Top 6 Hammer Drills For DIYers

For DIYers, the hammer drill can be a powerful tool for drilling holes through wood and metal. The key is knowing which size you need. See what models offer power plus features that will make your life easier.

The “best hammer drills 2021” is a list of the top 6 hammer drills for DIYers. These are the best options to get started with, and they are also affordable.

Hammer drills may be used for a variety of tasks around the home and in the yard. If you’re a DIY enthusiast with a concrete block home, you’ll need a hammer drill to drill through the concrete for any reason. They are also useful in the backyard. They may drill huge holes in tough wood for bolts or drill through concrete patios to screw in wood post bases.

There are many different types of hammer drills available on the market from various manufacturers. As a result, finding the best hammer drill for the ordinary shopper might be difficult. However, in this study, we’ll look at some of the top hammer drills now on the market. 

This assessment is based on a comprehensive examination of the features and dependability of numerous hammer drill models from various manufacturers. Various user evaluations were analyzed, and tests were conducted to determine some of the best hammer drill models on the market.


Here’s a look at the best eight hammer drills that will make a great addition to your DIY toolbox.



DEWALT DCD996P2 Cordless Hammer Drills

Because of its strong 5.0AH brushless motor, the DEWALT DCD996P2 can handle a broad variety of tasks. The 20V battery may last up to 75% longer than the 18V NiCad battery, providing you plenty of time to complete your project before the battery runs out. This motor has three speeds that are suited for a variety of applications.

It has an ergonomically designed handle for user comfort, as well as a 360-degree side handle for heavy-duty job steadiness. Even in the darkest situations, the 3-Mode LED light allows you to see what you’re drilling.

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The 1/2-inch nitro-carbonized metal ratcheting chuck has outstanding bit holding capability. Nothing is more aggravating than a bit sliding midway through a tough material in a ratchet chuck. For every DIY job, DeWalt provides a reliable and long-lasting hammer drill.


DEWALT DW511 Corded Electric Hammer Drill

Another DEWALT hammer drill with exceptional performance and efficiency is the DW511. This type is compact and lightweight, weighing just 4.3 pounds. It is appropriate for long-term usage. With its 7.8 amp motor, the corded electric drill offers excellent delivery even on steel and masonry drilling activities.


This hammer drill features multiple speeds that make it ideal for a variety of tasks. It also has a dual-mode functioning that allows you to use it as a hammer, drill, or both, increasing its flexibility and overall usefulness.

The device is meant to be simple to use and comfortable for the user. When drilling in hard materials, the 360-degree side handle improves tool control.


Bosch Bulldog Extreme11255VSR High-Power Hammer Drills

The Bosch Bulldog Extreme is ideal for DIYers who want more power than a standard hammer drill. With its 7.5 amp motor, this model has adequate power for practically anything, even demo.

This 3-mode rotary hammer drill may be used for a variety of projects, including hammer solo, drill only, or hammer plus drill. Drilling a 1/2 bolt hole for a pergola, rotary drilling into solid concrete, or chiseling up a tile floor are all things that may be done with a drill. The SDS + bit function enables for tool-free bit changes and automated bit locking, which I believe is superior than rival hammer drills’ ratcheting chucks.

The DEWALT DCD996B hammer drill is one of the tools in my DIY toolkit that I use on a daily basis. My home is made of concrete block, and I have to drill into it on a regular basis to put things on the walls, including cupboards.

I have just utilized it to anchor my new kitchen peninsula cabinets by drilling into my concrete slab. I’ve also used it to assist friends demo their tile floors using chiseling bits on many occasions. For its power, it is definitely worth the price.

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Makita XPH12R Compact Cordless Hammer Drill

The Makita XPH12R is a Makita hammer drill with a bundle of outstanding features and a small form that weighs just 3.6 pounds and is 7 inches in length, making it ideal for usage in a variety of difficult-to-reach places. It includes a flexible dual-speed design that may be used for a variety of drilling, driving, and hammering applications.

With its brushless motor and excellent battery consumption, this device also provides an exceptional run-time. For reduced downtime, the 2.0 amp batteries may be completely charged in 25 minutes. The XPT Extreme Protection Technology keeps the tool running even if it comes into contact with a lot of dust, gets wet from time to time, or falls off a ladder.

Overall, this device is perfect because to its incredible small form, efficient distribution, increased power, and ease of use. 


The ENEACRO SDS-Plus is a low-cost rotary hammer drill.

This hammer drill is durable and versatile, allowing it to do a variety of tasks. It boasts a robust 13 amp motor that ensures excellent performance for a variety of DIY drilling and fastening applications.

The vibration control system on this rotary hammer drill makes it easier to manage and reduces operator fatigue. This model contains various safety features, such as the safety clutch protection, which is meant to keep your wrist safe while you’re working with a lot of torque.

The SDS-Plus model also has various tip settings, which is a unique feature. These settings help it perform better in a variety of applications and tasks, including as drilling and chiseling. For simple and efficient handling, it incorporates a 360-degree adjustable handle. For longer usage, it has features such as heat exhaust and a dustproof system. 


Milwaukee 2804-22 M18 Power Hammer Drill

It’s remarkable to have a tool with such a wide range of uses and capabilities. The brushless motor of the Milwaukee 2804-22 M18 allows it to do heavy-duty jobs. When compared to other competing models, this model’s power configuration ensures up to 60% greater power.

Milwaukee 2804-22 M18 isn’t only concerned with performance; it’s also concerned with user safety. This device comes with Relink plus intelligence, which protects against overload while assuring optimum performance. It can also handle up to 1200 pounds of torque.

Milwaukee 2804-22 M18 is a reliable tool for large DIY projects. This product’s bundled battery provides additional working hours per charge. 

Most Commonly Asked Questions

When purchasing a hammer drill, what should I check for?

There are various elements that customers should consider when choosing the finest hammer drill model for their requirements. These characteristics include:

  • Drilling capacity, applications, and adaptability
  • Setup with plenty of power
  • Battery type / power source
  • Money well spent
  • Weight
  • Costs of operation/maintenance are simple.

Is it possible to use a hammer drill on metal?

Yes, a standard hammer drill can be used to drill metal. A powerful hammer drill should be able to drill through metals and other hard surfaces with ease. In general, a hammer drill should work well with woods, concrete, and metals.

What is the difference between a hammer drill and a rotary hammer?

For the most part, the rotating hammer is mistaken for a hammer drill. There are, nevertheless, certain fundamental traits and capabilities that distinguish them. In comparison to a rotary hammer, a hammer drill is a less complex instrument. A rotary hammer is more of a power tool that has been specialized for drilling and chiseling hard materials, while a hammer drill may be used to drill diverse surfaces.

Is a hammer drill superior than a standard drill?

In terms of uses and adaptability, it is reasonable to claim that a hammer drill is superior to other ordinary drills. A hammer drill is also more powerful than other types of drills, making it a better choice for difficult jobs.

What are the greatest hammer drills available for less than $150?

There are many hammer drills available for less than $150. Several DEWALT hammer drills, Makita hammer drills, Milwaukee hammer drills, and others are among them. These are some of the most cost-effective hammer drill kits on the market.


Hammer drills, like most other DIY equipment, may be used for a wide range of tasks. You want to choose a model that is most suited to your requirements.

Some of the top hammer drills for effective and flexible uses are included in the review above. The goal of this list is to assist prospective purchasers in finding the finest model for their budget.


The “heavy duty hammer drill for concrete” is a tool that many DIYers will find useful. It is often used to drill holes in concrete and other hard surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hammer drill is best for concrete?

A: You can find a lot of different answers for this question in our guide on best rated hammer drills.

What are the best hammer drills to buy?

A: In a market with so many different types of hammer drills on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. If you want something that has an extended battery life and is affordable, then I’d recommend going with the Black & Decker LDX211C Drill/Driver Kit. For those looking for a little more power and portability in their drill than what this offers, then go ahead and purchase anything from Milwaukee 940-20 M12 Cordless Hammer Driver Tool Set

What is a good hammer drill for home use?

A: A good hammer drill for home use is not simple to find, so we suggest you buy a few different drills and test them out. In the event that your hole isnt big enough though, an electric screwdriver would be beneficial as they can get power with their batteries or electricity.

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