Top 7 Log Splitters For Backyard Use

If you own a wood pile and are splitting logs with your axe, these log splitters can make the job easier. They have an adjustable blade that ranges from 8 to 12 inches long, so it should fit any size of log you are trying to chop down. The best part about these is their price – they only cost $9! Great for those who don’t want to spend too much money on backyard tools but still need something productive enough for basic tasks such as chopping firewood or clearing branches off trees in your lawn.,

The “best log splitters” are a type of tool that is used to split logs into smaller pieces. These tools are perfect for use in the backyard and can be found at most hardware stores.


Everybody, even homeowners, wants to employ technologies that will make their jobs simpler. Cutting down trees and splitting logs takes a lot of time and effort, particularly the log splitting. You go through a lot of firewood if you have a wood burning stove, fireplace, or firepit and live somewhere where it gets extremely cold. A log splitter may make the operation go more smoothly.

A log splitter is a piece of machinery or equipment that is used to split different kinds of wood, such as hardwoods and softwoods. It will work well on pre-cut parts or circular logs that have been hacked down with a chainsaw or other appropriate equipment.

A log splitter removes the tension of swinging an ax, making firewood processing simpler. This tool will assist you in cutting down logs into smaller, more manageable pieces. These parts are less difficult to store and burn more efficiently. 


The greatest log splitter isn’t the most expensive or the least expensive; it’s the one that gives you the most bang for your buck. This is a review of some of the greatest log cutters to add to your backyard tool collection.

Product Features
Champion 7-Ton Log Splitter is a gas log splitter. 20-second cycle time; 7-ton splitting capacity; maximum log length of 19″
WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter 6.5 tons splitting capacity, 20.5″ by 10″ log capacity, 20-second cycle time
PowerSmart 6-Ton Rugged Wood Splitter a 20-second cycle time a 6 ton splitting capacity a 21″ by 10″ log capacity a 20-second cycle time a 20-second cycle time a 20-second cycle time a 20-second cycle time 
Sun Joe LJ10M 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter Splitting capacity of 10 tons Log capacity of 18″ by 8″ RAM return spring return for quick reset
Boss Industrial ES7T20 Industrial Log Splitter a 14-second cycle time a 7-ton splitting capacity a 20.5″ by 10″ log capacity a 14-second cycle time 
Southland SELS60 6 Ton Heavy-Duty Log Splitter 18-second cycle time; 6 ton splitting capacity; maximum log length of 20.5″
YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter is a manual wood splitter. a 16-second cycle time a 5 ton splitting capacity a 20.5″ by 10″ log capacity a 16-second cycle time a 16-second cycle time a 16-second cycle time a 16-second cycle time 



Champion 7-Ton Log Splitter is a gas log splitter.

If you’re looking for a powerful gas log splitter that can easily cut through a variety of materials, the Champion 7-Ton is a great option. It comes with a powerful 80 cc champion single-cylinder OHV engine that can split up to 7 tons. A low oil shut-off function protects the engine by turning it off automatically when the oil level drops below a certain level.

The Champion 7-Ton gas log splitter is adaptable and simple to use. Within minutes, you may adjust the position from vertical to horizontal and vice versa. This capability enables it to handle massive, heavy logs without putting it under extra strain.

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The Champion 7-Ton is capable of handling logs up to 19 inches length and 50 pounds in weight. Its engine has a 20-second cycle time, which means it is more efficient. The incorporation of a dependable auto-return valve enables it to cycle at a rate of 180 cycles per hour, which is ideal for high-volume applications.

A 2-stage gear pump is included, allowing you to control flow and pressure to boost production. The Champion 7-Ton log splitter is also small enough to fit in the bed of a truck. Its mobility is improved with a DOT-approved wheel that allows it to go at 45 miles per hour.


Pros Cons
Flexible and effective The oil hose is ill-fitting.
It’s simple to switch from horizontal to vertical. It’s a heavyweight.
Full-length beam with a tough design  
For increased safety, low oil shut-off and recoil start are used.  
Splitting power is impressive.  


WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

When splitting hard and softwoods, the WEN 56207 electric log splitter gives a lot of variety and flexibility. It has a 15-amp engine that generates over 13,000 pounds of lock breaking pressure for a smooth cut through a variety of logs.

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The log cutter can handle 120 logs in an hour thanks to the WEN 56207’s 20-second cycle time. It can cut logs with a diameter of up to 10 inches and a length of up to 20.5 inches.

For more comfortable usage, this log cutter comes with a stand that raises it 34 inches above the floor. Due to the tool’s two-handed usage, the user’s safety is also ensured.

The fume-free construction of the WEN 56207 avoids the chance of hazardous pollutants such as carbon monoxide being inhaled by users. The addition of Support wings on the sides makes operating even easier by keeping the log from rolling away.

WEN 56207 is quite simple to store and move. It boasts 5.5-inch never-flat wheels and an inbuilt handle that work together to make movement and storage a breeze. With its auto-return cylinder, this electric log splitter saves time and energy by automatically retracting after the split is complete. 

Pros Cons
It’s light, portable, and adaptable. Make a lot of vibrations.
For simple portability, there’s a carrying handle and never-flat wheels. For certain users, the power cable exits at the green button, which is inconvenient.
Support wings on the sides  
RAM adjustment rings and other elements that may be adjusted  
It’s both powerful and simple to use.  


PowerSmart 6-Ton Rugged Wood Splitter

One of the electric wood splitters built for the most demanding scenarios is the PowerSmart. With its steel design, it has a solid build that assures its longevity, effective uses, and adaptability to a variety of operating difficulties.

It comes with a robust 1.75HP 15amp induction engine that gives 6-ton maximum performance for a variety of modest to medium-sized jobs.

The PowerSmart log cutter features a 20-second cycle time, which allows it to efficiently cut through a variety of logs. It can split logs with a diameter of 10 inches and a length of 21 inches. You may use it on the ground or on a workbench, making it quite adaptable. Because it produces no fumes, you may use this wood splitter inside.

This electric log splitter has a smart start feature as well as a simple push start button. It has a strong rear wheel that makes moving the log cutter around even on uneven areas simple. 

Pros Cons
Rugged and sturdy When it detects opposition during a cut, it backs out.
Start smartly and easily. Obstacles in the form of green woodlands
It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  
There are no fumes or other hazardous pollutants.  
It may be placed on a bench or on the ground.  


Sun Joe LJ10M 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

A hydraulic log splitter with a 10-ton driving power, the Sun Joe LJ10M. This wood splitter is capable of splitting logs up to 18 inches long and 8 inches broad. Its efficient and long-lasting performance is due to its sturdy steel structure and dependable power system. Its modest weight allows for simple handling and efficient applications.

Because of its small and portable design, the Sun Joe LJ10M is very simple to operate. It’s simple to travel, maneuver, and store because of its mobility. Log cradles make it simpler to work since they keep split timber from dropping.

It also comes with strong wheels for convenient movement. It features a control handle that allows you complete control over the action.

A ram return spring for rapid resets is another feature that makes the hydraulic wood splitter simple to operate. Even during operations, you may use this capability to make rapid and required modifications. Although it is not suitable for heavy-duty activities, it is suitable for a variety of minor log splitting applications. 

Pros Cons
Lightweight, portable, and small are three words that come to mind while describing this product. Heavy-duty jobs are not recommended.
It’s simple to operate and requires minimal upkeep. Its functioning is quite sluggish.
Split timber is held in place by a log cradle.  
Convenient maneuverability  
For rapid resets, a ram return spring is used.  


Boss Industrial ES7T20 Industrial Log Splitter

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 electric log splitter has a number of great features. This log splitter features a strong electric motor that generates a 7-ton splitting force and runs on 2HP, 13.5amps, and 115V. It also has a hydraulic pressure of 3700 psi, which provides efficient and smooth operations.

The log capacity of the Boss Industrial ES7T20 is 20.5 inches (length) by 10 inches (diameter) with a 5-inch splitting wedge height. It has a 14-second cycle for splitting. Similarly, if you include an automated ram return option, you can be certain that your task will be completed in a fair amount of time.

It’s simple to use and sturdy because to its full-beam structure and other incorporated features. It allows for one-handed operation, which cuts down on operator fatigue. The 7-inch w/metal wheel included in the Boss Industrial ES7T20 enables for convenient transporting.

Boss Industrial ES7T20 is lightweight for Convenient maneuverability. Likewise, it comes completely pre-assembled, which makes it ready for use as soon as it arrives. 

Pros Cons
For the user’s convenience, one-handed operation is supported. For heavy-duty activities, the splitting wedge is insufficient.
Lightweight and simple to operate Rolling about is difficult, especially on uneven ground.
Full-beam construction ensures long-term durability.  
Time-saving automatic ram return  
Effective and powerful performance  


Southland SELS60 6 Ton Heavy-Duty Log Splitter

The Southland SELS60 is an electric log splitter that can handle a variety of tough wood splitting jobs. It features a strong engine that produces a 6 ton splitting capacity through timbers of various thicknesses and has a 1.75 HP, 15 amp current rating.

With an 18-second cycle time, the Southland SELS60 captures the hearts of many customers since it swiftly completes wood splitting duties. This characteristic enables it to perform large-scale splitting projects with ease. 

This wood cutter has an incorporated stroke limiter that allows it to adapt to a shorter stroke for smaller logs. Southland SELS60 is also adaptable and flexible for light log splitting jobs because to this function.

Because of the Southland SELS60’s 7-inch wheel integration, mobility, maneuverability, and storage are all quite simple. It may be be stored vertically to save space and preserve spec. 

Pros Cons
Induction motor with plenty of torque The ram isn’t retractable.
Easy-to-adjust integrated stroke limiter Hydraulic fluid is running low.
Lightweight and maneuverable  
Suitable for tough conditions  
Wedge with a lot of power  


YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter is a manual wood splitter.

Because it allows you complete control over your splitting activities, the YARDMAX YS0552 is regarded one of the finest manual wood splitters. It comes with a strong engine with a 5 ton splitting capability for a smooth split through hardwoods.

Within a short cylinder cycle time of 16 seconds, this log splitter can cut a wood with a dimension of 20.5 inches in length and 10 inches in diameter. It comes with extras including a stand and a log tray to make splitting simpler. It is easy to manage and move because to its lightweight, mobility, and presence of a 7-inch wheel.

The YARDMAX YS0552 enables for two-handed operation, putting the user’s safety first. It is also appropriate for interior uses since it produces no hazardous emissions. 

Pros Cons
Portable, light, and simple to use Touch-up paint that is dry
Two-handed operation is possible. Heavy-duty jobs are not recommended.
Stroke limiter is included for easy adjustment.  
Log tray, stand, and other accessories are included.  
Only little assembly is needed.  

Your wood splitter’s performance may be improved by using the right accessories. These are some of the accessories available:


Firewood Carrier Made of Canvas


378841-1002 X27 Fiskars Axe with Super Splitting Power


Firewood Splitter Kindling Cracker


Cover for Log Splitter

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What size log splitter do I require?

The log splitter size you need is determined by the size of the log you wish to divide. The greater the splitter needed for the wood, the larger the diameter of the wood. For a 6 inch piece of wood, you’ll need a 4-ton splitter on average.

Is it better to split logs while they’re wet or when they’re dry?

The majority of people prefer to split wet wood since it is simpler. Splitting damp wood can also speed up the drying process.

Which wood is the most difficult to split?

Sweetgum, elm, and cottonwoods are the toughest woods to split, according to widespread observation and assessments.

Is it better to split firewood when it’s still green or when it’s completely dry?

The sort of wood you wish to split will determine whether you split it green or dry. Green woods, such as live oak, are simpler to split, whereas soft and brittle woods, such as certain pines, do not.

Will a pile of firewood dry out?

Yes, as long as you don’t expose the firewood to moisture, it will dry in a pile. However, a pile of wood will take longer to dry than a single piece of wood.

Is it necessary to cover my firewood with a tarp?

It would be beneficial if you simply covered the top of your firewood with a tarp after you are certain that it is entirely dry and you don’t want to expose it any more. Don’t use the tarp to cover the sides of the wood!


Based on our suggestions, we hope you locate the ideal log splitter for your requirements, as well as any accessories you may need to assist you complete your log splitting tasks. This winter, pair your firewood with some ooey gooey smores!

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The “log splitter reviews” is a tool that can split logs into smaller pieces, which are then easy to burn in the fire. It’s a great way to keep your backyard tidy and safe.

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