Best Feeders For Blue Jays for Your Backyard?

It’s time to start thinking about feeding your backyard birds! In a few weeks, I’m going to be moving our feeders outside. If you are just getting started with this or have been at it for awhile, here is an updated list of what type of birds should be on the menu:

“Best bird feeder for blue jays and cardinals” is a question that has been asked many times. There are many different types of bird feeders available, but the best type depends on your backyard. Read more in detail here: best bird feeder for blue jays and cardinals.

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This post is for you if you’re seeking for the best blue jay feeders for your backyard.

We’ll go through what to look for in a feeder and show you two different types of birdfeeders that are likely to attract these lovely birds. Blue Jays have a reputation for being smart and intelligent, so it’s easy to see why they’re such popular backyard visitors throughout North America.

Peanuts, sunflower seeds, suet balls, safflower seed mix, corn on the cob or kernels (but not whole), raisins, apricots, and even mealworms are favorites. So, how can we determine which feeder will be the most appealing? Consider the location of the feeder.


Then are feeders for both attracting a large number of Blue Jays and studying how they interact with one another, as well as catching a glimpse of one here and there. Continue reading to see which Blue Jay feeders have received the highest ratings and are recommended for purchase and use in your own yard.


Contents Table of Contents

  • Wild Bird Feeder that Hangs
  • Heavy Duty Wild Bird Feeder that Hangs
  • 200 Squirrel Solution
  • Panorama Bird Feeder by FORUP
  • NatureAnywhere Window Birdhouse Feeder 
  • With Tray Window Bird Feeder
  • Platform Tray Feeder in Cedar
  • Mini Squirrel Buster
  • Outdoor Wild Bird Feeder by Heath
  • Bird Watchers Come Together

Wild Bird Feeder that Hangs


One of the most common concerns made by bird watchers concerning feeders is that they aren’t Squirrel-proof. They invest time, money, and effort to place a bird feeder full of nuts and seeds in their yard in order to attract beautiful birds.  

Then they spend all of their time battling off the neighboring squirrels in an attempt to prevent them from consuming all of the food from the feeders. A bird will usually avoid the feeder if there is a squirrel there.


This squirrel buster bird feeder has taken care of the issue! This feeder is Squirrel-proof from the start. The feeder’s design prevents those pesky squirrels from stealing all of the food. 

Not only that, but it has features like:

  • For optimum bird capacity, there are four feeding openings.
  • 5 pound feeding capacity
  • Height is adjustable
  • Mountable on a pole (pole sold separately)
  • Made in the United States


Heavy Duty Wild Bird Feeder that Hangs


This is the way to go if you’re seeking for an alternative feeder. This feeder has identical qualities to the last feeder, but it is copper and smaller, making it a charming addition to your patio or garden.

Features of the Hanging Wild Heavy Duty Bird Feeder include:

  • Squirrel-proof
  • There are four feeding ports. 
  • Seed capacity: 2.4 lbs
  • Ventilation of seeds is necessary to keep the seeds fresh.

It’s approximately 18 inches tall and may be hung from a variety of places in your yard. It will blend in with the yard to maintain a low profile, which Blue Jays enjoy (according to Wildaboutbirds.com), making it the ideal bird feeder for attracting them to your yard.

200 Squirrel Solution


Because not all places need it, not all bird feeders come with a Squirrel-proof construction. If you reside in an area with a healthy squirrel population, you’ll need that function. 

The 200 Squirrel Solution Bird Feeder also offers a design that makes it impossible for squirrels to hog all the seeds.  Not only that, but this particular feeder also offers:

  • There are six feeding ports.
  • Seed capacity: 3.4 lbs
  • Seed funnel for free
  • Metal perches are available as an option.

It keeps the seeds fresh and is tiny and inconspicuous enough for the birds to feel comfortable while eating them. Blue Jays like to eat together because they want to remain with their young for weeks after they hatch. This 6-feeder allows you to do so.

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Panorama Bird Feeder by FORUP

This compact feeder offers a lot inside its small package.  The Panorama Bird Feeder by FORUP offers features including:

  • a big seed tray 
  • Cap that repels squirrels
  • Rust-proof and long-lasting design
  • Integrated hanging cable
  • Cleaning is simple.
  • Bird feed capacity of up to 2 lbs.


This feeder is multifunctional, storing a variety of bird feed, and it comes in a variety of colors to suit your tastes. It is little, yet the price is reasonable. It will be a tremendous hit if you fill it with Blue Jays staples like peanuts or sunflower seeds.

NatureAnywhere Window Birdhouse Feeder 


This might be a wonderful alternative for you if you’re seeking for something that will bring the birds up close and personal directly to your window.

The NatureAnywhere Window Birdhouse Feeder has the look of a glass birdhouse and it attaches right to your window with four strong suction cups that will keep it there as long as you want it there.  It has the following features:

  • Seed holder that slides
  • Resistant to squirrels
  • Design that lasts
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Cleaning and filling are simple.

It features a one-of-a-kind and lovely design that allows you to get up close to the birds and appreciate their beauty and the brightness of nature’s stunning Blue Jays.

With Tray Window Bird Feeder


If you like the concept of a window bird feeder but not the birdhouse style, there is another Window Bird Feeder alternative that includes:

  • Cups with strong suction (3 additional)
  • Easy to fill and clean seed tray
  • To keep seeds fresh, drill holes in them.
  • Guaranteed for life for the suction cups

It provides the same advantages as the item above, but at a somewhat lower price range and with extra suction cups in a different style to suit personal tastes. Check out our page on window bird feeders for additional ideas.

Platform Tray Feeder in Cedar


A tray feeder is an excellent alternative if you don’t have a problem with squirrels and want something that can contain a little amount of meal and attract a lot of Blue Jays at once.

This Nature’s Way Bird Products CWF3 Platform Tray Feeder in Cedar offers:

  • Cedar with a protective stain that resists decay and insects
  • Cleaning is simple., refilling, and removal
  • Suitable for a variety of seed mixes and kinds
  • Larger birds, such as Blue Jays, have more room.
  • Steel hanging cable with vinyl coating

While this feeder is rather different from the others, it has its own charm and attraction. The tray feeders enable a variety of birds to feed on them, often more than one at a time, and the design makes them simple to operate.

Mini Squirrel Buster


If you love the ideas behind the Squirrel Buster Plus and the Squirrel Buster Classic, but you are looking for something a little smaller, then the Mini Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder is perfect for you. 

This little version provides the same advantages as the other two. It includes:

  • Squirrel-proof construction
  • Perches made of metal
  • Seed capacity: 0.98 pound
  • Ventilation of seeds

It’s simple to put together, clean, and hang. It simplifies Blue Jay feeding and maintains things on a more manageable size for those who like it. 

Outdoor Wild Bird Feeder by Heath

If you’re looking for something slightly more decorative and rustic looking, then look no further.  This Outdoor Wild Bird Feeder by Heath can provide many features and also look decorative and ornate. 


It has the following features:

  • Seed capacity: 2 pound
  • Patented sure-lock cap to be Resistant to squirrels
  • U-shaped adjustable perches that birds like
  • Seed freshness is ensured through drain holes.
  • Beautiful, intricate design

It accomplishes all of your objectives while also being attractive. If you’re interested in ornamental feeders, this one comes at a terrific price and has all of the features you might desire in a feeder.

Bird Watchers Come Together

The appreciation of the gorgeous Blue-Jay may be universal, regardless of where you come from. All of these feeders have one thing in common: they can attract Blue Jays for your bird-watching enjoyment all year long. Different meals and feeders attract different sorts of birds, so you may want to look at feeders for hummingbirds and cardinals!


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