Wood Chipper Rental: Just How Much Will It Cost You?

If you’re planning to do some major landscaping or have a project that needs one, chances are you’ll need a wood chipper rental. We’ve compiled the prices for renting this piece of equipment in various locations around America.

The “how much to rent a wood chipper near me” is one of the most common questions that people ask. So, I decided to answer this question by using my super-duper-awesome knowledge of all things related to home and outdoor living!

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At our home, we recently had a pine tree cut down. I pondered how much it would have cost to hire a wood chipper and break down the tree ourselves throughout the procedure. I’ll tell you what I discovered.

Renting one for the day could set you back anything from $69 to 125. You may read on for a more detailed analysis of what I discovered.

A wood chipper may help you clean up your backyard, particularly if it’s full of wood waste. However, most individuals choose to rent a wood chipper rather than purchase the whole machine since it is less expensive.



A wood chipper may be leased from a variety of equipment rental firms around the United States, with prices varying based on the state where it is borrowed. This post will explain how to hire a wood chipper and give you a fair estimate of how much it will cost.

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  • What Should You Think About Before Renting a Wood Chipper?
  • What is the Best Place to Rent a Wood Chipper?
  • What are the Benefits of Renting a Wood Chipper?
  • Conclusion


What Should You Think About Before Renting a Wood Chipper?

Engine Displacement – this relates to the power of the wood chipper that you should hire, and the larger the engine’s cylinder, the more powerful the equipment. The size of the area within a wood chipper is measured in cubic centimeters, and the greater it is, the more powerful and competent the machine will be.

The reduction ratio determines the amount of chipping that will be created. The optimal ratio for wood chippers is 10:1, which indicates that the chippers will produce one container of chips for every ten containers of backyard trash.

Self-Feeding Wood Chippers – There are two types of self-feeding wood chippers: automatic and manual. You will be the one to push the wood into the chipper so that it may be reduced to smaller bits in manual wood chippers. When hiring a wood chipper, however, consider one that is self-feeding to save time and effort.


Throat Size – If you’ll be cleaning heavy wood debris, hiring equipment with a bigger throat size is a good idea.

Larger wood chippers would need extra license for transportation, which would add to your costs. Smaller wood chippers, on the other hand, may be hauled by a small car and do not need a separate transportation license.


Power Source – You must also examine the power source that will be used to operate the device. Currently, there are three major power sources to choose from: gas, diesel, or electricity. Gas chippers are more transportable since they do not need you to plug them in while in operation.

There is no need to plug in diesel wood chippers since the machinery runs on gas. Although electric wood chippers must be hooked into a power source, they are quieter when in operation. When compared to gas and diesel-powered wood chippers, it is also somewhat less expensive.

Towable vs. Trackable — When operating on tough terrain, a trackable wood chipper is preferable. However, if you wish to work while being incredibly mobile, the towable variant is advised.

Discs or Drums – Wood chippers may have a disc or drum mechanism, and if you’re looking for the most energy efficiency, a disc mechanism is the way to go. It is preferable to use a wood chipper with a disc mechanism to clean vines and strings from your backyard. It will save you time and effort by cutting materials more efficiently.

Wood Chipper Construction – When hiring a wood chipper, keep in mind that the most durable wood chippers are composed of strong construction material. Because of its endurance, you will be able to utilize it for a longer amount of time.

Is it better to rent or purchase the equipment?

Some individuals choose to rent a wood chipper, while others would rather acquire their own equipment to operate on a daily basis. Renting the equipment out would be the greatest alternative if you just need it for one day to clean your backyard.

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This is also true if you need to clean a wider area over multiple days — renting rather than purchasing the equipment will save you money. However, if you want to rent the equipment, you will have to deal with a number of concerns that you would not have to deal with if you own a wood chipper.

Having a wood chipper rather than renting one is also more convenient. There are several procedures involved in renting a wood chipper, for example, you must first locate a firm that rents wood chippers. After that, you must travel to the place and have the equipment hauled to you.

Wood chippers can exist in a variety of forms and sizes, and the one you need may be hundreds of miles distant. You may easily pull the equipment out of your garage and begin working in your garden if you own it.

Another drawback of getting a wood chipper from a rental equipment provider is that it may not be exactly as advertised online. Keep in mind that a chipper rental requires a deposit. The larger the deposit, the more costly the equipment.

When you visit the website where you can hire wood chippers, you will be met with immaculately displayed equipment that seems to be brand new. However, upon closer inspection, you will see that the equipment is often outdated, rusted, and/or battered.

You may be obliged to utilize the old rusted chipper if you reside in a small town with just one rental firm. If you have a variety of rental firms to pick from, you may be able to discover one or two who are more conscientious about their equipment. Make sure you’re renting from the appropriate business by reading their reviews and hearing what others have to say.

Those who prefer to rent a wood chipper rather than buy a new one have another issue: time limits. You must normally return the equipment by 5 p.m., and some companies will charge you extra if you do not reach the deadline. You would not face these problems if you had a wood chipper, but you would have to pay for the equipment, which may cost thousands of dollars.

What is the Best Place to Rent a Wood Chipper?

You may hire a wood chipper from a few different places:

  • Equipment rental store in the area
  • Home Depot is a store that sells a
  • Sunbelt Rentals is a company that specializes in short-term rentals
  • United Rentals is a company that specializes in renting out

The rental prices on wood chippers vary per state. If you will be renting a wood chipper from Home Depot is a store that sells a, the prices change slightly per region.

In the Midwest, the average cost of renting a wood chipper from Home Depot is a store that sells a for four hours would be $67. If you plan on renting the wood chipper for a whole day, you need to shell out $96. There are also rates for renting the wood chipper for one week or one month – it would be $384 if you wanted to rent it out for a week and $1,152 if you wanted to rent it for a month.

All rental wood chippers in the Midwest would come with a trailer, making them easy to move. There are other delivery alternatives available, but a single way would set you back $69 plus taxes. This option is accessible exclusively to individuals who are hiring the wood chipper for the whole day.

Renting a wood chipper from Home Depot is a store that sells a in Norristown, Pennsylvania would cost you $69 for four hours, and $99 if you wanted to rent it for a whole day. If you wanted to rent it out for a whole week, you need to pay $396.

If you hire the equipment for a month, the price will be roughly $1,188. The delivery cost would be the same, $69 per way plus taxes, and it would only be accessible to those who rented the equipment for the whole day.

The prices are also different in Texas Home Depot is a store that sells as, where the wood chipper can be rented for $68 if you will be using it within four hours. If you wanted to rent it for a day, you need to pay $97.

The pricing alter if you were to hire it for a week, which would cost you about $388. It would cost $1,164 to rent it for a month. For $69 plus taxes, you may have the equipment delivered to your house, which includes a trailer.

Home Depot is a store that sells as in the West Coast also have different price ranges, but it is slightly similar to other regions. It would cost you $69 if you wanted to rent the equipment for four hours, $98 if you wanted to rent it for a day, $392 if you wanted to rent it for a week and $1,176 if you wanted to rent it for a month.

However, the only difference with other regions is that Home Depot is a store that sells as in the West Coast would require the people to pay for a $150 deposit fee. It is required, and you would not be able to take the wood chipper home if you refuse to pay the deposit fee.

If you want to use a wood chipper in a small firm, you’ll have to spend more money. For example, a six-inch branch chipper rental from a tiny store in Ohio might easily cost you $130 (four-hour rental) since the two-inch choices are unavailable.

If you wish to utilize it for eight hours ($165), one week ($740), or one month ($1,850), the rates are likewise greater. If you wish to transport the equipment, you’ll have to pay $85, which varies based on distance.

Other sites in the United States where wood chippers may be hired provide a wide range of prices: It would cost $325 per day in Naples, Florida (six-inch wood chipper).

Renting a wood chipper for the day in Plymouth, Massachusetts would cost $270. A two-inch wood chipper can set you back $160 for a day in Arizona, while a six-inch wood chipper would set you back $420.

What are the Benefits of Renting a Wood Chipper?

Grinding down your shrubs and trees using a wood chipper is a simple method to add mulch to your yard. There’s no need to bother about transporting the mulch. Mulch offers several advantages for your yard, including moisture, pathways, weed control, and so much more.


Although I’m pleased we didn’t attempt to break down a 24-inch-diameter pine tree with a wood chipper, you can absolutely use wood chippers for smaller branches and brush for your garden. This is far more convenient than lugging it away or waiting for it to dry before burning it in your lawn.


The “6” wood chipper rental near me” is a tool that can be used for many different purposes. It can be used to clear out brush, or even to make mulch. The price of the rental will depend on what you need it for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does wood chipper cost?

A: The price of a wood chipper depends on the size you want, and what features it has. It can start as low as $50 for smaller models that fit in small areas to around $5,000+ for industrial-sized machines with heavy duty blades used by companies like tree farms or lumber yards.

How much is a heavy duty wood chipper?

A: A heavy duty wood chipper is 1,000.

How big of a log can a wood chipper take?

A: Wood chippers vary in size, so its hard to say how big of a log they can take. But generally speaking, the bigger your tree is, the bigger and more difficult for smaller less dense trees will be easy for them to turn into mulch.

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