Husqvarna 445 Review

Stepping into the store to purchase products may at times be overwhelming for buyers with an array or brands parading on the shelf in so many physical similarities, one cannot help but think they would function the same as well.

Whether you are a homeowner looking for a reliable machine to help prune the yard from tree overgrowth or the on-call handyman that needs to do some preventive tree cutting for possible calamities in the neighborhood, they are the same in wanting a reliable and durable machine to do the job. After all, household tools or machines can be a pretty big investment. It is just but right to make certain the quality and capabilities of a purchased product.  There is no other way to be certain of that other than choosing the best company that creates products of esteemed functionality and innovation.

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The Husqvarna or widely known as Husky 445 Chainsaw has an engine that starts off quite easily through the combination of the stop switch and fuel pump. There are actually two models in this series which differs only on the length of the bar chain it can be attached two.

The Husky 445 966955336 includes a 16-inch bar while the Husky 445 966955338 has a pre-installed 18-inch bar.

Knowing the exact size you need is important. The bar is actually measured according to the cutting length that suits your purpose. So whether you just need a tool to help you trim the surrounding trees that may cause trouble after a terrible storm or is merely an overgrowth of your fruit trees, choosing the most suitable in length is the key for a perfect product match.

An 18-inch bar usually means the measurement from the edge of the chainsaw body up to the end of the bar. It is suggested to always measure the bar prior to purchase of the chainsaw as it may be too lengthy and as a result appear disproportionate to the machine. Most often, the bar is installed on the chainsaw but if otherwise, it is best to fit it though and measure accordingly.

The product comes with 16 inches or 18 inches on a .325 pitch chain and can be readily sharpened in a matter of time. Additional accessories like a sharpening kit can be added to the ensemble. No better way to keep it in the top shape than include its very own tools to tighten the chain. It is also recommended to purchase an additional or back up set of chains to ensure smooth flow of busy operation when time is a constraint. This is because relying on a single set and do a break for sharpening them may take several days to finish. Having another one will save you time and give you more money for those with commercial use then as it will increase productivity and gain satisfaction for clients as well.

It also comes with a unique style of chain brake that is inertia activated to ensure minimal risks on injury as a result of kickback during operations.

It functions with a three-piece crankshaft, all equally reliable to withstand the rough handling. The pieces were made and attached separately to ensure sustainability from wear and tear for each usage.

Another interesting piece to the whole product is the side-mounted chain tensioning device that can easily be adjusted with one hand while continuing operations on the chainsaw.

It utilizes a unique innovation called X-torq engine that which increases fuel efficiency and reduces the level of emission. This application on gas utilization eventually shows off in the capacity of the machine to operate for longer hours without the need to refuel. There is also no need to fuss about unexpected low fuel in the middle of the operation as it has a very visible fuel gauge that indicates the gas level to eliminate out of timing breaks or pauses. To give a specific scenario on the importance of this, picture cutting through a large limb that is dangerously hanging only to be interrupted due to a low level of fuel. Thus there is a need to stop and refuel in which possible dangers like injury or the tree branch falling off in the wrong direction. The visible level of fuel available can help you estimate enough amount to finish the job in time and easily. This makes sure you feel secure and confident while finishing the task and prepare you for other tasks ahead.

In addition, emission levels are at a minimal to even pass compliance to strict environmental reminders. This will also perk up health safety issues as the minimal exhaust attributed to fuel efficiency produced by the machine guarantees more benefits even against wearing a mask while using the competitor’s models.  They had addressed this previously pointed concern by customers having an allergy attack upon using this. Previously noted that the exhaust tends to be clingy on clothes, hair and the skin, the new model is designed to minimize this at a considerable level.


A machine that cleans up for itself!

Cutting through trees or wood for the fireplace presents a cloudy mix of woodchips and sawdust flying all around. There is a possibility of debris clogging the air filter of the chainsaw during operations. To address this issue, the Husky 45 models were designed to have a unique air cleaning system. The centrifugal air cleaning system makes sure to eliminate as much it can both small and large particles from going down the filter. In combination with a quick-release feature on the air filter, it will save you time and money for cleaning and replacement of the filter. In the long run, this will definitely prolong the life of your chainsaw.

Smart and purpose-driven design

In some cases, chainsaw owners brag of their equipment’s notable performance yet hesitantly mention the ease of comfort it may give. Even though how powerful the chainsaw is and does a good job cutting through the trees, I still believe over-all satisfaction will always involve comfort and environment-friendly characteristics. 

The Husky 45 is designed to exhibit minimum vibrations on the chainsaw motor that which benefits the operator by decreasing fatigue and muscle strain. This is in comparison to other big and powerful machines that not only is too loud but also gives off a considerable level of vibration to cause muscle stiffness and soreness. This results in lessened efficiency in cutting time and power similarly. The task of cutting trees or wood for the fireplace becomes too tedious that it is definitely labeled as merely a man’s job.  But this is not the case definitely with the Husky 45 models that really looked through not only power in performance but convenience for the users as well. The saw has a simple pull start system easily operated even for a woman! There is even a step by step guide to get it running whether in the cold or warm engine and do not necessarily require such physical strength.

Secured and Warranty Guaranteed

As a consumer, we look through assistance for possible repairs or replacement in the future. We are not only cautious of available Service Centre’s but the possible cost for tool parts. The good news is, most Husqvarna products have 3-4 years of warranty and is easily accessible through almost 4500 authorized dealers and outlets. This proves that real company and customer relationship is having open and accessible means of communication even after the purchase of the products.

So step out and order or type in and purchase the Husky 45 of your choice because you do not have to worry about shipment. It is packaged accordingly for pick up or shipment inside a tightly sealed and tough corrugated box.

On top of all this, most happy customers boost the quality and ingenuity of performance amidst price value. No other brand would best suit your needs and pocket at the same time as the Husqvarna ” Husky” 45 Chainsaw.

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