13 Deck Lighting Ideas That Will Keep You Happy Outside

Deck lighting can be a tricky business. If you want your deck to look great, but don’t know what type of lights will work best in your situation or how much light they’ll put out, then check out these 13 ideas for different types of deck lighting that are sure to keep you happy outside.

Deck lighting ideas can make a world of difference outside. From simple string lights to more complex lanterns, there are many options that will keep you happy and your guests entertained. Read more in detail here: deck lighting ideas.

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Are you searching for a simple and elegant method to illuminate your deck? We’ll show you how to add beauty and light to your backyard and decking area in thirteen different ways.

Number seven is our personal favorite.

If you have any form of decking system with lights, such as a counter top or a table, consider table lighting. Then you may put some lights beneath the table or counter top to highlight the ground and make it easier for people to see.


This is a simple method to add lights to your yard. Stringing lights is a simple task. If you’re not sure how to do it, check out our guide on how to hang lights without trees.


String lights are fantastic since they can be used at any time of year, whether it’s Christmas, spring, or summer.

Stringing lights around your deck in the back yard is a simple way to add gorgeous illumination to any space.

The second one is in floor lighting and is comparable to the steppe lighting. So, essentially, it’s lighting that you install in the floor and it shoots up rather than coming out of the rise of the deck as it does with the deck steps. Along with the rope lighting, this is ideal for illuminating the border regions and providing a little amount of light. 

The next option is to install deck stair lights. It is simpler to install the lights when the deck is originally installed, although it is acceptable to regress. To put in the holes and run the electrical lights around, all you need is a rotary saw.


The illumination may then be readily installed.

You may also use underrail lighting, which is an alternative technique of arranging the lights. Additionally, customized lighting may be installed under the railing in specified spots. You may equally spread them out to make it seem symmetrical.

Of course, you’ll need the correct deck railing for some of these lights to operate properly.

You may utilize spotlights again if you have a covered decking area and can use them to highlight one area, such as a table or a counter top. Because it seems to be a touch harsh, it isn’t one of my favorites. It’s similar to flood lights. However, if you use the proper wattage, this will work fine for you. 


Another option is to use recessed lights. Although, since it’s a touch harsh, this is one of my least favorite songs. At night, the illumination, recess lights, and recess cans can be a touch intense. However, if you want to show off a table for evening meals or anything, this is the way to go.

If your decking system has rails surrounding it, you may also use recess lighting. Then, from the columns of the heads of the deck, you may add recess lighting to display the illumination all over your deck area in an easy approach.

Furthermore, if you don’t like recess lighting but do have a railing system around your deck, you can perform a very large amount of rope lighting.

And, in most cases, the rope lights come with easy-to-install clips, making installation around your deck railing system a breeze. 

This was probably one of the first projects we made for our outside deck, and it was definitely one of her favorites. As you can see, this is an older photo of ours, and it was one of our favorite setups.

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Also, if you have a covered space, such as a pergola, you can simply hang lights around the perimeter to quickly illuminate the area.

The beautiful thing about doing it this way is that it brings the whole area you want to concentrate on into light, and you can work on the brightness of it again with the waters you chose in an easy method that isn’t permanent but brings out lanterns.

Lanterns may be installed or hung almost anywhere, depending on your preferences. As they change, you may alter the style and appearance of each and every round you utilize to match your new setup. Another advantage of lanterns is that they do not need the use of outlets or energy.

Many of these lanterns may be powered by a flame, propane, or even battery or solar energy. If you’re talking about solar, the next one is solar, and you can do solar in a variety of ways. You can utilize the solar option with almost all of the methods we’ve discussed.

That includes floor lamps, lighting, column lights, lights on a decking, and even rope lights. Solar may be used for all of your backyard lighting, and string lights can be installed over the deck. This might entail erecting stakes around the deck so that string lights can be crossed to illuminate the whole area. Finally, you may wire what are known as vintage Christmas lights with icicle capabilities around the decking area.



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