of oil flooding engine.

It also comes with the LowVib system that reduces vibration levels, so you feel less fatigue and makes the chainsaw more comfortable to hold in the hand.

#3. Safety

The chain bar is designed to reduce kickback and comes with a thick front guard to protect user’s hand during a kickback.

#4. Other features

The last feature we will mention is the Air Injection that drastically improves the chainsaw’s life and allows the motor to generate more performance per fuel cost by filtering air.

#5. Price

It isn’t too expensive and if you take into account that this is a premium grade chainsaw, you get what you pay for. We personally think that this model has a good price because of what it offers.

#6. Expert Review

Many experts have been interested in this model and have reviewed it. You can find reviews about it in the YouTube channel A-1 Repairs Inc. The reviewer, Jim, explains details about this chainsaw and provides a hands-on experience of what working with it feels like. He talks about the specs and the benefits of each feature. Then he show us how to remove and assemble the 16-inch bar mount in this model, and then he explains the comfortable handling. You can watch the video below:

#7. Pros/Cons


  • Cheaper than other Husqvarna chainsaws.
  • Low vibrations and more comfortable handling over a longer period.
  • Large guide bar feels comfortable in the hand.
  • Lightweight at only 10.3 lbs. Can be used to work in awkward positions.
  • X-Torq delivers more motor efficiency and fewer toxic fumes.
  • Air injection system helps extend the life of the air filters and motor.


  • Motor is not the most powerful with a maximum of 2 HP. Only ideal for lightweight use or softwood cutting.

#8. Who Should Buy?

The Husqvarna 240 is a relatively affordable chainsaw for beginners or semi-professionals, but can be used for more heavy-duty jobs by woodcutting experts, but it isn’t designed for that kind of tasks. So, in conclusion, it’s a good model for beginners and those who don’t need to perform a lot of woodcutting. It cuts well a material that is no more than 32 inches in diameter and it comes with safety features.

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